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Long Holiday August Tour Plan In India 2024

August Tour Plan

Long Holiday August Tour Plan In India 2024

Planning for August in India can vary greatly depending on your interests, location, and the prevailing weather conditions. Here’s a general outline that takes into account the diverse experiences India has to offer during this month:

  1. Monsoon Magic: August marks the peak of the monsoon season in India, making it an ideal time to experience the lush green landscapes and the refreshing downpours. Head to destinations like Kerala, Goa, or the Western Ghats for an immersive experience in nature’s bounty.
  2. Festivals and Celebrations:
    • Raksha Bandhan: Celebrated across India, this festival celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It’s a day of tying rakhi (a sacred thread) on the wrist and exchanging gifts.
    • Independence Day: August 15th marks India’s Independence Day, celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, and cultural events across the country.
    • Krishna Janmashtami: The birth of Lord Krishna, one of the most revered gods in Hinduism, is celebrated with great fervour, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan.
  3. Trekking and Adventure: Despite the rains, August can be a great time for trekking and adventure activities in regions like the Himalayas (such as Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand). Just be sure to check weather conditions and plan accordingly.
  4. Ayurvedic Retreats: Kerala is renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments, and the monsoon season is considered ideal for rejuvenation therapies. Consider a wellness retreat in Kerala to detoxify and recharge.
  5. Cultural Exploration: Explore the rich cultural heritage of India by visiting historical monuments, museums, and art galleries. Cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and Kolkata offer a glimpse into India’s past and present.
  6. Culinary Adventures: Indulge in the diverse culinary delights of India. Sample street food in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, or delve into regional cuisines such as South Indian in Chennai or Bengali in Kolkata.
  7. Wildlife Safari: Head to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries like Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, or Kaziranga for wildlife safaris. The monsoon adds a unique charm to the lush green landscapes and increases the chances of spotting wildlife.
  8. Beach Retreats: Despite the monsoon, there are still opportunities to enjoy the beaches in India. Goa, despite the rain, has its own charm with fewer crowds and verdant landscapes.

August Tour Plan

In August, India offers a variety of destinations catering to different interests and preferences. Here are some places you might consider visiting:

  1. Kerala: August is the peak of the monsoon season in Kerala, making it incredibly lush and green. Experience the backwaters, explore the hill stations like Munnar, and indulge in Ayurvedic treatments.
  2. Goa: Despite being the monsoon season, Goa has its own charm in August with fewer crowds, verdant landscapes, and cheaper accommodation. Enjoy the beaches, explore Portuguese architecture, and savor Goan cuisine.
  3. Himachal Pradesh: August is a great time to visit Himachal Pradesh for trekking and adventure activities. Explore destinations like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, and McLeod Ganj amidst the misty mountains and cascading waterfalls.
  4. Rajasthan: While Rajasthan can be hot during August, it’s a good time to explore cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jodhpur due to fewer tourists. Experience the rich culture, visit palaces and forts, and indulge in Rajasthani cuisine.
  5. Maharashtra: Visit Mumbai and explore its vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and street food scene. You can also take a trip to Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, or the Ajanta and Ellora caves for a refreshing getaway.
  6. Leh-Ladakh: August is one of the best times to visit Leh-Ladakh as the roads are open, and the weather is pleasant. Explore the stunning landscapes, monasteries, and adventure activities like trekking and rafting.
  7. Assam and Meghalaya: Explore the Northeastern states of Assam and Meghalaya in August to witness the lush greenery, stunning waterfalls, and unique culture. Visit Kaziranga National Park, Shillong, Cherrapunji, and Dawki.
  8. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Despite being the monsoon season, August can be a good time to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands due to fewer tourists. Enjoy water sports, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life.
  9. Pondicherry: Experience the French colonial charm of Pondicherry amidst the monsoon showers. Explore the French Quarter, relax on the beaches, and indulge in yoga and meditation.
  10. Darjeeling and Sikkim: August is a great time to visit Darjeeling and Sikkim to witness the lush tea gardens, panoramic views of the Himalayas, and colorful monasteries.

Unlocking the Growth Potential of IREDA Share: A Comprehensive Analysis 2024

ireda share

IREDA Share A Promising Start for IREDA

The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) has been making waves in the market since its recent listing. The company has delivered impressive returns of over 150% to its shareholders, showcasing its strong performance. However, this journey has not been without its challenges, as the stock has experienced significant volatility, dipping as low as 35-35 at times.

Decoding IREDA’s Financial Performance

Total Income and Profitability

IREDA’s total income has been on an upward trajectory, with the latest quarter’s figure standing at ₹139,000 lakhs, up from ₹125,000 lakhs in the previous quarter and around ₹100,000 lakhs a year ago. This consistent growth in revenue is a positive sign for the company.

However, the true measure of a company’s success lies in its profitability. IREDA has demonstrated strong profitability, with its Profit Before Tax (PBT) figure reaching ₹47,677 lakhs in the latest quarter, compared to ₹38,614 lakhs in the previous quarter and ₹28,838 lakhs a year ago. This remarkable growth in profitability is a testament to the company’s efficient operations and effective cost management.

Net Profit and Earnings Per Share (EPS)

IREDA’s Net Profit has also shown a consistent upward trend, reaching ₹33,738 lakhs in the latest quarter, up from ₹33,554 lakhs in the previous quarter and ₹25,362 lakhs a year ago. This translates to an Earnings Per Share (EPS) of ₹1.25, which has improved from ₹1.38 in the previous quarter and ₹1.11 a year ago.

The steady growth in IREDA’s profitability and EPS indicates that the company is effectively managing its operations and delivering value to its shareholders.

Diversifying into New Avenues

IREDA’s growth story is not just about its financial performance; it’s also about the company’s strategic initiatives to expand its business horizons. One such move was the company’s foray into the retail lending segment, where it started offering loans under the PM KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) scheme.

This diversification into the retail lending market presents a significant opportunity for IREDA to tap into a new source of revenue and growth. By leveraging its expertise in the renewable energy sector and the government’s support through the PM KUSUM scheme, IREDA can potentially unlock a new avenue for profitability and long-term sustainability.

Navigating Challenges and Maintaining Momentum

While IREDA’s performance has been impressive, it’s essential to note that the stock market is inherently volatile, and not every stock will experience a linear growth trajectory. The company has faced its fair share of challenges, with the stock price fluctuating between ₹150 and ₹20 at various points.

ireda share

However, it’s the resilience and strategic decision-making of the company that has enabled IREDA to navigate these turbulent waters and emerge as a strong player in the renewable energy financing sector. The company’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions and explore new growth opportunities will be crucial in maintaining its momentum and delivering long-term value to its shareholders.

Conclusion: A Promising Future for IREDA

IREDA’s journey so far has been marked by impressive financial performance, strategic diversification, and the ability to weather market volatility. The company’s consistent growth in revenue, profitability, and earnings per share are all positive indicators of its strong fundamentals.

Moreover, IREDA’s foray into the retail lending segment through the PM KUSUM scheme presents a promising avenue for future growth. As the company continues to capitalize on the government’s focus on renewable energy and explore new avenues for expansion, investors can remain optimistic about IREDA’s long-term prospects.

With a solid financial foundation, a diversified business model, and a proven track record of navigating challenges, IREDA appears poised to unlock its full growth potential and deliver sustainable value to its shareholders in the years to come.


Exposed | Don’t Buy Flipkart Ignite Program | Trap 2024

Flipkart Ignite Program

Exposed | Don’t Buy Flipkart Ignite Program | Trap 2024

Flipkart is a big ecommerce platform in worldwide. Millions of sellers developed their business through Flipkart. It is difficult for the beginners to sustain in this huge competition market. So they are trying to gather knowledge that how to grow their business. Flipkart utilize this week point of the new seller.

What is Flipkart Ignite Program:

Flipkart launch a program named “Flipkart Ignite Pro Program. Where they are offered so many new things. But this is a trap. Today I will discuss haw they trap new seller and earn money in wrong way. Request all of you to share this article as much as possible.

How Flipkart Ignite Program trap you:

Firstly you will receive a call from Flipkart customer care and he will just brain wash of yours. By saying that after taking this program you will benefited so much and your sale will be increased rapidly. It will a two months program. Where you will learn about listing, cataloguing and pricing etc. He will be in touch whenever you required. One coordinator manager will be assign to you and he will help you in any problem.

These things what they commit, is actually happen. But in a different way. You can understand after few days that you are in trap.

Flipkart Ignite Program actual scenario:

Now I am coming to the actual scenario. How Flipkart Ignite Program cheat with me. One day I received a call from Mr. Aman. His words were very attractive. He knows how to trap other people. He told me about the program and also assured that if any problem I faced in future, he will personally followed. Frankly speaking, after taking this Flipkart Ignite Pro Program he never called me. I have written to him several time, but he never realised to reply on those mail. Today I will share one by contact of Flipkart. These details you will not find anywhere. The mail id of Aman is : aegis.80544042@partner.flipkart.com

Second part of this program is related to coordinator manager. As per Aman’s word, he assigned one lady “Jyoti Kumari” as coordinator manager. She doesn’t have enough knowledge. She was guiding me in wrong way. Never helped me 100%. Whenever I asked any question, she doesn’t have any proper answer for this.

I want to share one incident. As per the Flipkart Ignite Program, they will do 40 no’s of product listing from their side. Only I have send the photos and basic details of the products. I have share whatever she mentioned. But, surprisingly, after getting details of this listed product, I saw that everything she mentioned wrong. For fabric jewellery also, she mentioned gold plated. Her mail id is: aegis.80550690@partner.flipkart.com.

Third part of this program, you will get chance to get 5 growth session. Where one guy will help you same thing in different way. nothing special. After attaining one growth session you will be credited 1500 rupee. But, in actual you will not receive even after following them. One of the expert mail id: aegis.80530358@@partner.flipkart.com

In my point of view this is totally wastage of money. Flipkart making fools to their customer and earn money. Whatever you require, you can easily get it through YouTube. For that one you no need to take package. They are just cheat with you.

Flipkart Ignite Program

One contact details I am going to share with you. It would be very helpful. This contact no is not available in any website. Only sellers received this contact no after taking this program. You can call to Flipkart seller customer care anytime without raising any tickets.

Flipkart Ignite Program: Filpkart seller contact no : 01206220199.

These all the problems faced by so many customer. During the daily session almost all of them complain same thing. If possible I will this audio video recording and upload in YouTube for confirmation. So that new comers did not trap in Flipkart Ignite Program.

In the end I will suggest not to take this program. You will loos your money. Don’t know how much you will get profited. You will be cheated definitely.

Sri Lanka Travel From India all Details in Sort 2024 

Sri Lanka Travel

Sri Lanka Travel From India:

I visited Sri Lanka last month. This country is as beautiful as a piece of free land in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Vast bodies of water, clean roads and vast greenery will leave a mark in your mind for a lifetime.

Sri Lanka Travel Basic Plan:

Our tour plan was roughly like this – Sigaria 1 night – Kandy 1 night – Nuara Elia 1 night – Bentata 1 night – Colombo 2 nights.
The flight was to Sri Lanka Srilankan Airlines direct flight up and down. You can book your flight from your nearest airport.

How to get Visa for Sri Lanka Travel:

ETA free of cost for Indian passport holders till March 31. Before going, you have to apply with all the details and within 24 hours the approval came in the mail.

Sri Lanka Travel
How to exchange currency:

Thomas cook has a counter outside the Sri Lanka airport, from there you can easily exchange dollars but does not accept INR.

What will you see during your Sri Lanka Travel?

Placesto visit at Sigria- Sigria Rock (quite difficult, must hike), Dambulla Cave Temple
Placesto visit at Kandy – Pinawala Elephant Orphanage, Kandy Lake and Temple of Tooth Relic (Gautama Buddha’s tooth is preserved here)
Placesto visit at Nuwara Eliya – Ashok Bhatika, Tea Garden. t testing. Gregory Lake, Victoria Park,
Placesto visit at Bentata – Turtle Hatchery and Madu River Safari
Placesto visit at Colombo – Galle Face green, National museum, Independence Square.

In Sri Lanka, passport holders from SAARC countries get half entry fee to government parks or museums.

Sri Lanka Travel Cost:

Sri Lanka travel Cost from India – 1.8 lacs total for 2 persons – Hotel – (breakfast and dinner included), flight and car included.

Foods at Sri Lanka:

The food is quite spicy we have a South Indian touch we had no problem.
Not to mention the cleanliness and honesty of the people there. Last day I left my mobile in the auto going to Balipetta, I realized it in the auto back. The auto driver has arranged to find the auto and get the mobile phone back. On being offered money, he gave it back and said to go to the country to send more tourists. It goes without saying that the country has turned around so beautifully after the economic crisis.

Return from Sri Lanka:

Lastly, if the return flight is via Mumbai, will take 4hrs layover. The entire entry process will be here, and the crowd is horrible. Reluctance to help overpaid people. I was able to reach 10 minutes before the gate was closed for flight boarding in Mumbai. Many of our Colombo flights missed the connecting flight.

Be well, thanks.

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Ujani Satipeeth East Burdwan Places to Visit in Bardhaman District 2024

Gurez and Tulail valleys Trip 2024

Gurez and Tulail valleys Trip 2024

Gurez and Tulail valley

Gurez and Tulail valleys 2024

Nowadays, Gurez and Tulail valleys have gained a lot of fame as the offbeat places of Kashmir and many tourists are now visiting this valley and putting it in their Kashmir tour plan.

I first visited this valley in 2015 when there was virtually nothing here. That year I stayed in Dawar town at JKTDC cottage and in Tuail at PWD guest house in Sheikhpoora village. As a photo experience, I keep this place in every photography workshop since then.

Gurez and Tulail valleys The prime attraction of this valley is

– Razdan Pass
– Habba Khatoon Peak and Kishanganga River – Dawar Town
– Villages of Tulail Valley
– Angaikot Village – Tulail Valley

For now these places are open for tourists. Apart from this, Kabul Gali via Chakwali after Tulail Valley will be opened for Civilians very soon as per the news now.

Gurez and Tulail valley

Gurez and Tulail valleys Tour plan

– Dawar town is about 7 to 8 hours drive from Srinagar via Razdan pass. You will find some private hotels and JKTDC Property to stay there. The hotel rent is roughly 2000 to 5000 as a facility.

– On the second day you drive to explore Tulail Valley, the last village is Angaikot. Come back to Dawar town till afternoon and stay again at a hotel. Search for hotels on Google or tell your travel agent, they will arrange it.- Back to Srinagar on the third day or visit any other place if there is an itinerary. You have to hire a private car from Srinagar. No shared taxi is running for now. If you are planning to do exploration then you have to go to Bandipora local bus from Srinagar. Then maybe you can get shared taxi from there but I am not so sure.

I mentioned the places in the caption of the pictures. These are my pictures from different tours and workshops in 2015, 2021, 2023. Hope you like the pictures and thank you all so much for giving so much love to my previous posts.

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Ujani Satipeeth East Burdwan Places to Visit in Bardhaman District 2024

Ujani Satipeeth

Ujani Satipeeth East Burdwan

On the way from Burdwan to Guskara get down at Kogram or Ujani Satipeeth stop or from Sealda by train to Guskara and from there take a bus going to Guskara bus stand, from there take a bus going to Newhat and get down at Ujani Satipeeth or Kogram stop. One can come here from Bolpur and also from Katwa.

But the temple is within one and a half kilometers from the main road. Toto is available for visiting temples. There is a tall archway on the road itself. Ujani satipeeth is written there. And a board on the side of the road says Pallikbi Kumud Ranjan Mallick’s homestead.
The temple is situated at the very end of the Kogram near the river Ajay, so there is a calm, mellow and quiet atmosphere all around. And the population in this kogram is also very less.

The temple is a very modest one-storied temple. Front porch. Then the sanctum sanctorum. There is a flower garden in front of the temple. Mother is worshiped with that flower.

Mother Mangalchandi is present in the womb. Mother here is ten-pointed. Mar’s statue is made of hard stone. Earlier the mother’s idol was made of ashta dhatu. But in 1994, the statue was stolen. Mother is worshiped in one picture for three or four months. Then High Court judge Sudhendu Nath Mallik, a son of the Mallik family of the village, made this hard stone statue. Since then mother has been worshiped in hard stone idols. But here the mother has no children. A small Ganesha idol is kept separately.

Beside the Mother and Bhairava is a small Buddha image seated on a Vajrasana. According to the experts, the statue belongs to the Pala period. That Buddha statue is also worshiped here. There are also a few broken stone idols. I also saw such a broken stone idol in the ancestral house of rural poet Kumud Ranjan Mallick nearby. All these broken stone idols seem to have been recovered from the nearby Ajay Nad or Ajay Nadar Char.

Anyway back to the earlier context, the ancient name of Kogram was Ujani. Hence the name of this Sati Peetha, Ujani Sati Peetha, is the thirteenth Sati Peetha according to Peetha Tantra Tantra. Here the left elbow of the goddess fell. Here the Goddess is Ma Mangalchandi and Bhairav is Kapilambar or Kapileshwar. There is no separate temple of Bhairav here. In the same sanctum sanctorum resides Bhairav Kapileshwar along with his mother Mangal Chandi.

The head priest of the temple, Somnath Roy, was saying that they are in charge of mother’s worship in mother’s dream country from generation to generation. Before him, 17 members of this clan were engaged in the worship of mothers. Currently, he is in charge of mother’s puja as the eighteenth descendant. Apart from the daily puja here, the main event of this temple is Durga Puja.

During Durga Puja, Mother’s annual puja is held for four days. On the third day of Puja, goat sacrifice is also performed along with other sacrifices on the Navami day. Here the mother is given fish every day throughout the year. Only during Durga Puja, the mother is given non-vegetarian food on Ashtami.

Apart from the Durga puja time, Kali Puja, Navanna, Jaya Tuesday in Jaishtha month, Vipattarini and Payala Maghe are special pujas of the mother.
On that day, a fair was also held on the banks of Ajay river. The fair is known as Ujani Mela or Mangalchandi Fair.

Puja can be offered very properly in this temple. But the only problem is that there are no shops nearby. When going to offer puja to mother, puja material should be brought along.
There is also provision for Bhoga. But you have to go and contact by ten o’clock in the morning.

Ujani Satipeeth
Adjacent to the temple is Pallikabi Kumud Ranjan Mallick’s ancestral home. I couldn’t resist the urge to say two lines of his poem Amar Bari.
“My house is on the bend of the Ajay River, which is broken.
Where water fills the earth and surrounds it.” Really so At the ancestral home of rural poet Kumud Ranjan Mallick, right next to the river Ajay. And here the confluence of Ajay river with Coonur river. So here the water surrounds the land. The name of the house is “Madhukar.”

Here and another temple has the statue of Vaishnava poet, author of Chaitanya Mangalkavya, Lochana Das. An idol of Nitai Gaur is also worshiped in the temple along with an idol of Lochan Das. Nearby came a dilapidated, dilapidated, ancient, overgrown manor house. I did not find any information about the house.

There is a small story behind the initiation of Ma Mangalchandi Puja in Ujani. He is mentioned in the poem Chandimangal by Kabikkankan Mukunda Ram Chakraborty. Once a dancer in the court of Lord Indra Apsara Ratnamala was born on earth in the form of Khullana under the curse of Lord Indra. Saudagar, the rich man of Ujani Nagar, got married with her. Dhanpati Saudagar was a Shaiva. And Khullana used to worship Ma Mangalchandi. Once while going to trade, rich man Saudagar Khullana’s worshiped mother Mangalchandi kicked him and left to trade.

The consequences of this incident are dire. Dhanpati Saudagar was captured by the king of Sinhalese while trading. On hearing that news, her son Shrimant Saudagar worshiped Ma Mangalchandi, satisfied the mother and was able to bring back his father Dhanpati Saudagar. Dhanpati Saudagar returned to Ujani and started the puja of Ma Mangalchandi.
Everyone will be fine.

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Purulia Trip : A Breath of Fresh Air in Purulia 2024 Must Visit

Purulia Trip

Purulia Trip : A Breath of Fresh Air in Purulia

Purulia Trip: A sudden plan with a group of friends changed this weekend. After being confined in the house for so many months the bird inside us decided to take a flight. We planned our journey within a span of 5 days and we were on road leaving behind the hustle bustle and pollution of the city Kolkata.

We started our journey at around 12:30pm on Saturday, 28th November. It took us approximately 7 hrs. to reach our resort, Joy Chandi Hill Resort. The resort is placed on the mountain and has excellent scenic view. However, the hospitality needs to improve drastically to accommodate a good review for the service provided.

Next day we started our journey towards ‘Pakhi Pahar’, a mountain with birds in flight sketched on it. The scenic beauty of Purulia on our journey was mesmerising. The mountain ranges, the fields and the tree groves were truly eye catching. It took us approximately 3 hrs to reach our destination. The drawings on the mountain are visible but not as I had expected after seeing the various other videos on Youtube. Anyways it was only a matter of perspective as my friends found it quite interesting.

We decided to have lunch and move towards our next destination, the lower and upper dam. The picturesque nature was riveting. Couldn’t move our eyes from the glistening water and the beautiful mountain ranges bordering the upper dam. It is a shame that we rush to foreign lands and feel proud of ourselves whereas we have such places just around us. Beauty personified, is what I can say about analysis of the beauty I beholder in Purulia.

Purulia Trip

Next we visited the Bamni Falls. If you are not very comfortable about climbing stairs I would suggest you avoid going down to see the falls. However, that would mean you are missing an important element in your tour. The cooling effect of the falling water and its gurgling sound transports us to a different world. Erasing all worries and depression that might be clouding our mind, the waterfall acts as a cleanser. Going back to the resort took about another 3hrs.

We and our undaunted energy did not stop us there. We had a bonfire in the resort ground and enjoyed eating fire smoked marinated chicken under the open starlight sky. A rarity in our city life.

Next day we came back to our sweet old home but on the way we visited Baranti Lake, a beautiful lake on which the shadow of the mountain falls, creating magic. We were back home by 4pm.

This was a much needed break to Purulia visit and it really refreshed and rejuvenated us.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt – Best Travel Guide 2024


Egypt: 10 Best Places to Visit – Best Travel Guide 2024:

With a fascinating history that reaches back to the dawn of civilization, Egypt is considered the oldest travel destination on earth. The African nation’s awe-inspiring temples and pyramids have captured the imagination of travellers for thousands of years. Although most people come to Egypt to view its ancient monuments, natural attractions beckon travellers too. The Red Sea coast is known for its coral reefs and beach resorts while a trek through the Sahara can lead visitors to a refreshing oasis. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Egypt:


Number 10: Hurghada

Hurghada was once a fairly small and unimposing fishing village, located next to the Red Sea and boasting a number of sandy beaches. Today, the resort town is almost unrecognizable from its past life and has grown to become one of the most visited tourist destination in Egypt, with more than 100 different hotels, many of which line the shoreline. Hurghada is especially popular for its diving opportunities.

Number 9: Alexandria

Located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, Alexandria is Egypt’s leading port and transportation hub. Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, the city was once considered the crossroads of the world. Many of Alexandria’s most famous historic sites, including a library that housed more than 500,000 books, were destroyed by devastating earthquakes. Today the city is a faded shade of its former glorious cosmopolitan self, but still worth a visit for its many cultural attractions and glimpses of its past.

Number 8: Mount Sinai

Located in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula, Mount Sinai is said to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. While there is very little archaeological evidence to support this assertion, the mountain is still a popular pilgrimage site and home to the Monastery of Saint Catherine. Founded in the 6th century, the Greek Orthodox monastery is one of the longest-running monasteries in the world.

Number 7: Siwa Oasis

Located near Egypt’s western border, Siwa Oasis remained culturally isolated from the rest of the country until late in the 19th century. Today, Siwa Oasis is an increasingly popular travel destination. Vacationers come to the city to enjoy the town’s many freshwater springs, to stroll through acres of palm groves and to explore ancient mud-built fortresses and remnants of Siwa’s Greco-Roman past.

Number 6: Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a well-known beach resort at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, popular with package holiday makers and divers. It is one of the finest diving spots in the world. Hotels and travel agencies in Sharm el-Sheikh can also arrange tours by jeep, camel or quad bike. Some of the most popular day excursions include snorkeling visits to Nabeq, jeep trips to the Coloured Canyon and overnight trips to Saint Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai.

Number 5: Dahshur

Dahshur is a necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile River approximately 25 miles south of Cairo. Compared to Giza, it is a more tranquil and isolated location to see some very large pyramids. Visitor numbers are much smaller, queues are way shorter and there is far less hassle. Pyramids at Dahshur include the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid, constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu.

Number 4: Aswan

Egypt’s southernmost city, Aswan is a mid-sized city located north of Lake Nasser. Although its own monuments are minor compared to Luxor’s, Aswan is the base for excursions to the temples of Philae and Kabasha and to the Sun Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, to the south. It is also the best starting point for excursions to the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu, between Aswan and Luxor.

Number 3: Cairo

Located near the mouth of Nile River delta,Egypt’s modern capital is a busy, bustling metropolis with a long and turbulent history. Built near the ancient capital city of Memphis, modern Cairo is a popular starting point for cruises up the Nile and for explorations of the Pyramids at Giza just outside the city’s limits. At the world-renowned Egyptian Museum of Tahrir Square, visitors can get a close-up view of the treasure of Tutankhamun as well as mummies and other artifacts from Egypt’s ancient past.

Number 2: Luxor

Luxor’s lush landscape is the setting for incredible ancient monuments. The Nile slowly snakes its way through the area, with the modern day city of Luxor sitting on the East Bank and the ancient capital of Thebes on the West Bank. The once resplendent city of the ancient world is like a modern-day, open-air museum for visitors. You can find the famous temples of Karnak and Luxor on the East Bank while the Valleys of the Kings and Queens are situated on the West Bank.

Number 1: Giza

The Giza necropolis, situated in the immediate vicinity of the southwestern suburbs of Cairo is probably the most famous ancient site in the world. The pyramids, together with the Sphinx at the base of the Giza plateau, are the iconic image of Egypt. They were built over the span of three generations – by Khufu, his second reigning son Khafre, and his grandson Menkaure. Along with these major monuments are a number of smaller satellite structures, known as queen pyramids, causeways and temples.

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Pondicherry : A Magical City With a Touch of French Civilization 2023


Pondicherry – Pondichery – (Puducherry): A magical city with a touch of French civilization

Pondicherry History:

After almost a year and a half after overcoming the fear of Covid, we ventured out to one of our “favorite” cities, Pondicherry. Hastily planned a weekend holiday with Ganesh Puja. This time there is no Covid rule in Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry.

The original name of the city of Puducherry was ‘Putusiri’, derived from the Tamil words ‘putu’ (meaning ‘new’) and ‘siri’ (meaning ‘village’). When the French colonized the city, they named the city ‘Pundichari’ or ‘Pondicherry’ to facilitate their pronunciation. Even after India’s independence, the city was known as Pondicherry. In 2006, the Government of India officially renamed the city as ‘Puducherry’.

French colony was established in Puducherry in 1674. The French apparently liked the area. They named the city Pondicherry or Pondicherry. Franco Martin, director of the French East India Company, declared Pondicherry as the capital of the French colonies in India. As a result, the city underwent incredible changes. The city was remodeled to accommodate French officials, to carry out their official duties. As a result, the glamorous aristocracy of French civilization began to spread throughout the city. And even at this time, the imprint of those French ideas still remains intact.

Puducherry became a Union Territory of India on 1 November 1954 when the French government unconditionally surrendered its colonies in India. Since then, 1st November has been celebrated as Local Independence Day or De Facto Merger Day by local residents of Puducherry.

An ancient city cherished by French civilization. Puducherry city lifestyle is quite diverse compared to other cities in India. Puducherry is all about home cooked French food, bagru print designs and the quietness of community living. In every street of the city, in every alley, in the structure of the walls of the houses, there are signs of French civilization everywhere. Tourists are fascinated by the architecture of the houses built in a combination of bright white and yellow. The houses in the elite area are quite eye-catching.

The whole city has a French smell. Starting from the name of the street to the structure of the house, the street food and drink, and the clothes-hope, the French drunkenness is constantly seen. It is for this characteristic that Puducherry appears before the tourists with a unique identity. Puducherry has a wide variety of bakeries and cafes. Various shops are lined up with fashionable clothes, in which the French impression is quite noticeable.

Puducherry is a beautiful small town in South India. The city is small but diverse. Many ancient cultures and traditions are tied together in this unique city. Natural beauty and art is like an impeccable match. About 140 km from Chennai. located far The lifestyle of the city is quite distinctive and attractive compared to other cities in India.

Don’t forget what to see in Pondicherry : Places to Visit in Pondicherry:

There are several posts in the group, so I wrote only this-
▪Aurobindo Ashram
▪Manakula Vinayagar Temple
▪Gandhi statue and French war memorial

▪ Auroville

▪Promenade Beach
Promenade Beach in Pondicherry is the most popular among the many beaches. This beach is the gem of the city. Promenade Beach surrounded by a variety of old architecture. Which adds a different dimension. The sunset view from here is completely different.

▪Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach is an ideal getaway for peaceful, nature-loving people. To reach here you have to go by boat. Adventure lovers can also try some sports. Couples of any age, even if they are weak in mind, want to spend time on a house boat with their soulmate, but for that there are arrangements at Chunnamber Lake near Paradise Beach. Pondicherry was once known as the base of the French. Its scenic beauty and pleasant weather make it one of the favorite destinations for travelers. A clean beach like Pondicherry is rare. Surrounded by palm trees, the tranquil environment is ideal for spending a few days off.

Don’t forget to visit some restaurant or cafe in Pondicherry –

▪Auroville Bakery – On the way to Auroville from Pondicherry city.
▪ Le Duplex – in White town.
▪ Cafe de Arts – in White town.
▪Ajanta Sea View Roof Top restro – Both food and drinks are available here. On the rooftop by the sea, the atmosphere is indescribable.
▪Le Petit 4 – Small street café below LB2 lounge but great food.
▪Cream Affair – Ice Cream Parlour, collection of ice creams of all amazing flavors.
Ideal time to visit Puducherry.

Weather in Pondicherry:

The climate here is hot and humid. During the winter, the cold is not so severe here. So there is no need for winter clothes. October to March is the ideal time to visit Puducherry. It rains twice a year – late July to September and November to January. So those who love monsoon, they can visit Puducherry during this time. So you can leave without delay for the purpose of Pondicherry full of aesthetic beauty.

How did I get to –

-> Chennai by air.
-> Went from Chennai to Pondicherry by road (fare Rs. 4300 in cab, from MMT)
-> I toured Pondicherry by bike. (Tk 500 per day without petrol)
stay and eat –
-> Hotel Le Royal Park, Kamraj Salai area (one and a half km from the beach)
-> I had breakfast at the hotel.
-> Lunch & Dinner I visited as many cafes and hotels there as I could.

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Campster 2 Unique User-friendly Portable Chair Review Features and Price

Campster 2

Campster 2 Review:

While we are planning for an outing or night camping, we need to carry very small things. Today I will discuss about Campster 2, a foldable, easy to use, lightweight and compact chair.

Campster 2 basic Features:

Easy and simple setup-

The C2 chair is the ultimate in portable comfort, it can unfolded within 5 seconds. With a tiny bit of muscle you can easily remove the strap and let the seat poles unfold from the quad supported legs.

Compact and lightweight design-

This is a single piece design that can be folded down to the size of a small 1.5 litre bottle. You can store it in a small place.

Strong and sturdy-

For a bush crafter, camper, motorcyclist hitting on the open road, choosing what equipment to pack for any wilderness excursion can be a challenge. With available a small space it is difficult to choose between comfort and necessary, it is easy to leave behind the important gear.

Campster 21

Campster 2 is compact and comfortable chair takes up no room, packs small and allow you to sit in comfort for long time, no matter where your adventure takes you.

The four leg sturdy legs, made with high capacity aluminium ensure a stable seat even in rough terrain. Long lasting Oxford 600D Ripstop nylon seat used in this chair.

Comfort and portability:

When you need to seat outside, you can easily open and use it. It’s crucial to find a comfortable position that makes sense for your body. After testing so many chairs from the market, the company have discovered a sweet spot between packet size and unfolded size that will keep you comfortable for hours.

The company have put their special attention to the seating position, creating a seat that’s angled with a slight recline. This unique design helps you to lean back and make you relax, while also being able to lean forward to reach objects easily. You can really enjoy this Campster 2 chair without sacrificing comfort.

Campster 2 Specification:

Seating Seating height 12 inch/28 cm
Materials Aircraft aluminium, steel springs, POM Lock inserts, TPE removable feet
Design The Campster 2 represents the pinnacle of our work, taking the innovative leg design from the first product Campster 1 and optimizing it for maximum stability, weight capacity and functionality.
The hinge that connects the legs has been refined to provide a sleek, visible design that adds to the chair’s aesthetic appeal while maintaining its outstanding performance.
Weight and capacity Campster 2 weight is 3.23 lbs./1.46 kg. High weight capacity is 300 lbs/120 kg. Tested to withstand 660 lbs./300 kg.


Price of Campster 2:

If you wish to buy this amazing comfortable chair, you have to pay only $25.

To buy this product : Click on the link


If you lookin for Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Review Features and Price 2023 : Click here

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Review Features and Price 2023

Bose QuietComfort-Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Review

In 2020, Bose released what they described as “the world’s most effective noise-canceling headphones,” which continue to earn their place on the top lists of true wireless headphones today. To get the most out of your ears, of course, you’ll need to fine-tune the volume and ANC, dialing in different ways until you get the best sound. With the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, that may no longer be necessary.

Yes, you can still customize the EQ and ANC levels as you want anytime you want on this model. However, it also has the same dedicated CustomTune sound metering system used in the SoundControl fabric hearing aids, which in this case is used to further customize the range of sounds that reach the user’s ears without requiring user input.


Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Features

The Bose QuietComfort II Earbuds are about one-third smaller than their predecessor, which is crucial for a true wireless platform, where smaller earbuds allow for much more comfortable wear. As we mentioned, Bose’s CustomTune technology is at the forefront here, competently handling all the relevant fine-tuning of each user’s listening experience. For example, it’s used to measure the volume of your ear canal every time you put the headphones on, with the headphones sending high-pitched sound back and forth using built-in mics. From the collected data, it generates a customized ANC and sound system to ensure a good listening experience. This whole process, by the way, doesn’t take more than half a second, so you’re unlikely to notice it.

While Bose has long been on the throne of the ANC’s undisputed greatest technocrat, he has had quite the journey over the past few years. Some would say, in fact, that it is not the best thing. Well, they’re having none of that, with the outfit going on to announce that the headphones have “the world’s best noise cancellation”. And it has to be better than anything out there when it comes to scraping the sounds of human voices.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II also come with an Aware Mode that allows you to hear visceral sounds during those times when you need to be aware of your surroundings or engage in conversation. CustomTune is also used here in the context of ActiveSense, which applies an appropriate level of noise cancellation to any loud noises, eliminating them entirely or attenuating them to the same level as tangible ambient noise, depending on the configuration. Suffice it to say that these headphones are built not only to provide good listening, but to let you hear the world naturally whenever you need it.

It’s IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance, making it ideal for exercise, and simple touch controls help control playback. Other features include six-hour battery life, 18-hour battery life in the charging case, three sizes of ear tips, and three sizes of reinforced bands.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Price

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II releases on September 15, priced at $299.

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Sony FR7 with Cinema Camera on A Pan-Tilt-Zoom Mount

SOny FR7

Sony FR7 Review:

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are not entirely new. Generally, they are the standard system used for cameras in security and surveillance applications. Sony believes that the PTZ design should find its way into creative applications and they are trying to do that with the Sony FR7.

A robotic PTZ full-frame interchangeable lens camera, the device essentially takes the technology from the fabric’s FX6 cinema camera and incorporates it into robotic gear that users can remotely control. That way, you’ll get the full panning, tilting, and zooming capabilities of security cameras, while enjoying cinema-quality optical capture, which the group hopes will find potential viewers attending film productions, broadcasting live events, and similar projects.

Sony FR7 Features:

The Sony FR7 features a full 35mm backlit CMOS image sensor capable of shooting 4K video at 120 fps and 1080p at 240 fps. It has a native ISO range of up to 409,600, with more than 15 stops of dynamic range, making it perfect for low-light shooting. S-Cinetone mode is available to capture those natural midtones, soft colors, and highlights, as well as Cine El mode, which allows the use of Sony’s original S-Log3 gamma, wide S-Gamut3, and S -. Gamut3.Cine color spaces during post exposure.

SOny FR7

The PTZ capabilities are, of course, the biggest selling point here, with the camera being able to pan from -170 degrees to +170 degrees and tilt from -30 degrees to +195 degrees. The speed of both movements can be continuously adjusted from 0.02 degrees per second to 60 degrees per second, ensuring you can get the exact style of camera movement you want. Zoom, of course, will vary depending on the lens you use with the camera. It can also store and retrieve settings from up to 100 different camera positions, allowing you to easily perform the same movements over and over again.

Sony FR7 Information:

The Sony FR7 has fast hybrid autofocus that can be used in conjunction with pan-tilt-and-zoom functions to quickly frame fast-moving objects in a wide area, while the BIONZ XR camera engine handles the detection duty , and you can focus on creating the best shot. It also has a built-in ND filter that will automatically adjust the filter setting to match any changing light. Being a PTZ camera, of course, you can control everything remotely from the web app, the included IR remote, or from Sony’s various remote control systems, including the RM-IP500, which can 100 of these things to control all of them at once. . . . . Several people can monitor a movie remotely at the same time.

The system can be mounted on a tripod like any conventional camera, although it is designed for creative mounting, such as ceilings, car roofs and more. Other features include two media slots that support CFExpress Type A and SDXC memory cards, an HDMI port, a 12G-SDI connector, an XLR connector, and an Ethernet port, with the ability to control the camera, file transfer, and increase the strength. together. one LAN cable to simplify cabling requirements.

Sony FR7 Price:

The Sony FR7 comes out in November, starting at $9,699.99.

You can buy : Click here

If you are looking for Useful E-Bike Conversion Kit Livall PikaBoost : Click here

Useful E-Bike Conversion Kit Livall PikaBoost with 18650 Lithium Batteries to Make Swapping Power Modules Smooth

Livall Pikaboost

Livall Pikaboost Review:

I am a big fan of the Rubbee X, a simple box rig that you can attach to a seatpost that automatically turns an ordinary bike into a working e-bike. It’s the easiest way to convert any bike into a car. That’s why we wondered for so long why no one copied their design. Well, someone finally did with the Livall PikaBoost.

Like the Rubbee, it is mounted on a seatpost, allowing the fused wheel to engage the rear tire, essentially driving the rear wheel using its built-in motor. Unlike it, this one is designed to be easier to install and offer more range, while adding smarter e-bike features and a lower price to the mix.

Livall Pikaboost Dimension:

The Livall PikaBoost is a small device measuring 13.3 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches (h x height x width), making it small enough to slip into any bag if you don’t want to leave it on the bike. Designed for tool-free installation, place the folded piece on the front of the machine on the seat post and turn the locking knob to secure it in place, making sure it is at the correct height, so that the wheel is rearward if the machine is in direct contact with ‘the rear tire of a bicycle. From there, you simply turn on the machine via the power button and start driving.

Livall Pikaboost

Livall Pikaboost Technology:

You can switch between three driving modes from the companion app. Cruise mode is the standard riding mode, gradually accelerating the bike and maintaining cruising speed, while Roll mode only activates the motor when it senses you’re riding uphill or over bumpy terrain, and switches off automatically when it detects long roads and steep descents. The latter is a form of exercise that not only helps with the car but also resistance with the car. Yes, we’re not sure how Fitness mode works, but it’s available if you want it. It also uses Automatic Adaptive Rate technology, which detects changes in terrain and speed to automatically adjust power output, essentially making driving smoother.

Livall Pikaboost Specification:

The Livall PikaBoost is equipped with a 250W motor and a 234Wh battery module, a combo that can give your bike a motor range of 18 miles.It’s not a fancy battery module, by the way, instead just 18 standard lithium-ion 18650 cells are it is used in a modular housing to power the vehicle. That means, you can easily set up your interchangeable battery modules by purchasing additional battery compartments and filing it with your 18650 cell product.

To know more on : DJI Avata Includes A Cinewhoop Style Drone To Outfit’s Lineup For 2023

Based on the outfit, it has an e-brake feature that locks the machine’s wheel, allowing it to act as an additional tire brake when it detects a brake failure. Granted, we have no idea about that, but he says he can. It can also detect falls and skids, both of which automatically turn off the vehicle. Other features include maintenance brakes, automatic dimming taillight, IP66 water resistance, and a total charge time of three hours.

Livall Pikaboost Price:

A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway for the Livall PikaBoost. You can reserve a pledge unit starting at $299.

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DJI Avata Includes A Cinewhoop Style Drone To Outfit’s Lineup For 2023


Last year, DJI released their first FPV drone, which packs the brand’s premium camera equipment and software into a race-ready 87 mph quadcopter. It’s so great. While some may think that the FPV drone is a one-off for the outfit, it clearly won’t be as they have already released a second one in the form of the DJI Avata.

That’s right, DJI has a new FPV drone and it’s very different from its predecessor, coming in with a new design that’s smaller and more comfortable to fly. In particular, it adopts the increasingly popular cinewhoop form factor, allowing safe forward footage to be captured when flying in tight spaces.

The DJI Avata is not your average cloth drone, with its propellers placed under the drone, giving the front camera a perfect view. It’s also smaller, tipping the scales at almost half the weight of its predecessor at just 410 grams, while maintaining a compact shape that would allow it to slide comfortably into tight spaces. Like your typical chinewhoop, a quarter of the five-bladed propellers are covered by prop guards, allowing the drone to hit obstacles without compromising any of its movement. Those prop guards will come in really handy, since the drone has the same anti-obstacle sensors as the typical outfit drones, which is one of the things they left out to a smaller size.


While the drone avoids obstacles to avoid problems, it integrates some of the established safety sensors in the drone line. These include an infrared imaging system and down-pointing cameras that allow for a variety of autonomous functions, including low-altitude flight modes and flight modes, which should also be able to work on the planes indoors.

The front camera of the DJI Avata has a 48MP CMOS sensor capable of recording 4K video at 60 fps and 2.7K video at 120 frames, which is paired with a lens with an aperture of f/2.8 and a field of view of 155 degrees ultrawide. Note, it only uses a single-axis gimbal instead of the three-axis systems that DJI drones usually have, so while the design of the drone itself may be solid, the footage captured may not be as smooth, especially when you’re taking pictures outside and the winds are high. All recordings are stored in 20GB of onboard storage, as well as on a microSD card via an integrated memory slot. It comes with a 1800 mAh battery, by the way, which holds enough charge to keep it in the air for up to 18 minutes between charges.

Sadly, the new drone isn’t as fast as the previous FPV of the class, as it can only manage a top speed of 60 mph compared to its predecessor’s 87 mph, so the latter will still make a worthy contender. Being an FPV drone, it is designed to be flown while wearing one of DJI’s goggles. During flight, it streams 1080p video to the goggles at up to 100 fps, so you can see what’s in front of the drone in real time.

The DJI Avata is available now, starting at $1,168.


AT2020 Review | Audio Technica AT2020 USB X Setup | Modern Studio Microphone |

at2020 1

AT2020 Audio Technica AT2020 USB X Review:

It is almost 14 years over that Audio Technica released a USB version of their most popular AT2020 studio microphone, where musicians need a wide range of technique to name it. Since we got an update just over seven years ago, it’s that the version of microphone reach its all year best, not surprisingly it’s getting some popular USB microphone.

at2020 1

Fabricated as a successor to the AT2020USB-X, this microphone is optimized for the indoor environment of this generation of enthusiasts, even better than the original name functions. This suggest that the microphone may play a major role in broadcasting, podcasting and other forms of video content, both in studio work where musicians use the microphone intensively.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X Specification-

The Audio-Technica AT20220USB-X is a plug-and-play USB audio speaker that is the first to offer “studio quality”, accomplishing meeting a high resolution alalogue-to-digital converter reached 24. The sample rate bit/96 kHz (one wording ten opposite to the original 16-bit/48 kHz), so many more realistic images could reproduce the word.

How to setup Audio-Technica AT2020uSB-X microphone:

There we found a condenser microphone, which really encountered a detailed frequent direction on the cardioid pickup truck once needed to minimize naturally. With the input you can clearly see everything the microphone does, what a handy feature it offers for podcasters and streamers. There is also a warm mix setting that the mix of microphone signal and audio from the computer can only determine to better understand how the omugga gwa name is lost.

at2020 1

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X includes a powerful mute button to switch off the audio pick quickly, so long as you know that privacy can easily go through the media and video playback, even a glowing blue ring will be here. It uses a USB-C port, so it will be compatible with newer PC’s and laptops, although it is well known as a USB-C with a USB-A cable when one can use other devices.

The micro words delivered met a standard desk standard warm u herm stable only the head up flattened the top. There is also an optional sock damper adjustable if you use the microphone in any comfortable situation.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X price:

If you wish to by this amazing studio microphone, then you have to pay $149.

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