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iC-R Smart Helmet Review:

In our life safety should be the prime factor for all. Everywhere safety is the main concern. May be in the workplace, in travelling, during journey, manufacturing etc. Including that for bike lover safety is also taken in top most priority. Wearing helmet in all time while driving. Now a day’s technology is penetrating in everywhere. So, why not in Helmet also?

Helmet developer company, Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) already initiate to develop a smart Helmet which will help to save lives and enhance a rider experience. Currently motor bike riders have a huge blind spot around them that has left them vulnerable and susceptible to their life threatening accidents.
ICH has addressed this problem by integrating special and currently available technology into a motorcycle helmet that warns and allows the driver to see danger before it’s too late.

Ic-R Smart Helmet Designed with current and future safety standards in mind.

Each iC-R model is designed and manufactured with care and utmost safety. In terms of physical construction, the company protects each helmet in carbon fiber and Kevlar for maximum durability.

The Hardware of iC-R Smart Helmet:

In our knowledge almost all motorcyclists have had at least ONE close encounter while riding, where the car almost (or in some cases had) a blind side because neither the driver nor the driver of the vehicle could see each other.

The iC-R line is unmatched in performance and safety, with critical safety features such as:

  1. Dual rear view cameras – With removing the blind spot and providing a 240 degree angle of view, while similar products do not provide this key safety feature and only provide a maximum.
  2. Unique 180 degree rear sonar / proximity sensor – With time of flight (TOF) function, providing visual (via HUD) and audible (optional and can be disabled) warning of hazards within 5-15 feet.
  3. LED light – A super bright LED tail lights on the helmet, making it nearly impossible for drivers to miss the road at night or in low light.
  4. GPS tracker – There is no chance to lose your helmet. A GPS tracker is installed in the helmet. With the “find my helmet” feature you can easily find the location of your helmet.
  5. Auto tinting visor – its ultimate design which will help to the riders not to take their hands off their bikes. The can see clearly all the time.
  6. Internal speakers – company really looked at the placement of the internal speakers as much as they looked at the sound. Instead of the uncomfortable feeling of constantly pressing wireless headphones or speakers in a well-fitting helmet. The company drowned their speakers a bit to take care of that. Now you can enjoy surround sound or long journeys.
  7. Heads-up display HW – A wavelength projection module with 1280X720 resolution and 40 degree field of view, attached to the inside of the helmet, projects the rear view camera image onto company’s HUD as an overlay on the road. HUD can be easily removed if required.

The Software used in iC-R Smart Helmet:

Heads up display software – with company’s developed software in general, but specification with company’s Heads-up Display (HUD), the company have taken a different approach and believe it is much safer. The IC-R is designed to give you safety and an incredible experience above all else. The company has now limit information only to the field of view of the rear camera, GPS navigation, invisible proximity alerts and visual confirmation when you are recording or not recording your ride, which will be shown in the future updates.

Emergency service alert system (ESAS) – In the event of an accident, company’s ESAS will alert not only emergency contacts provided, but also the nearest emergency services (lifeguards), if the rider does not respond for 5-20 seconds.

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Voice recognition / command – Being able to do tasks hands-free is a big security issue and big business. This is what company do. Company developers are not only working to give you a hands-free experience with your iC-R, but they are also working to personalized it with their own artificial intelligence.

Bluetooth with rider-to-rider communication – connect riders with one or more partners using voice activation, which will work upon request. Now you get a more reliable and stable connection through the Bluetooth mesh network.

Front action camera function – with a 4K @60FPS camera, riders can film, post and live stream their journey and whatever is in their field of view, in HD with smooth image stabilization and edge smoothing. Designed to integrate and replace the use of other helmet-mounted action cameras, makes the rider’s helmet much lighter and more integrated. Who wants to play with frames and an action camera that adds a dark aerodynamics of your helmet while riding?

Respiratory filter– Your safety and health go hand in hand, which is why company have also included a washable breathing filter to protect you from dust, allergens, odors and other invisible and harmful particles when traveling from place to place.

Modular hardware Most of the iC-R components will be modular and can be relaced without having to replace the entire helmet. This step makes the iC-R even more unique, useful, and affordable and truly sets us apart from our competitors. By using this design, company aim to create a variety of jobs across the US, further reducing repair / replacement time (if needed).

The iC-R Smart Helmet Sizing Chart:


Head Circumference (inches) Head Circumference (Metric) Hat Sizes


17 1/8’’ – 18” 43.5-45.7 cm 5 4/9 – 5 3/4


18 1/8” – 19”

46-48.3 cm 5 3/4 – 6
XS 19 1/8” – 20”

48.6-50.8 cm

6 – 6 3/8


20 1/8” – 21

51.1-53.3 cm

6 2/5 – 6 2/3
M 21 1/8” – 22 53.7-55.9 cm

6 5/7 – 7


22 1/8” – 23 56.2-58.4 cm 7 – 7 1/3
XL 23 1/8” – 24

58.7-60 cm

7 1/3 -7 2/3

2XL 24 1/8” – 25 61.3-63.5 cm

7 2/3 – 8


iC-R Smart helmet available colours:

All iC-R models are available the three different colours – matte black, red and white.

iC-R Smart Helmets Smart Features comparison:


iC-R iCs


Proximity sensor Proximity sensors Proximity sensors Proximity sensors

Emergency service alert system (ESAS)

Emergency service alert system (ESAS) Emergency service alert system (ESAS Emergency service alert system (ESAS

64 GB On board storage

64 GB On board storage

128 GB On board storage 256 GB On board storage


Bluetooth Bluetooth


Voice recognition

Voice recognition

Voice recognition

Voice recognition
Clear visor (only)

Clear visor (only)

Clear*smoke visor

Clear*smoke visor
Rear Awareness LEDs Rear Awareness LEDs Rear Awareness LEDs

Rear Awareness LEDs

—— Heads up display (HUD) Heads up display (HUD)

Heads up display (HUD)


Two rear view cameras Two rear view cameras Two rear view cameras
—— —— Front action camera (2k@60FPS)

Front action camera (4k@60FPS)




Rear awareness LEDs

Auto Tint (Photochromic)




GPS Helmet Tracker


Current iC-R Base Pricing Structure: 

Now four models are available with different specification. The price of those variants are as mentioned below-

iC-Re – $599. iC-R – $850, iC-Rs – $1125, iC-Rs+ – $1350.

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