The Best Beach Trips of India to Mumbai, Goa, Gokarna, Kozhikode 2022

The Best Beach Trips of India to Mumbai, Goa, Gokarna, Kozhikode 2022

Take this beautiful coastal road from Mumbai to Kerala for the perfect summer trail. If you are looking forward to catching fire on your trip this summer, then a beach trip would be the best option. Think of the open streets with the hot springs that play with your hair, the beautiful views of the ocean following you along the peaceful beach, the lush grass and the lush greenery. This beach tour around Mumbai Goa Karnataka and Kerala gives you a sunny day and the road is full of natural beauty with many things to see and delicious food to make you happy.

Day 1 Mumbai to Goa

This 600-kilometer trail will lead you through greenery, flat roads and cave sites offering heritage sites, historical sites and religious sites. Take a look at the coconut and peanut trees at Rósavellir along the Ganpatipule river, which offers a variety of water activities to keep it cool. The next stop is Panvel, where Karnala Bird sanctuary has more than 150 species of birds and a fortified canal.

Beach Trips of India1

Visit Penn where the craftsmen make the beautiful Ganesh and use the adrenaline rush to sail. Below, take a break on the Tampini Guards, which are in the grass. Next, the coastal town of Murud allows you to see dolphins where the chiptune is famous for its waterfalls, Bashuram temples and caves. Stop by the tent on the side of the road in the summer to eat the delicious Ratnagiri mangoes. This will keep the appetite going until you arrive in Goa where a fragrant water meal is waiting for you.

Day 2 Goa to Gokarna Karnataka

You will surely appreciate the beauty of the beach trip as you pass the palm of your hand and the eyes of the gorgeous river that bewitches and shines across the tree lanes. From high altitude from Canapona until you reach the beautiful and quiet beaches of Polam. Where you can go for dolphins. Gather fast and let the sea breeze blow your hair up to Kharbar, a beautiful city in Karnataka.

You will be rewarded by the many active and beautiful beaches that can go on your way here. After visiting a few restaurants there eat Karle Ambad, crab masala, a dumpling of Dhosa rice to drive the emerald and beautiful monkeys to Ankola. Rejoice in the mango groves here in the large garden with temples that spread out in the small town.

Stop at Gokarna and be able to play water sports at Kudle Beach. Wrap the day off by the essential coolness of the beach with a gorgeous view and dive into the golden fried shrimp at Namaste cafe. Give yourself an evening of music at Shea Christsf near the beach, which offers baguettes and hot drinks.

Day 3 Karnataka to Kerala

There is a lot of interesting life to see on these roads along the Sahabi mountain plateau on one side as well as the glowing Arabian Sea on the other side. The road is full of rolling hills, golden rivers, ancient ruins piled up in dark emerald forests, temples with strong worship and secret hopes. Mt. Kumta, which has a large Agna Hasini river, flows into the ocean and goes to Yana for mountain climbing.

A large rock here with a modern temple inside is the Linga carved itself. By all means, you must starve. The moonlight restaurant on Kumbaya Road cooks masala fry which will give you a minute order. Get in the car to drive to the infamous Honnaval city where life is easy. There is a bunch of islands to explore here mainly Mavin Kurva Island that steals your heart at the coconut tree and the link path.

You can ride an hour-long hive to check the water level at 253 meters. Murudeshwar is called the emerald mountain on the coast and the great image of Shiva of India. If time allows you to visit Nitrani Island which has a heart of silver sand and turquoise water that transports seafood like coral butterfly fish, parrot fish and ears. Do not forget to try the crispy Bangda fish from the beach.

You will notice that you are approaching Matka when the greenery is clear and try to stop once you have a long look at the magnificent waterfall and wind farm. Take two steps at once to the top of a fireplace near the Baghel River. Browse to the top to cross the empty rivers and witness the magnificent sunset on the way.

Mangalore is situated on a map that has coastal islands and delicious food. Strong winds descended on Kalasari to stop at a hotel called Paris on the logan road. You will not get croissants but you will get a delicious Thalasseri biryani dish to make your spoon. Your last stop Kozhikode invites you to hurry up there and enjoy its flat pool flowing with a large fire pit over the rest of the wreckage where the birds of prey call at night.

The length of time you will spend on this road trip depends on the speed you take when choosing a destination if you would like to spend time doing stop research on a trip or taking run forward as you look around. So pack your things for a beach trip and do not forget your flip-flops.

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