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Loop Spiral Travel Pillow Review

Due to pandemic situation frequency of travelling is goes down very much. Until and unless it is necessary or emergency, we are not planning for any outing. But gradually the travelling has been started. Now get ready for travelling, as the tourist spots are opening again with a new set of entry rule. Today I will introduce an ultra-versatile pillow with revolutionary spiral wrapping design with a superior comfort and premium materials inside out.

While you are travelling a long journey, this versatile pillow evolves and changes to meet your own space, helping you to catch those ZZZS or to simply be more comfortable. From the upper bend of the neck to the shoulder tips, the ergonomic helix shape provides users with perfectly tight support in every corner. Vesta is so popular with their product. I have already discussed on a Vesta pillow. You can check it through below mentioned link. This is a new product from Vesta – Loop Spiral Travel Pillow.

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Loop Spiral travel pillow Features:

Extra Chin Support: During travelling in flight, we are facing few problems while sleeping. One of the major problem is that during sleeping our chin drops, head moves and our neck stretches. This unique coiled design of this pillow will give you more flexibility and comfort required to keep our chin up while sitting and sleeping.

Neck and head support: As I have already mention this flexible coiled design supports the weight and movement of our neck and head, so that we can take rest and feel relax ourselves.

Unique internal “gooseneck” structure maintains cushion structure and support while being easy to adjust.

Loop Spiral Travel Pillow Review1

Heat-sensitive memory foam conforms well to the contours of the neck to help maintain natural alignment.

The foam core is protected by a breathable cover that wicks away moisture and keeps your neck and head dry.

Other products in the box:

With this Loop spiral travel pillow, company giving you another few exciting items. I will come one by one.

In the market popular rugs are available but they are too hot or too cold, unsuitable for travelling. The material used in these rugs are animal wool or cheap material that could cause allergies.

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In this Loop product used Flyzzz rug, which is the perfect companion to create a more comfortable travelling anywhere.

Double-sided reflective design offers you year-round comfort. Cool Super Bamboo material on one side, warm Super Fuzzy material on the other to keep you comfortable, whatever the weather.

Loop Spiral Travel Pillow Review2

The warm and cozy side strikes the perfect balance, with the right amount of heft and weight, and conveys plenty of warmth.

The cool side of Fuzz is soft, breathes well and keeps you cool in hot weather.

Store it anywhere and make it easy to warm up on your bed, couch, travel, picnic, or flight.

The company created a lightweight expandable bag that can be recyclable, beautiful everyday bags or a yoga bag.

Introducing SleepGo Travel Magazine. This all-in-one travel bag is lightweight, naturally allergenic and silky smooth, giving you a good night’s sleep wherever you go.

No more hassle – SleepGo™ travel net around bedding to protect from harmful substances, wall glass and more.

Soft and Allergenic SuperBamboo™: Feels silky smooth, comparable to 1000 thread count cotton. Also, it is naturally allergenic.

Our SuperBamboo™ sleep mask is completely silent, pressure optimized and excellently thermostatic.

Our high-density memory foam earphones reduce noise by 42 decibels, which is comparable to noise-canceling earphones. The transport case is resistant to dust and moisture.

Vesta Loop Travel pillow Price:

Vesta Loop plus pack will cost to you only $129. In which you will get Loop spiral travel pillow, Noise cancelling air plug, Super bamboo sleep musk, Flyzzz Throw Blanket, Sleep Go travel sheet.

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