Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly Review Specification Price $2399

Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly Review

Snoppa Rover is a revolutionary movie dolly that has an advanced electronic stability system. It can drive and shoot steadily and smoothly on a variety of uneven roads. Rover can be driven manually or automatically follow a preset track. With a carrying capacity of up to 15 kg (33 lbs), a series of control interfaces and a video transmission unit, Snoppa Rover can charge and control most popular cameras, including mirrorless, DSLR, film cameras, etc., allowing you to remotely control both doll movements and taking your camera and previewing your photos live on your phone or tablet.

Rover integrates three wheels each with independent power steering and an operating system with three electrically controlled swing arms. This uniquely insulates the body from the vibration of the wheels and enables flexible motion control.

Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly Features:

  • Active damping system in Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly

Rover has a built-in gyroscope and acceleration sensor in each of its three swing arms. These sensors detect the vibration of each wheel and the position of the whole vehicle at 16Khz frequency at all times. The detection frequency enables high-torque motors to respond to disturbances within 0.06m / s. The engines release control from a synchronous variable speed system and with the increased elasticity of its springs, the Rover can maintain smoothness even when crossing uneven surfaces or obstacles.

Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly1

  • Operating system used in Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly

Thanks to the angle sensor (tilt sensor) on the joint between the swing arm and the wheels on the Rover, the electric steering system can be rotated 360. This provides flexible cornering performance and allows for unconventional movements such as zero radius bending in place and easy climbing.

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  • Electrical systems installed in Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly

All three Rover wheels are equipped with unique powertrains. The built-in oscilloscope detects wheel speed in real time and an intelligent algorithm can distribute the power of each wheel individually. This results in smoother movements and more precise control of the rover. Continuous speed increase greatly reduces wheel load or deviation on the track due to inconsistent wheel speed.

Unlike front-wheel drive vehicles – Rover’s flexible cornering performance allows it to keep the direction of the Rover’s front end unchanged in any way. The direction of the cart is independent of the trajectory of the movement. Shooting direction is not bound by movement direction. If you need to change the camera’s movement direction during the shooting process, you do not need to consider a turning radius to make a U-turn where you can turn the Rover. Rover has a speed of up to 8m / s and you can easily track an object moving fast to shoot.

  • Low angle shooting with Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly

If you need a small angle shot, you can hang the camera upside down at the bottom of the Rover center bar to take low camera shots.

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Rover software integrates Rover controls, camera controls, and image preview into the same application, making it a fully functional wireless workbench. Rover APP is available in both tablet and phone versions. The advantage of the tablet version is that it combines all the necessary functions on the same page, so you can perform your functions quickly without having to switch between different menus.

Snoop Rover has a number of interfaces where you can connect and control the camera with your phone or tablet.

  • HDMI Terminal: for DSLR Image Preview
  • USB-C: for Camera Control
  • SDI: for Cinema Camera Image Preview
  • Extension Port: for Universal Remote Control etc.

Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly

Specification of Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly:


Folded length – Approx. 110 cm (43.3 in)

Folded radius – Approx. 30 cm (11.8 in)

Base Diameter range – 92 cm – 143 cm


Max. Payload – 15 kg (33 lbs)

Max. Speed – Approx. 18.6 Mph (30 Km/h)

Traversable Terrain – Asphalt/Mud/Flat Pavement, Obstracle <3.94 in (10 cm), Pothole <5.9 in (15 cm)

Frame Material – Aluminium Alloy, Carbon Fiber

Working voltage – 24V


Battery type – Li-Po

System – Dual – Battery System

Capacity – 95Wh*2

Working Time – 4.5 hrs

Battery Management System – Over-heating, Short circuit, Over-current, Over-discharge and over charge protection

User replaceable battery – Yes


Tire Motors – 3*120W Motor with 3*Independent Gyros

Steering Motors – 3*80W Motor with 3*Hall sensor

Stabilization Motors – 3*120W Motor with 3*independent Gyros


Tires – 210mm (8.3 inch)/Each

Rotation Destabilization – <0.1 degree

Shift Destabilization – <1 mm

Video Input:

Interface – HDMI, SDI, USB-C, Extension Port

Wireless Range – Max. 120 m

Radius of turning circle – Zero

Follow Focus Extension – Yes

Video Time-lapse – 120ms


Control Methods – Transmitter, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Manual or Handle

Moving control modes – Free, Ortho, Arc, and pre-program mode

Framing control modes – Lock, Follow, Target Lock

Path Plan Methods – Keyframe Position, Outline, Manual Outline

Price of Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly:

If you wish to buy Snoppa Rover Electric Stabilization Cinema Dolly then you have to pay $2399 USD for the super early bird model.

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