Exposed | Don’t Buy Flipkart Ignite Program | Trap 2024

Exposed | Don’t Buy Flipkart Ignite Program | Trap 2024

Flipkart is a big ecommerce platform in worldwide. Millions of sellers developed their business through Flipkart. It is difficult for the beginners to sustain in this huge competition market. So they are trying to gather knowledge that how to grow their business. Flipkart utilize this week point of the new seller.

What is Flipkart Ignite Program:

Flipkart launch a program named “Flipkart Ignite Pro Program. Where they are offered so many new things. But this is a trap. Today I will discuss haw they trap new seller and earn money in wrong way. Request all of you to share this article as much as possible.

How Flipkart Ignite Program trap you:

Firstly you will receive a call from Flipkart customer care and he will just brain wash of yours. By saying that after taking this program you will benefited so much and your sale will be increased rapidly. It will a two months program. Where you will learn about listing, cataloguing and pricing etc. He will be in touch whenever you required. One coordinator manager will be assign to you and he will help you in any problem.

These things what they commit, is actually happen. But in a different way. You can understand after few days that you are in trap.

Flipkart Ignite Program actual scenario:

Now I am coming to the actual scenario. How Flipkart Ignite Program cheat with me. One day I received a call from Mr. Aman. His words were very attractive. He knows how to trap other people. He told me about the program and also assured that if any problem I faced in future, he will personally followed. Frankly speaking, after taking this Flipkart Ignite Pro Program he never called me. I have written to him several time, but he never realised to reply on those mail. Today I will share one by contact of Flipkart. These details you will not find anywhere. The mail id of Aman is :

Second part of this program is related to coordinator manager. As per Aman’s word, he assigned one lady “Jyoti Kumari” as coordinator manager. She doesn’t have enough knowledge. She was guiding me in wrong way. Never helped me 100%. Whenever I asked any question, she doesn’t have any proper answer for this.

I want to share one incident. As per the Flipkart Ignite Program, they will do 40 no’s of product listing from their side. Only I have send the photos and basic details of the products. I have share whatever she mentioned. But, surprisingly, after getting details of this listed product, I saw that everything she mentioned wrong. For fabric jewellery also, she mentioned gold plated. Her mail id is:

Third part of this program, you will get chance to get 5 growth session. Where one guy will help you same thing in different way. nothing special. After attaining one growth session you will be credited 1500 rupee. But, in actual you will not receive even after following them. One of the expert mail id:

In my point of view this is totally wastage of money. Flipkart making fools to their customer and earn money. Whatever you require, you can easily get it through YouTube. For that one you no need to take package. They are just cheat with you.

Flipkart Ignite Program

One contact details I am going to share with you. It would be very helpful. This contact no is not available in any website. Only sellers received this contact no after taking this program. You can call to Flipkart seller customer care anytime without raising any tickets.

Flipkart Ignite Program: Filpkart seller contact no : 01206220199.

These all the problems faced by so many customer. During the daily session almost all of them complain same thing. If possible I will this audio video recording and upload in YouTube for confirmation. So that new comers did not trap in Flipkart Ignite Program.

In the end I will suggest not to take this program. You will loos your money. Don’t know how much you will get profited. You will be cheated definitely.

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