Samsung’s virtual housekeeper 2022

Samsung’s virtual housekeeper 2022

Samsung Virtual Housekeeper Review:

The artificial man from Samsung Electronics, who was unveiled last year, may return to CES-2022 as a personal assistant and housemaid.
According to South Korean tech giant, it will unveil an artificial intelligence-based ‘avatar’ at CES 2022. The AI avatar will showcase a home in a digital world like Metaverse. Will locate users in the real world and connect them with nearby devices.
A report in The Korean Herald reported this information on Tuesday.

Reports from the officials:

An official at Samsung Electronics said, “The AI avatar is a” life assistant “that can work for users anywhere and anytime. It can understand conversations on the device and control the home appliance.

Although nothing specific has been announced yet, this AI incarnation will ring for an hour. Last year, for the first time, Samsung Electronics unveiled the neon at the virtual CES. Neon is a virtual humanoid that is totally different from real people.

Samsung Electronics has already sent this AI to the workplace. At Shinhan Bank in South Korea, a female bank teller has been installed on a life-size display to assist customers in their initial work.

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Samsung Virtual Housekeeper Ability:

Every AI-powered person is created with a unique look and personality. They can show their own expressions and talk. They can work as teachers, financial advisors, healthcare providers, actors and TV anchors. Sent as a personal assistant working at home could give Samsung Electronics the opportunity to verify the marketability of their market.

In addition, Samsung Electronics CES 2022 will unveil for the first time a physical robot called ‘Samsung Bot Eye’. Samsung calls Bot AI its life partner. It can run side by side and communicate with the owner The new robot can set up a video conference on its own, but its other functions are unknown.

Samsung Bot Handy can decorate the table. It will also be on display at CES 2022.

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