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Mivi Duopods M20 Review –

Researchers believe that only music can create a feelings of cohesion or social togetherness. Music can heal so many things. It can control your mind. Improve your health. We all know how the sounds boosts exercise performance. In a lonely place music will take away to the world you imagined. Music instrument manufacturer are continuously working to give their ultimate product. They are focusing on noise cancelation, improve Bass, overall sound quality etc. In any case, due to the use of 3D noise reduction technology, a quiet effect can be achieved.

Mivi is one of the best ear pod manufacturer. Continuously they developed their product. Today I will discuss about their newly launch product. In this article I will explain all about Mivi Duopods M20 earpod- specification, features, price and other information’s also. With this best product for indoor, outdoor and travel, you can escape from any situation with pure sound.

Higher charging capacity is the first requirement for the music lover. Don’t worry. Duopod will give you a six hours long capacity with a single charge. You will get a total battery life of 30 hours. This performance anyone can safely be said that it is the best airpod in the market. The main selling point of this TWS product is that it offers clear four colour IPX5 Sweat Proof. Using this type of strategy, it is strange for buyers to know more about this Duopod review, price, specification, feature and much more. If you are thinking of one airpod, then you definitely go for Mivi Duopods M20.

Design and Build of “Mivi Duopods M20”

This Duopods is currently available in four different colours- Black, White, Red and Blue. Colour also a factor of a product for the customer. As four colours are available, you can choose any of them. All are with glossy finishing. The capsule is made with plastic with medium quality construction and it can be easily filled.

"Mivi Duopods M20"

“Mivi Duopods M20” Battery life-

How long will your music be here to stay? I already explain about this. It would be the best with respect to battery life. Enjoy your music up to six hours with ear buds and up to 30 hours of playtime by using charging case.

Bluetooth connectivity and wireless range-

As all the recent technology is in built in this due pod. So, you not face any difficulties while connecting it through true wireless with V5.0 Bluetooth set up. You can listen music anywhere keeping your mobile in a single place. This can cover up to 10 meter long range of connectivity.

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Sound quality of “Mivi Duopods M20″ –

A good bass make your music to an ultimate level. This duo pod offers a high quality of sound with a deep bass when considering the price. Microphone is also available in this duo pod. So it also recommended outdoors in an event of a call.

Touch control facility-

Now we are searching for those air pods which are compatible with Siri and Google. This air pod is compatible with this two digital assistance. Capacitive touch is available in this model.  Capacitive touch control is available.

“Mivi Duopods M20” Touch control details function-

– With a Single touch on any ear bud you can play or pause music and to receive call.

-If you touch twice left ear bud then start playing the previous music.

– Touch twice right ear bud functioning to play the next song.

-Touch and hold any of the earbuds will reject a call.

-If you touch three times then it will activate voice assistant to Siri or Google. Whatever you wish to use.

These are the common functions available in this duo pod.

What will be in-to the box?

In the box the following things will be available- 1. Charging case, 2. USB type C-Charging cable, 3. 2 pairs of silicone gel tips, 4. User manual.

“Mivi Duopods M20” Price-

Now, you are started thinking what will be the price of this duo pod? A so many features available, it would be costlier. If want to buy “Mivi Duopods M20”, you can get this product only by Rs. 2,999.

Now sale is going on and the discounted price is – Rs. 1,299.

This all about Mivi Duopods M20. If you like this article, please comment. And also comment what are the new things you want in your budged air pod. Thank you.

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