iZYREC Voice Recorder Review, Features, Specification, Price $79

iZYREC Ultralight Voice Recorder Gadget Review:

Sometime recording of the moments is very much essential for us, like while giving an interview, recording a song, recording a show etc. To record any sound continuously and perfectly, a very smart and long-time performing recorder is needed. iZYREC is now here with a perfect solution for those who rely solely smartphone to record voices.

If we use smartphone for recording, then there would be so many hindrance like push notification, incoming call etc. Simply smart phone can’t engage in a continuous recording. Another major problem in recording in smartphone is that distance. Distance is a major factor. In a long distance you can’t record a good voice. Another major problem of the available recorder is the size. These are bulk in size. Which is not good for handling also.

iZYREC Features:

iZYREC is designed to overcome these problems. Don’t be fooled by its collection, as it can record up to 36 hours of work and volume, the longest among competitors of the same size. It is also easy to use. It only takes a slide to turn on and start recording, giving you the peace of mind to record smoothly and hassle-free.

It can be used to record lectures, business meetings, workshops, interviews, voice recordings and other important conversations anywhere and anytime without being noticed. You can mark places in your recordings in the app, so you can come back to them later when listening. Knowles’ SISonic speakers are positioned on both sides to capture stereo sound from all directions.

A noise filter and artificial intelligence technology are built in to stop noise for premium sound quality. Voice controlled recordings can be muted instantly. A compact audio recorder will take your recording experience to the next level.


Also, higher than its competitors, iZYREC also has 32GB EMMC storage, 512Kbps ultra-high audio sampling rate, a strong battery that lasts for 50 days, and an easy-to-use application with smart settings and features:

  • Recording can be start by sliding only. It is a very easy to operate.
  • iZYREC is very much powerful. It can standby up-to 50 days.
  • Schedules auto recording facility is available.
  • iZYREC Recorder can record up-to 36 continuously.
  • iZYREC is built with a huge 450 mAh battery.
  • Sound quality is 512 KBPS HD
  • Paper thin and 18 g featherlight.
  • Super 32G EMMC Storage.
  • It can record clearly for 7 meter distance.
  • Recording can start by voice control also.
  • iZYREC is coming with 35dB noise cancelling features.
  • Dual Knowles SISonic microphone is installed in this smart gadget.
  • It is very much compatible with Apple iOS, Android or any Tablet and PC.
  • WiFi Fast File Syncing
  • Remote Control via App.
  • Light-off Recording Mode.
  • Privacy Setting with Files Accessibility Only to Yourself.


iZYREC professional voice recorder with compact and small size greatly increases your recording power, allows you to capture crystal audio anytime, anywhere, with noise reduction, long battery life time, and lots of storage.

iZYREC transforms traditional voice recorders into a compact device, which easily fits in your pocket or purse. The removable magnetic wrap provides a convenient way to attach it to your collar or other magnetic surface.

Designed to record conversations out of sight, iZYREC will make sure you never miss an important moment again!

Enjoy 24 hours of continuous recording and up to 50 days of standby time with a large 450mAh battery. At one cost, always at your service.

The update takes the performance of iZYREC recording to the next level with custom recording settings for a full sound effect. You can choose to record voice reports, interviews, meetings or lectures with 512Kbps AI noise reduction, or choose to record music and vlogger voice for backup for original DVD quality audio. Cancelling the AI ​​sound or not is also an option and a simple setting in the app.

iZYREC Specification:

Sizes – 2.0*1.7*0.25 inch

Weight – 18g

HD Quality – 1536 Kbps HD

Recording distance – 7 meters

Microphone – Dual Knowles Sisonic HD

Battery 450mAh

USB type – Type C

Connect – Cable/BLE/Wi-Fi/OTG

iZYREC Price:

If you wish to buy iZYREC then you have to pay $79.

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