Scented Face Mask For Covid-19 : STICK’N FRESH Aroma Flavor Patch : Crazy Trend 2021

Scented Face Mask by STICK’N FRESH:

Now a day, wearing a musk in outside of your home is mandatory. Corona virus is spreading rapidly throughout the world. If you don’t take proper precaution, then it may be harmful to you.  So, mask is one of the prime essential to relief ourselves from Covid-19. Wearing mask is so helpful to survive from Covid-19. It is very much essential in this pandemic.

It is already proved that if you wear a mask, spreading of corona virus is very less. Continuously wearing a mask also difficult for us. Many of us avoid to wear a face mask or face shield because of its several drawbacks, while wearing for a long time. Peoples are facing the major problems during wear a mask, like breathing, itching, skin allergies etc. Based on the research around 50% wearer feeling difficulties on breathing.

The major sensations they experienced-

While wearing a mask for long time there are several issued were found in our body. As we have block the proper path by using a mask to enter the full amount of fresh oxygen in our lung,  it may cause to hypoxia, shortness of breath, low oxygen level in blood, and rhinitis etc. If we face those issues for long time, then a health issue we faced.

What is the solution then? STICK’N FRESH Scented Face Mask Review:

Based on these above mentioned issued, you may start thinking, so then what are the solution. Don’t worry, STICK’N FRESH is here to solve all your problems related to face shield of face mask. BLUE SAUCE, the company came across with an excellent solution to the users who experienced difficulties with breathing while wearing face shield.

So, if your mask contains some flavors, then the problems will solve. STICK’N FRESH, the mask manufacture is coming with different types of scented mask, so during breathe, you will feel more comfortable. You will experience a different feeling. And for a long while you will not face these type of issues.

STICKN FRESH Scented Mask Key Features:

Freshen up your personal Mask: The scent are coming from the small patch used here. With a high concentrated scent used here, but with time it will come to your contact in very less amount. This patch uses a natural essential oil to freshen up the air in a foul-smelling and dense mask. So, this way you can feel comfortable while wear a mask for long time.

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Natural Scent: The flavor used, should be safe to use, no health hazardous material used. This unique STICK’N FRESH scented face mask uses essential oils with positive properties that are completely safe to use for health. The natural peppermint essential oil smell like a refreshed item. Comfortably weara mask for long time without any hesitation.

Use one patch per day: Masks have become an essential accessory in our daily lives. Keep them fresh, when you are out and about the use it for a long while. The STICK’N FRESH fragrance lasts for 4 to 6 hours. This is average time to use a mask. After that you need to change a mask. After using a mask, it is too easy to remove this patch from the mask.

Refresh your personal space with a simple sticker: Now the solution is here, you can enjoy a clean fragrance anytime, anywhere in your personal space without worrying about others. The patches are designed in such a way that it should not use only in face mask but it can be used anywhere like pillows, cloths, shoes, bags etc. You can use it wherever a fresher fragrance is needed.

No More Stinky Masks: There so many mask available in the market, these are not comfortable to use. These are stinky mask that smell of food, tobacco, sweat and bad breath. Wear a fresh, fragrant mask manufactured by BLUE SAUCE, the STICK’N FRESH.

How to install on face mask?

Easy installation process also encourage to us to buy any product. Packaging and design of the product is so important that it’s attract to the customer. A simple process need to follow to install on face mask. You have follow the steps and can easily install this-

#1 First you need to remove the patches from protective film.

#2 then attach it where you want to apply. Try to avoid skin contact.

Finally take Breath by using STICK’N FRESH!

What are the different variety of different scents available for this scented face mask?

Now three types of flavors are available. These are – pepper mint, Levender, Phytoncide You can buy any of this as per your choice.

STICKN FRESH Scented Face Mask Product Specification:

Package Dimensions: 4.72* 2.72*0.28 inches

Weight:  0.3 Ounces

Manufacturer: BLUE SAUCE

Packet contains: STICKNFRESH Aroma Mask Patch Sticker 4 packs * 6 patches

There are so many scented masks available in market. You can buy those from Amazon. I will recommended this mask because of so many advantages over others-

Easy to install, Good looking, Flavors are very smooth, Easy to carry etc.

STICKN FRESH Scented Face Mask Price:

If you wish to buy STICK’N FRESH face mask, then you have to pay $9.79. You can get this product Rs. 713.79.

This is all about the product. You can use this in the pandemic. Stay home, stay safe. Thank you.

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