Kathakali Dance Show ticket price, Opening time – Unique Tour Guide to Munnar 2022

Kathakali Dance Show ticket price, Opening time – Complete Tour Guide to Munnar 2022

A. Munnar: –

Munnar is one of the beautiful hill station in south India. The highest peak of the Munnar is about five thousand feet. With lot of tea garden make this place more famous. So many hairpin is there on the way to the top of the mountain. You can rally enjoy the cold weather throughout the year. You can get a relief of the hot weather at Chennai or Rajasthan or Kerala etc. So, whenever you are planning to visit Munnar, you must carry your winter clothes. In this article I will explain about the places to visit at Munnar, how to stay at Munnar, and foods and so on.

What are the places to visit at Munnar?
  1. Eravikulam National Park – This Park is only seven km from Munnar and this place is famous for Thor. You can see lots of Thor at tea garden. These are a hybrid shape of sheep and goats. After buying the tickets from Rajamala entry you will get into the park. You can cross the whole mountain road through the sanctuary and walk for a few km. The famous Nilgiri Thor will surrounds you on this way. After few meter you will find a beautiful fountain there.
  2. Pallivasal Falls – This beautiful waterfalls is situated about 23 km from the main city Munnar. Not only this, but also so many waterfalls are present there to cheer you. The weather is always rainy, which makes you so happy during your trip to Munnar. There is road transport towards Pallivasal, a few km towards Kochi. The waterfall will fall at the end of the path.
  3. Echo point – It is only about 16 km away from Munnar on the way to top station. Echoes are here for natural reasons. Water has been created in the water of the Mattupetti Dam. When you scream on the other side of the lake, you land on the other side of the mountain and it echoes. A boat is available on the lake.
  4. Kundla Dam – This amazing place is seven km away from Echo point. You must visit this place.
  5. Top station view point – Ten km from Kundla Dam, 16 km from Echo Point and 35 km from Munnar city. This scenic spot is located 6,100 feet above the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. From here you can enjoy the Western Ghats on one side and the valley in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu on the other.
  6. Kathakali dance – You can enjoy Kathakali dance in Munnar. Kathakali dance performances are held every day from 5-6 PM. Tickets cost 300 rupees per person.

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Kathakali Dance Show ticket price, Opening time

 How to reach Munnar –

The distance from Kochi to Munnar is 130 km. You can rent a car at the taxi rank next to Kochi Airport. Buses from Kochi to Munnar will also be available.

The best places to stay at Munnar –

So many hotels are available to stay in Munnar. You can get a good quality hotel stating from 1200/- rupees.

If you are looking for a complete tour guide on Thangkharang a beautiful place to visit near Cherrapunji : Click here

Apart from Munnar, you will see everything else in Kerala: –

B. Kochi –

Kochi is made up of numerous islands on the Vembanad, the second largest saltwater lake in the Arabian Sea and India.

Places to visit in Kochi: –

(1) Athirapalli Falls (Bahubali-1 movie shooting spot) – 72 km from Kochi, come by car or bus. India is called Niagara Falls. Many Bollywood movies have been shot at the Athirapalli waterfall. The song ‘Barso Re Megha Megha’ from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s movie ‘Guru’ was filmed at Athirapalli waterfall. Originally famous from the movie ‘Bahubali-1’.

(2) Mukundapuram Falls – If you go 10 km from the road of Athirapalli Falls, you will find a huge Mukundapuram Falls along the main road.

(3) Bhajochal Falls – If you go 3 km from Mukundapuram Falls, you will find Bhajochal Falls in Bhajochal Park.

(4) St. Francis Church – This church of 1503 is the oldest church in India built by Europeans. Vasco-da-Gama’s body was kept here for several years after his death in Kochi.

(5) Synagogue – Made in 156. In the Matancherry area. 9 km from the station.

(6) Matancherry Palace – Known as the Dutch Palace, it was built by the Portuguese in 1555 and presented to the King of Kochi. Next to the synagogue.

(6) Vipin Island by boat to Vipin Island – Vembanader half an hour cruise from Vipin Island in the afternoon. You can leave the regular steamer from the jetty of Kochi. Or you can go to Aleppo.

(6) Kaladi – Come by car or bus from Kochi, the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya. Distance 44 km There is Shankaracharya Math. Several more temples. Ramakrishna Mission is nearby. The river Periyar is flowing by the side.

How to get there –
Antyodaya Express is the fastest train from Howrah in Kolkata to Ernakulam. It leaves Howrah at 5pm every Saturday and arrives in Ernakulam at 6am on Monday. Gurudev’s weekly express from Shalimar. It leaves every Wednesday at 11:05 pm, (now time may change) arrives in Ernakulam at 3:15 pm on Fridays. There is a biweekly Thiruvananthapuram Express. Departures every Tuesday and Sunday at 11:05 p.m. Arrives in Ernakulam on Thursdays and Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Other than that, come to Chennai from Howrah by Coromandel or Chennai. Thiruvananthapuram Post leaves Chennai at 6:45 p.m. m. every day and arrives in Ernakulam at 6:45 a.m. m. the next day. It departs at 8:45 p.m. and arrives at 8:40 a.m. the next morning.

You can also go by plane. There are flights from Kolkata to Kochi via Bangalore. Spice Jet, IndiGo. Fares are 5500-6500 rupees per person.

Where to stay in Kochi –

There are a lot of hotels next to Kochi Airport and in Kochi city. You can get good quality hotels for Rs. 1200-1500.

C. Periyar –

Famous for sanctuaries. Elephants are the main inhabitants of this sanctuary located at an altitude of three thousand feet above sea level. There are many more species of animals including Royal Bengal Tiger, White Tiger.

How to get Periyar –
Kottayam is the nearest station to Periyar. Distance 98 km. Gurudev Express reaches Kottayam at 4:45 pm. The Guwahati-Thiruvananthapuram Express leaves Howrah and reaches Kottayam every Thursday and Saturday at 1.05 pm. On Sundays at 6.45 pm. You can reach Periyar by car or bus from Kochi or Munnar. 148 km from Kochi and 128 km from Munnar.

D. Alleppey Backwater –

Alappuzha or Alappuzha, also known as the Venice of the East. You can stay in a house boat at night. You can also rent a boat and go around during the day. If you rent it for 3 hours, it will cost around Rs. 3000-4000/- for 4 persons.

What to see in Aleppo –

(1) Aleppo Beach – The main beach in the city of Aleppo. Only 1 km away from the station. Here is the light house, built in 182. Tourists can enter the lighthouse every Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Entrance fee is ten rupees.

(3) Bikasanam Beach – Four and a half km from Aleppo Station.

(4) Thumpali beach – next to Bikasanam beach.

(5) Kuttanad – 21 km from Aleppo. The only region in India that is below sea level. Kuttanad can be reached by trawler from Aleppo.

E. Kollam –

The oldest seaport in India. Ashtamuri is famous for lakes and beaches.

What to see in Kollam –

(1) Mahatma Gandhi Beach – The main beach of the city. There are international quality parks on this beach.

(2) Ashtamuri Lake – One of the main attractions of the city is this creek lake. Kerala Tourism Hotel is located on the shores of the lake.

(3) Varkala Beach – 25 km from Kollam. Beaches surrounded by numerous low hills. Watch the sunset from here. There is Janardanaswamy temple.

How to go –
Gurudev Express and Shalimar-Thiruvananthapuram Express reach Kollam at 6:55 pm and 6:22 pm respectively. Kollam can also be reached by bus or car from Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram. Kollam is 138 km from Kochi. 64 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

F. Thiruvananthapuram –
You can end your trip in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.

What to see in Thiruvananthapuram –

(1) Kovalam Beach – One of the best beaches in Kerala and India. 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Kovalam with three beaches. Lighthouse beach, beach and wind beach. The beauty of the sunset can be enjoyed in the afternoon.

(2) Sammugham Beach – The nearest beach in Thiruvananthapuram. 9 km from the station.

(3) Neyar Dam and Sanctuary – 26 km away from Thiruvananthapuram on the way to Ponmuri. The Western Ghats surround the dam. There is also a sanctuary. In addition to tigers, leopards, and elephants, different species of crocodiles are found.

(5) Ponmuri – Hillstation near Thiruvananthapuram. Distance 56 km. Elevation 1100 meters, or 3600 feet. Twenty-two hairpin bends crossed the road up the hill. There are two waterfalls on the road to Ponmuri. Kallar and Minmutti.

It is best to rent a car from Kochi for 7-8 days to visit the whole of Kerala. Then the hassle is less. Kerala is as beautiful as the picture. And the people of Kerala are very polite and helpful.

Let’s go on a trip and refrain from littering.

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