Pondicherry : A Magical City With a Touch of French Civilization 2023

Pondicherry – Pondichery – (Puducherry): A magical city with a touch of French civilization

Pondicherry History:

After almost a year and a half after overcoming the fear of Covid, we ventured out to one of our “favorite” cities, Pondicherry. Hastily planned a weekend holiday with Ganesh Puja. This time there is no Covid rule in Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry.

The original name of the city of Puducherry was ‘Putusiri’, derived from the Tamil words ‘putu’ (meaning ‘new’) and ‘siri’ (meaning ‘village’). When the French colonized the city, they named the city ‘Pundichari’ or ‘Pondicherry’ to facilitate their pronunciation. Even after India’s independence, the city was known as Pondicherry. In 2006, the Government of India officially renamed the city as ‘Puducherry’.

French colony was established in Puducherry in 1674. The French apparently liked the area. They named the city Pondicherry or Pondicherry. Franco Martin, director of the French East India Company, declared Pondicherry as the capital of the French colonies in India. As a result, the city underwent incredible changes. The city was remodeled to accommodate French officials, to carry out their official duties. As a result, the glamorous aristocracy of French civilization began to spread throughout the city. And even at this time, the imprint of those French ideas still remains intact.

Puducherry became a Union Territory of India on 1 November 1954 when the French government unconditionally surrendered its colonies in India. Since then, 1st November has been celebrated as Local Independence Day or De Facto Merger Day by local residents of Puducherry.

An ancient city cherished by French civilization. Puducherry city lifestyle is quite diverse compared to other cities in India. Puducherry is all about home cooked French food, bagru print designs and the quietness of community living. In every street of the city, in every alley, in the structure of the walls of the houses, there are signs of French civilization everywhere. Tourists are fascinated by the architecture of the houses built in a combination of bright white and yellow. The houses in the elite area are quite eye-catching.

The whole city has a French smell. Starting from the name of the street to the structure of the house, the street food and drink, and the clothes-hope, the French drunkenness is constantly seen. It is for this characteristic that Puducherry appears before the tourists with a unique identity. Puducherry has a wide variety of bakeries and cafes. Various shops are lined up with fashionable clothes, in which the French impression is quite noticeable.

Puducherry is a beautiful small town in South India. The city is small but diverse. Many ancient cultures and traditions are tied together in this unique city. Natural beauty and art is like an impeccable match. About 140 km from Chennai. located far The lifestyle of the city is quite distinctive and attractive compared to other cities in India.

Don’t forget what to see in Pondicherry : Places to Visit in Pondicherry:

There are several posts in the group, so I wrote only this-
▪Aurobindo Ashram
▪Manakula Vinayagar Temple
▪Gandhi statue and French war memorial

▪ Auroville

▪Promenade Beach
Promenade Beach in Pondicherry is the most popular among the many beaches. This beach is the gem of the city. Promenade Beach surrounded by a variety of old architecture. Which adds a different dimension. The sunset view from here is completely different.

▪Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach is an ideal getaway for peaceful, nature-loving people. To reach here you have to go by boat. Adventure lovers can also try some sports. Couples of any age, even if they are weak in mind, want to spend time on a house boat with their soulmate, but for that there are arrangements at Chunnamber Lake near Paradise Beach. Pondicherry was once known as the base of the French. Its scenic beauty and pleasant weather make it one of the favorite destinations for travelers. A clean beach like Pondicherry is rare. Surrounded by palm trees, the tranquil environment is ideal for spending a few days off.

Don’t forget to visit some restaurant or cafe in Pondicherry –

▪Auroville Bakery – On the way to Auroville from Pondicherry city.
▪ Le Duplex – in White town.
▪ Cafe de Arts – in White town.
▪Ajanta Sea View Roof Top restro – Both food and drinks are available here. On the rooftop by the sea, the atmosphere is indescribable.
▪Le Petit 4 – Small street café below LB2 lounge but great food.
▪Cream Affair – Ice Cream Parlour, collection of ice creams of all amazing flavors.
Ideal time to visit Puducherry.

Weather in Pondicherry:

The climate here is hot and humid. During the winter, the cold is not so severe here. So there is no need for winter clothes. October to March is the ideal time to visit Puducherry. It rains twice a year – late July to September and November to January. So those who love monsoon, they can visit Puducherry during this time. So you can leave without delay for the purpose of Pondicherry full of aesthetic beauty.

How did I get to –

-> Chennai by air.
-> Went from Chennai to Pondicherry by road (fare Rs. 4300 in cab, from MMT)
-> I toured Pondicherry by bike. (Tk 500 per day without petrol)
stay and eat –
-> Hotel Le Royal Park, Kamraj Salai area (one and a half km from the beach)
-> I had breakfast at the hotel.
-> Lunch & Dinner I visited as many cafes and hotels there as I could.

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