WittBoy weather station price $149 with ultrasonic 7-in-1 sensor 

WittBoy weather station price $149 with ultrasonic 7-in-1 sensor 

Our mind is somewhat depends on the certain weather. If you have trend to read or write poem, then definitely rainy weather would be most liked by you. So, how it would be, if you certainly get to know that there is a chance of training today. And for that you no need to watch TV for weather update. You can readily get to know about the current and upcoming weather condition in phone. WittBoy is such a device, connected with your smart phone and will continuously update you regarding weather. WittBoy is brand new and unique weather station that will protect your family and your valuable properties with the instant alerts alarm.

It is a compact designed weather station that you can easily install it anywhere like farm, garden and driveway etc. It is built with solar powered facility. So you can use it without charging it daily.

This WittBoy weather station can collect all the required weather related data like temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, light and UV levels, as well as rainfall. Surprisingly you will get all those update by sitting in your room through your smartphone with the help of ecowitt mobile app or the ecowitt.net website.

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WittBoy weather station Features-

Traditional rain gauges are not good enough. They work with moving mechanical elements that are prone to vibrating on windy or rainy days, the drain hole could be clogged with leaves, so a traditional rain gauge is also demanding in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

WittBoy, on the other hand, is equipped with a haptic rain sensor on top, which measures precipitation precisely in detail: with rain detection and rain stop interpretation. This special sensor does not vibrate, it is not affected even by adverse weather conditions and it is designed to continue working with precision in any context.

WittBoy weather station price

WittBoy weather station is equipped with a solar panel built into the top to charge the Super CAP to ensure night use, your own weather station has the advantage of being a solar powered device, wherever you put it outdoors, you don’t have to charge it. Don’t worry about it. Your solar battery will keep the WittBoy running at full power, and in the event of long rainy days your spare batteries will kick in to keep it running.

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Traditional weather stations are often affected by snow and ice, significantly affecting the accuracy of wind measurements. The accumulated weight of snow impairs the accuracy of these devices and their long-term effectiveness affects the fact that these devices are generally vulnerable to the effects of ice and snow. WittBoy has a built-in thermostat, the thermostat automatically turns on below 5 ° C (40 ° F) and automatically turns off above 10 ° C (50 ° F), the thermostat will melt snow and ice and keep your anemometer running as usual.

It is much more difficult to grasp the speed and direction of the wind when it rains, and especially when it rains heavily. Most weather stations on the market cannot find a balance between providing accurate wind measurements and withstanding heavy rain or snow. The temperature and humidity sensor cover meets IPX5 waterproof standards and is made of thermal insulation materials. The cover also has a blind design that allows for better thermal conductivity.

WittBoy weather station price

Although compact, the entire structure of the WittBoy is built to be strong and designed to stand the test of time. Temperature and humidity sensing equipment can be replaced as needed.

The WittBoy receiver has good reception capabilities and data is sent from the wireless center covering a distance of up to 150m (500ft) if there are obstacles within the limits and a distance of up to 300m (1000ft) in spaces open. This unique weather station has a data interval of 8.8 seconds, which means you can get an accurate and constantly updated view of multiple weather data points and the wind speed will update every two seconds.

WittBoy Weather station specification-


Range Accuracy Resolution

Wind speed

0-40 m/s <10 m/s, +/- 0.5 m/s

0.1 M/s

Wind direction


<4m/s, TBA


-40 to 60°C






Light 0-300 Klux ±15%



1-15 ±2 1



0.1 mm


WittBoy weather station price –

If you wish to buy WittBoy weather station then you have to pay $149.99 for the base model. The price of WittBoy weather station in India is Rs 11100.


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