LIVALL BH51M NSO Smart Helmet Sound By JBL, Spec & Price $129

LIVALL BH51M NSO Smart Helmet Review-

Say hello to LIVALL BH51M NSO Smart Helmet, the most advanced smart helmet from Livall with upgraded light signaling. Its wide-angle front light and 270-degree rear lights offer maximum visibility letting everyone know. You’re there no more confusing hand signals. Just press the button on your handlebar to clearly signal your turn.

When you hit the brakes, the speed sensors detect your stop and activate your rear lights to warn traffic. You can even customize your light combinations making yourself hard to miss on the road. Smart on smart off push the button once and LIVALL BH51M NSO will take over. From there it will auto power up when you start your ride and auto shut down when you’re not riding and it can automatically power on at night and dim down in day.

Time to save battery everyday rider 10 hours of battery life will let you ride through the whole week worry free. The LIVALL BH51M NSO is serious about impact protection passing rigorous safety standard tips with an a-star rating heavy no way a mere 350 grams means you won’t even realize it’s there. It can also detect when you fall and send your location to an emergency contact and if everything is okay, you can cancel the message within 90 seconds.

The LIVALL BH51M NSO is the only JBL audio headset that offers better sound quality for music and phone calls. Now you can enjoy amazing sound, even when you’re outdoors.

The BH51M NSO uses open speakers so you can enjoy your music while maintaining situational awareness. Speaker volume increased by 57%, sensitivity increased by 5 dB, and resonant frequency decreased by 180 Hz. Bass quality is rich and full, and mid-treble is clear.

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Essential Features for LIVALL BH51M NSO Smart Helmet:

  • 360-degree warning lights

BH51M NSO has 53 built-in LED lights, which will warn vehicles in all directions for safer driving. The LED headlight can make oncoming drivers see your presence and let everyone know you are coming.

  • Warning lights for brakes

When the built-in gravity acceleration sensor detects significant deceleration, the headlights and taillights will illuminate for 8 seconds to attract the attention of nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Turn signal indicators

Press the turn signal button on the bar-mounted remote control to signal turns safely. No need to take your hands off the bars to manually indicate turns.

  • Loss Alarm

When the helmet is connected to the phone and the distance between the helmet and the phone exceeds 20 meters, both the helmet and the phone will sound an alarm to alert the user.

  • Automatic sensor illumination

Smart lighting incorporates adaptive technology to ensure you see in dark conditions while it’s turned off to save energy during the day.

  • Adjustable and Lightweight

LIVALL BH51M NSO weighs only 480g and fits everyone from children to adults. It is equipped with an adjustable disc fit wheel to ensure that the helmet is held firmly but comfortably on your head.

  • IPX4 Waterproof

The LIVALL BH51M NSO is IPX4 engineered to withstand the elements and keeps you going, rain or shine, and ready for whatever weather comes your way.

  • Long Lasting Battery

Battery life up to 12 hours. Once charged, you can use LIVALL and ride for a week or more before needing to recharge. The low-temperature battery is used, and the battery life can be maintained at about 80% in -20 degrees environment.

  • Designed for bicycles, scooters and skateboards

LIVALL BH51M NSO has passed CPSC 1203, EN1078, AS/NZS2063 and GB24429 safety standards for bicycles, skateboards and electric bicycles/scooters.

LIVAL BH51M NSO Smart Helmet Specification:

Battery and Power:

Low-temperature Batteries – 3.7V 800mAh

Charging line- 1m, Magnetic Suction


Charging time- 3 hours


JBL Speakers

Size – 27*12mm

Max power – 1W

Resistance 8 Ohm



Electret condenser microphone

Noise reduction


53 built-in LED lights


Europe L57-61 cm, M 54-58 cm

America l 58-61 cm, M 55-59 cm


480 gm – 490 gm


Bluetooth Version: 5.2

Bluetooth Range: Max 15 m



LIVAL BH51M NSO Smart Helmet Price:

If you want to buy Lival BH51M NSO smart helmet, then you have to pay Price $129.

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