Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector Top three SUVs 2021

Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector Top three SUVs 2021

The potential of SUV over hatchback and sedans in increasing quickly in Indian market. Compare to 2018 and 2019, sailing of SUV in Indian automobile market increases by 21%. Lots of reasons are there behind the gaining of the market. Not only in India, but the affections towards SUVs in on global market in high demand. Too many companies are now offering us of their best product. So it is becoming quite hard to choose the unique SUV in India.

I always prefer to SUV than hatchback or sedan because of its great looks, specious and safer. And lastly it is perfectly family car. With the minimum 6 seater facility you can easily go for an outing with your family. These SUV will give you more comfortable for a long journey and obviously safety. Definitely SUVs are more safer than hatchback or sedan.

These all are the basic details about the SUV. Why you should go for a SUV over the hatchback or sedan? Now, I will explain this main query in this article and also tell you a detail comparison of the top three SUV in Indian market. These are Jeep Compass, Tata Harrier and MG Hector.

Dimension comparison Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector:

Length, height and wheelbase wise MG Hector is longer car compare to the others two. That makes MG hector as a largest car in this segment among these three. With context to the Length, width, height and wheelbase it is clear that Jeep Compass is the lowest volume with respect to all. But this lower volume in comparison is minimal, you can’t find any major difference. A detail dimension is available for your reference.

SUVs Jeep compass Tata Harrier MG Hector


4395 mm

4598 mm

4655 mm


1818 mm

1894 mm

1835 mm


1640 mm

1706 mm

1760 mm

Wheelbase 2636 mm

2741 mm

2750 mm


Powertrains Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector:

Now coming to the powertrain, all vehicles are not same with respect to engine, power, and torque transmission. Jeep compass is more powerful with a four litre diesel engine compare to others. The diesel engine of MG Hector and Tata Harrier is coming with a maximum capacity of 170 PS, while diesel engine of Jeep Compass produces 173 PS. All the SUVs are coming with a standard 6 speed manual transmission and all the vehicles producing the same torque of 350Nm. Jeep compass and Tata Harrier gets a 9 speed torque automatic gearbox, but for MG Hector it is 6 speed torque automatic gearbox.

Car Jeep compass Tata Harrier MG Hector
Engine 2.0 – liter diesel 2.0 – liter diesel 2.0 – liter diesel
Power 173 PS 170 PS 170 PS
Torque 350 Nm 350 Nm 350 Nm
Transmission 6- speed MT, 9-speed AT 6- speed MT, 9-speed AT 6-speed MT, 9-speed AT


eep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector

Key Features Comparison Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector:

We have already discussed on dimension and powertrain. Based on these two Jeep compass is compact and more powerful among all. After discussing other points, then we will conclude that which car is the best. Now we will discuss about the advanced features available in those SUVs.  If the more no of advanced features is available in a car, then it will attract more to the customers. The main features, what customer expect, like touch screen, sunroof, airbags, wireless connectivity, automatic climate control etc.

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Jeep Compass-

Jeep Compass is now equipped with a brand new 10.1 inch touch screen infotainment system with an UConnect 5 system. This system can be connected through android auto wireless and Apple carPlay. The other features available are Amazon support, wireless charging, ventilated front seats, powered tailgate, electric parking break, panoramic glass, 10.25 inch digital driver’s display, automatic AC connection, and 360 degree camera. These all are the features available in Jeep Compass.

MG Hector-

Top features available in MG Hector are iSmart internet connectivity, 10.4 inch touch screen infotainment with added car support, full LED lighting and dynamic turn indicator, 48V mild hybrid system, 360 degree camera, front parking system, electrically adjustable seats, powered tailgate, indoor lighting, internet control and many more.

Tata Harrier-

1st point I will tell about the touch screen. In other two variant it was 10.1 inch and 10.4 inch. But in harrier it is 8.8 inch floating infotainment screen display is installed. It can connect through Apple CarPlay and Android auto. The other unique features of Tata Harrier are IRVM auto dimming, 6 way electric driver seats flexible, panoramic glass, 9 JBL speaker connected through online, HID xenon projector headlamps and so on.

Safety parameters of top three SUVs Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector:

With respect to the safety, Jeep Compass provides ABS and EBD with brake assist, electric parking, 360 degree camera, 6 air bags, Esc, mounting aid and so on.

While for MG hector provides same as Compass 6 air bags, 360 degree camera, electric parking brake, ABS and EBD auxiliary brakes. The other safety features are TPMS, EPS, rear disc brake etc.

Tata harrier also coming with some extra safety features. Few are the common in all variants. The safety features in Harrier are 6 air bags, ABS and EBD, rear parking sensor, reverse camera for parking, mounting brackets, traction seal and electronic seal.

Which one is in the affordable range-?

Though so feature, safety and prime design provided, but ultimately price also an important factor. Now coming to the price details of these three top SUVs.  The price range for Tata harrier is in between 13.99-20.45 lakh. For MG Hector it is around 12.89-18.32 lakh. Which is slightly cheaper than Tata harrier. But for Jeep compass. Which costlier among all in 2021. The base price of Jeep Compass is 16.99 lakh and which goes to 28.29 lakh for the top variant. (The all prices available here, ex-showroom price in Delhi).

Comparison Verdict Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector:

A face to face update already received by Jeep. Church related key features are the main power of this SUV here, as well as the top quality of the transport, a better list around MG and Tata. So that it can say, everything is green and expensive and the Jeep Compass has really has no brainer.

That’s all about the three major SUVs comparison. I think this article will be helpful to you to get information about Jeep Compass vs Tata Harrier vs MG Hector.

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