DJI Microphone Provides An Easy Way to Record Audio and Vlogs | Price Only $329

DJI Microphone Review:

As we all know that DJI is much famous for its work with drones and cameras, which produce some of the best films for both starter and professionals. This time, the company adding sound code to their newsletter with DJI Mic, which is the first unique piece of audio recording equipment for the outfit.

Wireless microphone, the device connects to your outfit, which allows the microphone to record everything what you say and then transmit it to the recipient. Obviously this is for modern content creators who want to be clear, such as audio that will accompany their vlogs, interviews that go smoothly on the IRL network with hand-held or portable speakers.

DJI Microphone Features:

The DJI microphone is coming with dual portable speakers, a receiver and a charger for all three devices, so they are charged every time you remove them, just like real wireless headphones. Porters use a universal microphone, so they not only record sound from their carriers, but also everyone around them. According to the software, the microphone can adjust the sound in many different ways, making high-quality audio recording accompany your video recordings. Movers weigh only one ounce each, so they will not put any significant weight on your clothes.

DJI Microphone

Each one comes with a clip on the back that makes it easy to attach to the collar and trachea, but the magnet makes it possible to attach it to other parts of your wardrobe. Built-in storage on each transmitter can also save you up to 14 hours of audio directly on your device, a solution that, says the device, ensures that users do not experience audio frame failure and similar audio problems. Since there are two porters in the app, you can use it to instantly record two people in your video, allowing you to post one-on-one interviews at once, two people vlogs and similar content.

DJI Microphone Specification:

The DJI Mic receiver can be connected directly to the camera using a chip adapter, as well as other devices via a USB-C connector, Lightning and 3.5 mm TRS connector. This means you can stream the audio instantly to any device you want saved in your audio recording, making it a versatile audio recording solution.

It can receive audio over a band of 2.4GHz up to 820 feet away, so your picture in the center can move seamlessly, as well as dual channel recordings, so the sound is transmitted from one person to another. The receiver comes with a touch screen, which allows you to access channel options, and / off settings and other important functions, so there is no need to update another smartphone app just to adjust your recording settings.

DJI Microphone

Each transmitter comes with 5.5 hours of battery life, while the receiver stores a five-hour charge. The charger comes with an additional 15 hours of charging, so you can easily charge any device, even without access to nearby electricity.

DJI Microphone Price:

If you to buy the DJI Mic, then you have to pay $ 329. This product is currently available in the market.

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