ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar Review, Specification, Price $79

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar Review:

Few years back also, it was quite unbelievable for us that to meet our friends through video calling and now we know that how much we are engaging in video calling. Not only in video calling but also in video gaming, online class, meeting thorough web cam is so helpful for us. Earlier the quality of web cams were not up to the mark.

The video resolution, audio quality etc. were too poor. On continues development these requirements are full filling to the customers by the developer. ROCWARE-RC80 is a mini video stand bar, which will full fill your requirement in a single device. In this article I will discuss about full features, specification and price of ROCWARE-RC08 mini video stand bar.

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar1

This RC08 is very much user friendly so that user can shoot a high quality content and enjoy their professional experience without having to worry about poor quality video calls, bulkiness and multiple devices occupying space, complicated wiring and obviously a higher cost issue.

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar Features:

Earlier we were so familiar in video calling through laptop camera. But there were so many drawback in laptop lens. With respect to laptop lens vs. RC08, the latter can provide you a wider view due to its 90° wide angle view, that means it will able to cover much more no of peoples. But in case of laptop’s lens only captures a very less area where it is pointed at. In addition to instant ToF autofocus, Full HD 1080P lens with 90° wide angle, the RC08 will offer different devices the ability to point flexibly at different angles, whether they are installed on desktops, laptops, desktops, etc. or tripods.

The RC08 is equipped with full 1080P resolution, 30fps/25fps image encoding rate, and 2.07 million active pixels (active pixels are pixels that are active in true photosensitivity below the zoom ratio of the lens) allowing you to capture their movements in real time without fail with 90 A wide-angle view can better capture character and surroundings, making meetings and online courses more realistic, even when miles are miles apart.

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar1

Why are you going to buy several devices and turn them on one at a time? If there is ROCWARE available here to simplify your life. Compared to other webcams on the market, the RC08 does not need to purchase additional audio equipment. On the contrary, it is a high-quality 3-in-1 webcam with a built-in microphone and speakers. More importantly, the sound quality of the RC08 is better than the built-in speakers in laptops; In other words, the RC08 allows you to have better communication for both image and sound.

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With full 1080P definition, you’ll be able to display the best picture in a variety of lighting conditions, while making your web world and video content more vivid and detailed. RC08 clarity is so much better. Because compared to most webcam products, ROCWARE has a wealth of experience in selecting the best possible hardware, such as selecting the appropriate low-distortion lens that controls distortion. Enabling the RC08 to achieve a perfect picture of you and your surroundings, enhances your perspective and offers a comprehensive and dramatic video effect.

Fully updated ToF autofocus technology RC08 is equipped with a laser-controlled focus system along with 4X digital zoom, which means that it is able to achieve accurate field measurements regardless of the characteristics of the projection surface. .

In addition to using a 1 / 2.8-inch CMOS lens image sensor, the RC08 camera offers some of the best features for automation and quality control, including 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms with noise compensation.

High-performance soundtrack design inspired by air duct construction, combined with Harman sound technology, aims to create an incredibly clear and sharp sound experience, with a screaming background and excellent sound overall. Which makes video conferencing a real-time experience that you will fall in love

The RC08 weighs only 5 ounces, which makes it easier to carry and use. It should be noted that under the premise of such low weight, we have improved the speaker, with 2W power, 0.5 pressure, 82db and a 5 meter coverage radius. Provide higher sound quality than laptops or LCD TVs.

The RC08 is equipped with a built-in universal microphone that offers high-quality sound, carefully designed for online conferences (suitable for more than 300 participants) and live broadcasts.

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It is used to perform echo cancellation, special noise reduction and benefit processing to solve the problem of environmental noise.

The RC08 also uses advanced features such as -30 ± 2dB sensitivity, automatic volume adjustment, silent output and full two-way dialogue. Its unobtrusive and dual speech functionality ensures smooth and clear conversation and comfortable communication.

RC08 weighs only 5oz and measures 121x32x31mm. It also has a USB plug-and-play feature (no driver required), which means it can be used anytime, anywhere.

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar1

The RC08 has a 360 ° swivel mount. Simply press and hold the back button for just 8 seconds, and you can instantly switch between landscape and face screens. While maintaining the same FoV without image loss in landscape or face mode. To ensure your communication experience.

RC08 has an ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt and zoom) function. When the digital zoom function is activated on the webcam, the user can control the tilt, movement or zoom through tools and software within the zoom image for a quieter and more precise rotation.

Network security is an important issue in modern society. Every user needs to protect their privacy from time to time and covering the webcam is the easiest and safest way.

Also, to enhance the communication experience, the ROCWARE team designed an attenuation feature on the RC08 to ensure that there are no interruptions in conference calls.

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar Specification:


Sensor type: 1/2.8 inch, CMOS, effective pixels: 270w

Scanning method: Line by line

Lens mount type: M12

Lens: Focal length: f=2.8 mm, horizontal angle of view: 90°

AF: Support ToF focus

Minimum illumination: 0.5 Lux @(F2.0, AGC ON)

Electronic shutter: 1/30s-1/1000s

White balance: Automatic, manual, specified color temperature

Landscape mode resolution: 1600*896, 320*240, 352*288, 640*480, 720*480, 720*576, 1280*720, 1024*768, 1024*576, 960*540, 848*480, 800*600, 800*448, 640*360, 512*288, 480*272, 424*320, 424*240, 320*180, 1920*1080

Portrait mode resolution: 720*1080, 768*1024, 576*1027, 480*848, 448*800, 576*720, 480*720, 288*512, 272*480, 320*424, 288*352, 480*460, 896*1600

Camera bracket: Standard damping rotating bracket

Physical privacy occlusion: Support

Digital noise reduction: 2D, 3D digital reduction

BLC: Support

Digital zoom: 4x

Audio characteristics

Audio algorithm: Support AEC/AGC/ANS

Full screen speaker: 82dB SPL at 0.6 m

Microphone: Omnidirectional microphone sensitivity: 30±2dB

USB features

Operating system: Windows 7(only support below 1080P), windows 8.1, windows 10 or higher, macOS 10.10 or higher, Google Chromebook Version 29.0 1547.70 or higher, Linux (need to support UVC)

Hardware requirement: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or higher, 2GB RAM or higher, USB 2.0 interface

Color space/compression: MJPEG/YUY2/H.264

Video format: 1080P@30fps/25fps, 720P@30fps/ 25fps, 960*540P@30fps/25/fps, 640*360P@30fps/25fps

USB video communication protocol: UVC 1.1

UAC: Support

UVC PTZ control: Support (0-PTZ)

Input output interface

USB interface: 1*USB 2.0, type C

General specification

Input voltage: 5V (USB powered)

Input Current: 0.5A

Operating temperature: 0°C-40°C

Stored temperature: -40°C-60°C

Power consumption: 2.5W

Size: 121mm*32mm*31mm (without bracket)

Net weight: 139g

ROCWARE-RC08 Mini video Sound Bar Price:

If you wish to buy this product, the Early Bird model will cost for you $79 only.

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