Sony FR7 with Cinema Camera on A Pan-Tilt-Zoom Mount

Sony FR7 Review:

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are not entirely new. Generally, they are the standard system used for cameras in security and surveillance applications. Sony believes that the PTZ design should find its way into creative applications and they are trying to do that with the Sony FR7.

A robotic PTZ full-frame interchangeable lens camera, the device essentially takes the technology from the fabric’s FX6 cinema camera and incorporates it into robotic gear that users can remotely control. That way, you’ll get the full panning, tilting, and zooming capabilities of security cameras, while enjoying cinema-quality optical capture, which the group hopes will find potential viewers attending film productions, broadcasting live events, and similar projects.

Sony FR7 Features:

The Sony FR7 features a full 35mm backlit CMOS image sensor capable of shooting 4K video at 120 fps and 1080p at 240 fps. It has a native ISO range of up to 409,600, with more than 15 stops of dynamic range, making it perfect for low-light shooting. S-Cinetone mode is available to capture those natural midtones, soft colors, and highlights, as well as Cine El mode, which allows the use of Sony’s original S-Log3 gamma, wide S-Gamut3, and S -. Gamut3.Cine color spaces during post exposure.

SOny FR7

The PTZ capabilities are, of course, the biggest selling point here, with the camera being able to pan from -170 degrees to +170 degrees and tilt from -30 degrees to +195 degrees. The speed of both movements can be continuously adjusted from 0.02 degrees per second to 60 degrees per second, ensuring you can get the exact style of camera movement you want. Zoom, of course, will vary depending on the lens you use with the camera. It can also store and retrieve settings from up to 100 different camera positions, allowing you to easily perform the same movements over and over again.

Sony FR7 Information:

The Sony FR7 has fast hybrid autofocus that can be used in conjunction with pan-tilt-and-zoom functions to quickly frame fast-moving objects in a wide area, while the BIONZ XR camera engine handles the detection duty , and you can focus on creating the best shot. It also has a built-in ND filter that will automatically adjust the filter setting to match any changing light. Being a PTZ camera, of course, you can control everything remotely from the web app, the included IR remote, or from Sony’s various remote control systems, including the RM-IP500, which can 100 of these things to control all of them at once. . . . . Several people can monitor a movie remotely at the same time.

The system can be mounted on a tripod like any conventional camera, although it is designed for creative mounting, such as ceilings, car roofs and more. Other features include two media slots that support CFExpress Type A and SDXC memory cards, an HDMI port, a 12G-SDI connector, an XLR connector, and an Ethernet port, with the ability to control the camera, file transfer, and increase the strength. together. one LAN cable to simplify cabling requirements.

Sony FR7 Price:

The Sony FR7 comes out in November, starting at $9,699.99.

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