Samsung’s asymmetrical folding display for flip smartphones

Samsung’s asymmetrical folding display for flip smartphones

Samsung displays disproportionate displays in Las Vegas, USA
According to a report in the Korean Herald on Wednesday, Samsung officials at the time showed a prototype flip smartphone with the upper half smaller than the lower half. When folded, the bottom of the display shows basic information like time and weather.

An official of the company said, ‘If the following screen is opened, the secondary screen is no longer required for the flip smartphone. As a result, production costs can be significantly reduced and the production process can be simplified.
Asked if the display would be used in the Galaxy Z series in the future, the official did not respond.Samsung's asymmetrical folding display

Samsung has also shown double-bending foldable and rollable QD display panels.
Named The Flex S, this display can be folded inwards and outwards to make it S-shaped. It has a 16.3-inch foldable display panel, which can be used on portable devices like notebooks.

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