Best Ergonomic Sleeping Eye Mask Developed by Ostrich Pillow – 2021

Sleeping Eye Mask by Ostrich Pillow Review:

Darkness is required for deep sleep because it associate with our brain, it may be possible to use a mask to muffle the “noise” like stress, anxiety, tension etc. in the brain that keeps us awake at night. Light is an important part of hygiene during sleep as it stops the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep patterns. Peoples required a sleep face mask because of suffering from insomnia, people who have to work in night and sleep during the day, and also for them who are sick or staying in a place where they are not familiar.

To overcome those problems, Ostrich Pillow introduce Sleeping Eye Mask with a 3D ergonomic eye mask. Its design adapts to the three-dimensional characteristics of the face. Its design will help to fit perfectly in all head sizes and face types and provides a 100% blackout experience for total comfort.

Key advantages to use Sleeping Eye Mask:

  1. Eye masks are cheaper than blackout curtains.
  2. Eye masks really improve our sleep quality.
  3. It sometimes helps our insomnia.
  4. Using Eye mask is safer than medication or alcohol.
  5. Eye mask might help prevent dry eyes.
  6. It can be good for our skin.

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Sleeping Eye Mask Features:

6 Layers Eye Mask give you ultimate comfort:

The design of this eye mask is very unique. Company pay their attention to make it perfect from every corner. Based on the material, design, and comfort it is so useful.  This eye mask is composed with 6 different layers of high quality materials that ensures maximum comfort and effectiveness. A perfect balance on the thickness is required so that it can cover the eye portion with uniform pressure. The balanced combination of thickness, density and softness creates a pleasant, skin friendly and breath taking experience. This is reusable product. This is 100% washable in washing machine, so it feels like new – night after night.

Eye Mask creates null pressure:

This Eye mask is designed in such a way that it’s creates a cavity, which allow you to open your eyes while wearing it. You will be experiencing a full of darkness without any pressure on your eyelids. It is so essential during our sleep.

Accurately fit this eye mask to your face:

Face shape and face size is different for all. So, ostrich pillow designed eye mask by keep in mind of all face types and head sizes, so that it will fit perfectly to everyone face without cause any effect.

The company identify all the common problems related to eye masks available in the market. They find out that these masks are all flat. So, they can’t cover our face correctly to the three dimensional feature to the face. These masks are not only comfortable, light passes through this eye mask, put pressure on the eyes and also cause a breathing trouble by pressing the nose.

When and where you can use Eye Mask:

This eye masks are so useful. Now I will explain when and where you use this eye mask. You can take rest in all position with total blockage and perfect comfort.

Eye mask can carry with you wherever you are going and keep it to its protective pouch.

Block all incoming light to disconnect and recharge during whole the day.

Get total concentration while keeping your eyes open with zero pressure.

Sleeping Eye Mask colors available:

Now Ostrich Pillow, the eye mask manufacturer introduce the Eye mask with two different colors – Midnight Grey and Dark Night.

Sleeping Eye Mask Specification:

Dimensions- The dimension of this product is 300X85X30 cm / 11.8X3.4X1.1 inch

Weight- It is very light weight to 30 gm / 1 oz

Material composition- The mask is made with Foam, Breathable modal fabric, Premium hook & loop closure.

Sleeping Eye mask prices:

Now company giving offer on add-ons. It will be benefited for you, if you purchase in bulk.

The following price list available for the sleeping eye mask-

  1. Early Bird: 1 Eye mask + 1 Pair Reusable silicone earplugs (free) + limited edition Kickstarter pouch (free) will cost $29
  2. Duo Pack: 2 Eye masks + 2 Pair Reusable silicone earplugs (free) + limited edition Kickstarter pouch (free) will cost $54
  3. Trio Pack: 3 Eye mask + 3 Pair Reusable silicone earplugs (free) + limited edition Kickstarter pouch (free) will cost $73

This is all about this product. If you have sleep problems, planning for overnight travel or etc. you can definitely use this mask for your continue and comfortable sleep. Thank you.

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