Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor smart feature, review, price – $126.65

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor

As we all know sleep is so much essential for our health and wellness. We spend in sleeping about to one-third of our total life span. Getting a good night’s sleep should be always in a priority. It is possible to get a good night’s sleep, but for this a careful monitoring also require.

About 70% of American suffer from sleep disorder which directly affects to their physical as well as in mental health. A disorder of sleep of a person may leads to unnecessary health and safety problems as well as the high cost of health care. Distortion of sleep may cause due to the light, hyper tension, digestion problem etc. A deep sleep will increase your energy so that you will be more comfortable to work throughout the day. After wake up in the morning you will feel so fresh.

If you are regularly snore or wake feeling tired, you may have trouble in sleeping on a regular basis. You need to take an action immediately. So, far professional doctor visits have been necessary for this and need to take time for diagnosing at these condition. It will be very much necessary at this time. That’s why Sleepbreathe is been invented. It is a smart device which can be used at your home to monitor breathing condition during sleep. With a collection of breath taking air flow data, powerful AI algorithms and health biosensor, sleepbreathe continuously monitor your sleep and analyzes sleep data efficiently for better sleep health management.

In this article I will explain about this product – Sleepbreathe. How it’s functioning, what are the advantages of this product, key features and so on.

Key features of sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor-

The following key features are introduced in sleepbreathe

a) To measure the breathing condition medical grade real time monitor has been used. Which will give you a proper data.

b) Scientific record of integrated sleep structure will provide by sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor.

c) The detail of the record analyzed by using AI technology. A sleep quality analysis report you can get easily.

d) This is unique design with lite weight. You will get a ultimate comfort and light ergonomics design.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor detail

How this device work, I will explain now. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea that may cause a serious health effects and requires regular checking. Sleepbreathe provides users with snoring data analysis through the AI algorithm and smart calculation of snoring condition.

Sleep breathe’s most advance thing is that the AI algorithm, which is able to measure critical data, so that you no need to visit a sleep clinic. It can be done accurately at home, documenting and compiling all the data to provide a graphical and in-depth diagnostic report to understand your medical condition and prevent sleep problem. So, now you can understand how this is helpful to solve snoring during sleep.

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Sleepbreathe mobile app is available. You have to install in your smartphone and then connect to the device. Check sleeping details from the app to get the results of your night’s breathing and you can check how it changes when you weak up in the morning. You can clearly understand each of your sleeping patterns to see the breathing activities and how it’s improve your overall sleep..

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor features

Sleepbreathe mainly uses a medical grade sensor to measure and calculate each breath with high accuracy.

This device accurately collect so many data in the most efficient and effective way during sleep. One can collect those data by doing a research among several people and collect data manually. But this device actively eliminates the need for costly and time consuming research. No need to plan for such a trial program. By monitoring breathing, sleeping patterns, snoring and sleeping position, sleepbrearhe accurately assesses your sleep condition.

The sleepbreathe device uses bone marrow and voice detection technology to accurately identify and diagnose the issue. Once the sensation is successful, the 10Hz-60Hz micro pulse device will transmit as physical movement. The device sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor will then simulate hypoglossal nerves and nerves, increase air flow and maintain airflow without NOR.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor is very easy to use. It can start within a minute. A simple setting is there. One button is there by which you have to connect with your smartphone.

One advantage is giving from the company is that up-to six peoples data can collect with only one app. And all monitoring will be available. It can be shared with your family members and avoid the hassle of buying multiple devices. Combined with other Snore Circle product fully solves all the sleep problems.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor specification

Product material- The mask is made with food grade silicone rubber. So there is health related issue arise.

Dimensions of the mask -105 mm Length*95.8 mm Width*55.6 mm Height

Weight of the mask – It is very lite weight. Weight of this product is only 18.5 gm. So

Battery capacity – 3.7V/55 mAh

Battery life – By one single charge this device can run upto 16 hours.  This time is good enough to collect your sleep data.

App connectivity – One smartphone is required to conncet this device. This device can easily connect through Bluetooth.

Price in USD – Company set the price of this product is $126.65

Package contains- You will get the following things in the box- one sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor, one user manual, one single charging cable and white strap. This white strap is available in three different sizes – S, M, L, with each three pieces.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor detail price in India as well worlwide-

As I already mentioned the product price is $126.25 USD, This is global price. This price is applicable in global country like USA, UK, and Australia.

The price of sleepbreathe sleep breathing monitor in Indian market is Rs, 9296.12/- only.

This is all about this smart device Sleepbreathe sleep breathing. I hope in this article you got the about the advantages to use this product.

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