Purulia Trip : A Breath of Fresh Air in Purulia 2024 Must Visit

Purulia Trip : A Breath of Fresh Air in Purulia

Purulia Trip: A sudden plan with a group of friends changed this weekend. After being confined in the house for so many months the bird inside us decided to take a flight. We planned our journey within a span of 5 days and we were on road leaving behind the hustle bustle and pollution of the city Kolkata.

We started our journey at around 12:30pm on Saturday, 28th November. It took us approximately 7 hrs. to reach our resort, Joy Chandi Hill Resort. The resort is placed on the mountain and has excellent scenic view. However, the hospitality needs to improve drastically to accommodate a good review for the service provided.

Next day we started our journey towards ‘Pakhi Pahar’, a mountain with birds in flight sketched on it. The scenic beauty of Purulia on our journey was mesmerising. The mountain ranges, the fields and the tree groves were truly eye catching. It took us approximately 3 hrs to reach our destination. The drawings on the mountain are visible but not as I had expected after seeing the various other videos on Youtube. Anyways it was only a matter of perspective as my friends found it quite interesting.

We decided to have lunch and move towards our next destination, the lower and upper dam. The picturesque nature was riveting. Couldn’t move our eyes from the glistening water and the beautiful mountain ranges bordering the upper dam. It is a shame that we rush to foreign lands and feel proud of ourselves whereas we have such places just around us. Beauty personified, is what I can say about analysis of the beauty I beholder in Purulia.

Purulia Trip

Next we visited the Bamni Falls. If you are not very comfortable about climbing stairs I would suggest you avoid going down to see the falls. However, that would mean you are missing an important element in your tour. The cooling effect of the falling water and its gurgling sound transports us to a different world. Erasing all worries and depression that might be clouding our mind, the waterfall acts as a cleanser. Going back to the resort took about another 3hrs.

We and our undaunted energy did not stop us there. We had a bonfire in the resort ground and enjoyed eating fire smoked marinated chicken under the open starlight sky. A rarity in our city life.

Next day we came back to our sweet old home but on the way we visited Baranti Lake, a beautiful lake on which the shadow of the mountain falls, creating magic. We were back home by 4pm.

This was a much needed break to Purulia visit and it really refreshed and rejuvenated us.

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