A Month Wise Long Weekends In 2022 To Travel In India

A Month Wise Long Weekends In 2022 To Travel In India

I have two good news for you, the first is that 2022 is full of 10 long weekends and the other, like every year, I have planned these long weekends especially for you

Long weekends in May 2022

Buddha Purnima will be celebrated on Monday 16 May, which is Monday. So you can easily extend the weekend to the 16th and plan a short trip. A vantage point that offers magnificent views of the Arabian Sea Varkala has a naturally beautiful environment that has allowed it to grow steadily into the most popular backpacker hangout in Kerala. An ideal holiday to Varkala is to be busy doing nothing. Wake up to the sounds of the waves swimming on the beach, gourmet lunches and dinners with loud music.

Long weekends in August 2022

Independence Day is celebrated on Monday. After August 16th is the New Year and there is also a limited holiday. On the 18th is Janmashtami which is also a limited holiday. So if you take leave on the 17th, you can extend the weekend by six days. It’s almost a whole week. Say July to ladakh as you prepare for a time that will sit in your memories for a very long time. For most places on your travels, it is the destination that matters.

For ladakh, however, it is the journey that weighs much more than the destination. The ecological landscape, the high passages and the unparalleled beauty of the high altitude lakes make Ladakh such an amazing place to spend your vacation. It is said there in Ladakh, if Kashmir is the crown of India, Ladakh is the jewel in that crown.

Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on August 31st which is a Wednesday and it is a limited holiday. So if you get a two-day leave, you will have five days to travel. Located in the dense forests of eastern hearts, this beautiful little village has been developed by the Forest Department as an eco-friendly tourism center. The maridu mili forest area is preserved by tribes that have lived in the country for generations.

The whole area is amazing and beautiful with green grassland surrounded by hills with many streams flowing over wavy cliffs. The name ramapa temple brings to mind complex carvings and floating blocks. The 800-year-old engineering marvel of the Kakatiya government’s craft. The temple is known for its elaborate carving, which speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of the craftsmen. In 2021, it was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Scuba Driving Cost Long Weekends In 2022

Long weekends in October 2022

October 1st and 2nd are weekends that can be extended to the 5th because the 3rd is durga puja austami which is held as a fixed holiday. In some countries such as West Bengal, October 4 will also be a public holiday. On the 5th you will definitely have a holiday due to dashera. Prepare for a breathtaking experience with nature in Assam.

Explore the forests of Kaziranga National Park with a chance to spot the famous unicorn rhino. Kaziranga is also home to the majestic Bengal tiger and it is a real pleasure to spot these animals in their habitat. While in Assam, take a tour of the Majuli Islands, the world’s largest river island, explore them by bike and learn more about the sustainability of this place.

Diwali will be celebrated on October 24, which is Monday. October 25 is also a limited holiday for Bali Pratipat. So consider having four days on your hands and you can plan a short trip. If you want a perfect beach holiday minus the crowds then Gokarna is the perfect place for you. Clean beaches and clear water make Gokarna an incredible destination to relax and rejuvenate.

You can indulge in a walk along the beach and explore secret beaches such as the half moon and paradise beach or witness all the volcanic cave formations in the yana caves. All in all, gokhana is the answer to the perfect and relaxed holiday on Diwali and also on a budget.

Unfortunately, there are no long weekends in June, July, September, November and December 2022. But the rest of the month has secured you. So where are you going in 2022 tell us in the comments section.

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