iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Price Review

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Price Review

A distance measurement is quite necessary while we had some architectural, engineering, designing, or any household like carpenter work required. Generally for this we are familiar to use normal tape. But there are so many variation and wrong measurement happen. Don’t worry. iRuler M130 is such a distance measurement ruler, that can help your in such type daily work management. In this article I will discuss about the advantage, specification, features and price of iRuler.

The distance is measured through laser technology. While a laser light fall in a certain distance, area, volume, it captures the length based on the Pythagorean Theorem, and then it converts all the measured values as per the requirement. It function in quite high level. It can able to measured up to 98 feet distance with an accuracy of ±2mm. So, you can imagine how perfectly it works. A built-in display is there by which you can easily view the values. Next advantage is that it has a Bluetooth capability, it transfer and store data to a smart phone or tablet in real time.

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Price1

Measurement with a steel tape measure has a long history that can be traced back to the year 1829. These days, a tape measure will be an essential tool for almost all construction and improvements. Even many excellent designs can be found in traditional tape measure, there are always small flaws. For modern employees, it may sound fascinating to be offered the convenience of automation.

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The iRULER M130 is a faster and more accurate alternative to conventional tape. It provides a maximum of 98 feet long measurement with an accuracy of ± 2 mm. Laser technology displays accurate data immediately on the 2 “LCD screen, or you can even have the automatic voice output by switching data notification modes.

With laser comes iRULER completely without tape. The ingenious digital measurement method offers the most convenient and easiest experience ever. You put it in your pocket, take the measurement and it calculates unparalleled accuracy the first time, the second time and each time.

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Price1

iRULER M130, a small laser rangefinder that measures distance, area, volume, calculates length from a Pythagorean theorem and converts measurements between empires and metrics. It measures up to 131 feet and is accurate to +/- 1/13 inch wide. The built-in backlit screen provides easy viewing and with Bluetooth capabilities, it transfers and stores data on your phone or tablet in real time.

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Price1

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Specification-

Lipstick size, easy to carry in a small pocket or toolbox. It is probably the smallest distance measurement in the world to date.

Its surface material is composed of aluminum + ABS, which provides a superior look with scratch protection and robust performance.

There are three buttons located on the front, each of which takes responsibility for its separate operations and ensures that users are not lost in the logic operation. It is intuitive and quite simple to use.

The buttons are specially made of silicone and the slightly curved ergonomic design gives an incredibly interactive experience.

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Measuring / Power Button

  • To turn it on and need to long press.
  • By a short press to start the measurement.

Function Button

  • Long press to mute / button sound / voice broadcasting.
  • Short press to switch among different measurements: direct distance, area, volume, Pythagoras and Pythagoras (Dual Triangles).

Mode Button

  • Long press to shift units: in+ft/m/ft/in. Default is “m” after power on.
  • Short press to front / rear reference. Default is rear after power on.

There is another sliding cover for the small compartment of the USB-C charging port, which makes it resistant to dirt, debris, and water spray.

The system will automatically shut off the backlit, the laser or the whole system to extend battery life, although it has a built-in rechargeable 380mAh lithium battery and can be charged via a universal Type C charging cable.

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure Features

Press a Button – The RULER M130 offers many measurement features: including length, area, volume and Pythagorean (indirect) calculations. Every single push of a button provides real-time data, Area survey, Automatic multiplication.

Comprehensive C charging cable – The system will automatically turn off the backlight, the solvent or the entire system to extend battery life, although it has a built-in rechargeable 380mAh lithium battery and can be charged with a full C charging cable.

3 datasets: Bluetooth data synchronization – The iRULER M130 has 3 datasets of memory to prevent human script errors. The Bluetooth feature makes it possible to send data wirelessly to your smart devices, making it ideal for planners and surveyors, who can create instant images to verify their architectural or decorative ideas.

iRULER M130 Laser Distance Measure price-

If you wish to buy iRULER Laser Distance Measurex1 then you have to pay $45.00 (Without Bluetooth), $49 (With Bluetooth).

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