How to block payments app Paytm, Google Pay and Phone account if phone is stolen?

Block payments app-

Nowadays we are doing almost all financial transactions through the smart phone. However, the possibility of money laundering is almost always there. Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay Apps have become a must for us since UPI Payment popular. Nowadays, at least one payment app installed on our smartphone. But it is possible to withdraw money from a bank account using your phone with help of PIN. So what to do if your device is stolen? So it is very important to know how to lock the payment app. Let’s see, how it can be locked.

Take a step-by-step look at how to block Paytm Google Pay Phone Pay on a stolen phone. Then there is no fear of losing your money even if the phone is stolen.

How to block payments app Paytm account?

Step1- First call Paytm Payment Bank Helpline on 01 204456456.

Step2- Select the option to lose the phone here.

Step3- Now enter the number from which you were registered on your lost phone then select the option to log out from all devices.

Step4- Now open the Paytm website and select the 42 * 7 help option.

Step5- Then select and report a Fraud.

Step6- Now click on the message button.

Step7- You will need to provide proof of your account. If you have a debit card or credit card statement on Paytm transaction, which will be considered as proof. You will also have to file a complaint with the police after losing the phone.

Then Paytm will verify all and block your account.

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How to Block payments app Google Pay Account?

Step1- Google Pay Customers Can Choose Language By Dialling Helpline Number 18004 190157.

Step2- Now Select The Right Option from IVR.

Step3- Then Talk To Google Assistant and block the account.

Tep4- iOS customers can make remove the data of their lost phone easily.

How to block payments app phone pay account?

Step1- To block phone pay account you need to call 0806727374 or 02268727374.

Step2- Then after choosing the language you have to give all the documents to verify the phone pay account.

Step3- After that select this option then your phone number sent an OTP which will come to your phone. But you will not get this OTP due to your phone being stolen.

Step4- Now select the option of not getting OTP.

Step5- Now your SIM and device will give the report of lost. Select this option. Some questions will be asked to prove the ownership of your account to help. When you answer those questions correctly, then customer care executive will verify your account and block the account.

This all about the simple steps you need to follow to block your payments accounts. I think this article will be helpful to you, while you will be in trouble in such kind of situation.

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