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Vesta Thermoregulating Pillow Review

You would be feel uncomfortable, if your neck bent anyway for a long while. According to the doctors, your pillow should not be too soft or too hard. It will case of neck pain. It is advice to use a pillow if you sleep on your back or side. The ultimate requirement is that to get sleep in a comfortable and pain free bed. If you feel pain on neck or some uneasiness on spinal, then sleeping without a pillow is unsafe.

Sleeping for continuously eight hours is essential for our health. A good sleep can improves our working capability, thinking power etc. For a continuing sleep, a good bed and with a comfortable pillow are the prime requirement. Which gives you an ultimate comfort of our sleep. Generally, we sleep in so many different positions like stomach sleeper, pancake flat, on your side, on your back, restless sleeper and more. Now, it’s our time to use a more adaptable and supportive pillows for our continuous and dynamic sleep, which much for our health also.

In this article I will discuss about an advanced pillow, which will give you an ultimate comfort for long time sleep. Vesta now introducing their recent product. Which is with thermo regulating feature. Vesta Thermoregulating Pillow is so advanced for the first time with double side pillow that Vesta Thermoregulating Pillow can regulates heats and supports your variety position of sleep, with two different structured surface area on each side. While you will align your neck and head, you will get a proper support and feel comfortable and feel comfortable and get some more rest.

I will discuss one by one of the features. What type of materials are used to make this pillow, how the thermoregulating process works, how this pillow actually help to keep you spine in proper position throughout sleeping.

Vesta Thermoregulating Pillow Basic Features-

Generally in a good quality pillow, there are several layers are present with different types of materials. This pillow is also coming with three different layers. As vesta thermoregulating pillow is consisting with three core layers, it is double sided pillow that is perfectly meet your sleeping condition. You can easily choose the level of support and curve yourself as you want. This pillow is designed ergonomically.

Cloud sleep side –

Cloud pillows are those which designed to position your neck, head and shoulder correctly during sleeping. This type pillows are generally made with micro air beads to make pillow soft. This ultra-soft side of Vesta pillow gives you a perfect spinal alignment for stomach and back sleeper position with its ergonomically designed shape and structure.

Firm and flexible side –

From the statistics it is found that about 70% of us, side sleeper. So, for this side sleeping we need consider a firm or extra firm pillow for the perfect alignment of our neck. The height of the pillow should not be too high. The common height for a pillow is about 4 inch from the bed. Vesta pillow is quite flexible but firm memory foam add an extra comfort and alignement for side sleeper. The vesta pillo maintain its shape for the entirety of your sleep, continuously aligning the contours of your head and neck.

Vesta Thermoregulating Pillow

Core support layer –

Several company used multiple layers in their pillow. To make it more supportive, comfortable and usable. The layers are with different height, different type of material with softness or hardness. The inner core layer is the bedrock of support for the pillow, it is a core that will never lose the stability or shape.

The ultimate result: Vesta pillow is ready to serve your sleep style

It is essential to align your neck and head with proper support to get a comfortable sleep and a healthy spine. Researchers at the University of Rochester agree that the different sleep position require different support system. Regardless of your sleeping position, now a pillow can give you personalized support during sleep.

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Prime feature- Thermoregulating:

Vesta actively avoids the “hot pillow” problems. Its recent design improves a good air circulation and better temperature control. So, that the vesta pillow stays cool and comfortable throughout the night.

288 Air Cells- Each of the vesta pillow containing three layers and those layers use an advanced air cell cooling design. So, that it allows for swift air circulation. It will maintain the temperature, so you will remain and comfortable during your sleep.

“Mica” cooling fabric – Vesta have taken special care to extend the freshness to the protective fabric of the pillow by introducing natural mineral elements “mica” in the thread. The cooling cloth “mica” has a thermal conductivity 17 times higher than that of cotton, which allows a superior control of the temperature of the sleep. A controlling of temperature in your pillow, make your sleep in dense.

Aerodynamic cooling channels- To maintain heat, two types of arrangement is available in this pillow. One for cooling and other for heating. The natural cooling fabric cover as well as the streamlined cooling channels in the pillow case accelerated the air flow, directing hot air away from your body.

Vesta Thermoregulating Pillow Material Used-

A good quality material should use in the product, which is our requirement for everytime. The main material of vesta pillowcase is made from 100% natural silk. The silk used with a friction-less weave, which is known as a 100% natural beauty product. It will protect your hair from pulling and skin from creasing.

We all know that silk is naturally occurring product and is a breathable and thermoregulating fabric. This unique silk pillowcase will keep you cozy in the winter and sweat-free in the summer. So, you can use it comfortably throughout the year in any season.

This type of advanced pillow will be the future to improve your sleep hours. It is a basic necessary now a days. Vesta thermoregulating pillow will be available for your desired size. You can choose your preferable size of the pillow.

This is all about Vesta Thermoregulating pillow. I think this all information will help you to buy this product.

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