Nohkalikai Falls In Meghalaya Beautiful Place To Visit 2021

Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunji:

Cherapunji has the highest rainfall in the world at 428 feet. The local name of Cherrapunji is “Sohra”. Cherrapunji surrounds by Cherabazar. Cherrapunji is the origin of Khasi literature and culture. The distance from Dauki to Cherrapunji is only 64 km and it will around 2-3 hours to reach the place.

To reach the place there is two options. You can reserve a taxi or you can go by shuttle. If you reserve a taxi, it will cost to Rs. 2500-3000 depends upon the situation. If you hire a Taxi, it will cost around Rs. 300-500 person. The distance from Shillong to Cgerrapunji is 54 km. On the way from Dauki to Cherrapunji, you will be accompanied by small villages, green valleys, and plots of agricultural land, shade of pine trees, pears and clouds. There are also coal mines.

Everything you will see in Cherrapunji:

1. Seven Sisters Falls.
2. Nohkalikai Falls.
3. Mawsmai Cave.
4. Makdak view point.
5. Wakaba Falls.
6. Dinthalen Falls.
7. Mosamai Falls.
8. Nangithiang Falls.
9. Eco Park.
10. Arwa Cave.
11. Thank you.

You can also visit the Double Decker Route Bridge, Natural Swimming Pool and Rainbow Falls by trekking the Nunriet Village. On the Nunriet Village Trek you will find the 3 suspension bridges and lots of tree trunk bridges. I am going to share the plan.

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How to get there: 

The distance from Dauki to Cherrapunji is 64 km. It will take about 2.3 minutes. You will get a taxi from Dauki, you can also reserve a taxi and share it again. You can also go to Cherrapunji from Shillong. The distance from Shillong tp Cherrapunji is only 54 km.

Google map location of this place 

Where to stay: 

There are so beautiful homestay and hotels to stay over there. You will come directly to Cherabazar from Dauki / Shillong. There are plenty of homestays in Cherabazar.

How to visit Cherrapunji: 

After reaching to the place, you can hire a taxi for the whole day to see all the places in Cherrapunji. That would be the best option as per my understanding. To see all the places, you can hire a reserve a 10 seater Tata Sumo at Rs. 1800-2000. And a 4 seater taxi at Rs. 1400-1600. First you can start from Thangkharang to Seven Sisters Falls. From there to Mosmai Cave, Mosmai Falls, Nangithiang Falls, Eco Park, Arwa Cave, Dynhlen Falls to Nohkalikai Falls. Nohkalikai Falls is near Bangladesh view point. You can see it when you come to Cherrapunji from Makdak view point Daulki.

It is a matter of luck to be able to see the places of Cherrapunji properly. It almost always rains. If the weather is bad, the water falls are covered with clouds. Luck is very much needed to visit Sven Sisters Falls and Nohkalikai Falls.

This is all about the sort trip to Nohkalikai falls. You can do a small trip to this beautiful place.

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