Will Apple Electric Car Beat Elon Musk’s Tesla Electric Car 2022

Will Apple Electric Car Beat Elon Musk’s Tesla Electric Car 2022

Everyone knows about the iPhone and iPad and Apple, the company behind these two products. Due to its high quality construction and enthusiasm, the Apple brand has become world famous as well as combined with luxury and high class! However, not many people know that Apple is working on a car, but that does not stop the developing company! But now Apple is ready to unveil its new car, which will surprise all car companies!

Apple is the largest company in the world in terms of market value. This is not surprising as the company continues to advertise where the money is going, as well as the billions in profits and revenues they have earned. For example, in the last 15 minutes, Apple reported almost $ 100 billion in revenue, earning a profit of $ 25 billion! The iPhone alone generated $ 50 billion in the first three months of the year, while the Mac lineup earned over $ 10 billion! Apple is sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in storage, more than any other company!

Apple is known for damaging other non-core companies. For example, Apple is producing Airpods and Magsafe power bank to charge the iPhone battery. However, Apple does not limit itself to apps for its core products. For example, Apple is also said to be working on augmented reality and virtual reality products. But the biggest threat in Apple’s core business is the car it works on!

Creating an iPhone is an easier task than creating a car. But as a confident company with big money to play, Apple can do whatever it wants, including building a car! But as you would expect from any Apple product, the car is very beautiful and full of the best technology you can ask for! Since 2014, under a secret service called “Titan”, Apple has been working on Apple cars.

Considering the ambiguous, unconfirmed information about the car has heightened this perception. In fact, this is one of the most kept secrets in the industry! During the early stages of development, Apple intended to produce the car itself, with no input from the company and the car industry.

However, to work around the problem-solving process in the end, the company decided to work with a car manufacturer. There is evidence that we are not far off the market as Apple representatives met with a number of manufacturers of various electric cars, such as battery manufacturers and car manufacturers . For example, Apple executives traveled to Asia last September to meet with Toyota employees and discuss what could happen. Other reports suggest that Apple representatives met SK Group in South Korea with LG Electronics last August. Of course, you know it means Apple is trying to lock the battery!

Apple has been slowly forcing Tesla’s executives in recent years, a clear indication of what is happening in Apple’s automotive segment. Another indication is that Apple hired Ulrich Kranz last year to lead its electric car business. Kranz is a big name in the car industry; He was a former head of the BMW and was associated with the German electric car, i3 and i8. Now the new Apple car will join other automakers. Driving is the latest technology in cars! The DMV in California authorized Apple to test drive a car as well as licensed systems and self-driving cars.

Apple Electric Car

The new Apple may have the option of not coming with a car, recalling Elon Musk’s plans for the Model 2. The president said the cheaper Tesla car may not have a steering wheel or pedal and use it with drivers. . It will be interesting to see two big companies competing at the event! These days, cars are running on their own operating system, and Apple cars are nothing more. The question Fans are asking is which of the new Apple car operating systems to use.

The Apple car has a well-designed carOS similar to that used by Tesla, a mid-range operating system, according to the latest news from affected Digitimes ads. Apple is developing a software system that can manage all aspects of automotive services. It looks like Tesla, which runs a custom Linux version of the Intel Atom processor. Central control provides guidance, entertainment, camera and more. Given that Apple cars are Tesla’s competitors, it would not be surprising if Apple adopts the kind of experience that controls the operating system.

This operating system will work to promote key features, entertainment and information, as well as assist with data processing. The company now offers CarPlay car software for a variety of types, but only in key- and advertising-driven media. But we expect software that makes Apple cars smarter.

According to a report from Digitimes, no one else will support their carOS except the M1 SoC or System and Chip. The neurology department will assist in monitoring traffic conditions as well as the driver’s input. Based on supplier sources, Apple plans to create a Domain Management Unit (DCU) with the help of a company based in Korea. DCU should also protect Apple Car rumors of driving sensors. It’s safe to assume that the software platform will also have a larger central dashboard display like the current Tesla car.

Tesla’s car plays the software game of the company that fills the dashboards in its car with screens. Dashboards and Tesla electric cars control the screen and they do not offer anything in the form of physical buttons or buttons, but it comes as a function of the car that gets through most of the screen, which is possible thanks to Tesla software. platform.

How are Apple cars? Here we are talking about beautiful design where we know what business can do! Thanks to the idea, we can imagine what the new Apple car looks like! Let’s go straight to the details! Based on Apple’s patent rights regarding its car campaign, manufacturers have been able to build an Apple car!

It looks like an Inspector Gadget car, a mix between a hatchback, a crossover and a car! Apple Siri is built into the steering wheel, which has a rotating screen. The house looks good and comfortable, thanks to large glass surfaces! The instrument panel is designed for a single large screen that is responsive, which is how to access controls or settings. This looks like an EQS passenger car from Mercedes Benz, with a great wall-to-wall cover!

You’ll be able to install apps from the App Store, though you can use them along the way. In the same way, it is a breeze to observe a map on such a large screen as it can stretch across the screen. Apple is adding more information about cities in North America, including icons, so it’s going to be harder for you to get in this car! For entertainment, however, you can watch movies or play games on the big screen in the interior, as can be done with a touch screen controller in a Tesla car.

When it comes to the audio experience, Apple is not driving like a new Apple car that uses high quality audio from the top speakers, adjusting it carefully to suit the home model. According to LeaksApplePro, which has achieved a solid track record with Apple’s forecast, Apple Electric cars may go into production too fast!

Apple has big plans for its car, industry experts estimate that Apple could sell about 1.5 million by 2030. In fact, Apple will sell its car as soon as it can, thanks to the fan base it has around the world and many others trust the brand. According to industry sources, Apple will try to keep the Apple car in the luxury end of the electric car market, which offers a price tag of $ 100,000 and more.

But this is not surprising since electric cars are already at such a high price. For example, the Tesla Model S is included in the price tag. The GMC Hummer EV also has a trim starting at more than $ 100,000. Lucid even has an Air Dream Edition, starting at over $ 160,000! In the case of new innovations that Apple may be introducing in the electric car mix, there is an increase in the amount of metal material such as titanium, as well as unnecessary additions from the iPhone.

Apple already has its car key option that works with certain BMW, Genesis, Kia and other vehicles right now, so it makes sense that it also tries to keep the park with walls intact in the electric car range. Apple has not released information on the range and performance of electric motors, but we will be the first to announce when the company does! Let’s hear what you think of the new Apple car in the comments section below.

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