Campster 2 Unique User-friendly Portable Chair Review Features and Price

Campster 2 Review:

While we are planning for an outing or night camping, we need to carry very small things. Today I will discuss about Campster 2, a foldable, easy to use, lightweight and compact chair.

Campster 2 basic Features:

Easy and simple setup-

The C2 chair is the ultimate in portable comfort, it can unfolded within 5 seconds. With a tiny bit of muscle you can easily remove the strap and let the seat poles unfold from the quad supported legs.

Compact and lightweight design-

This is a single piece design that can be folded down to the size of a small 1.5 litre bottle. You can store it in a small place.

Strong and sturdy-

For a bush crafter, camper, motorcyclist hitting on the open road, choosing what equipment to pack for any wilderness excursion can be a challenge. With available a small space it is difficult to choose between comfort and necessary, it is easy to leave behind the important gear.

Campster 21

Campster 2 is compact and comfortable chair takes up no room, packs small and allow you to sit in comfort for long time, no matter where your adventure takes you.

The four leg sturdy legs, made with high capacity aluminium ensure a stable seat even in rough terrain. Long lasting Oxford 600D Ripstop nylon seat used in this chair.

Comfort and portability:

When you need to seat outside, you can easily open and use it. It’s crucial to find a comfortable position that makes sense for your body. After testing so many chairs from the market, the company have discovered a sweet spot between packet size and unfolded size that will keep you comfortable for hours.

The company have put their special attention to the seating position, creating a seat that’s angled with a slight recline. This unique design helps you to lean back and make you relax, while also being able to lean forward to reach objects easily. You can really enjoy this Campster 2 chair without sacrificing comfort.

Campster 2 Specification:

Seating Seating height 12 inch/28 cm
Materials Aircraft aluminium, steel springs, POM Lock inserts, TPE removable feet
Design The Campster 2 represents the pinnacle of our work, taking the innovative leg design from the first product Campster 1 and optimizing it for maximum stability, weight capacity and functionality.
The hinge that connects the legs has been refined to provide a sleek, visible design that adds to the chair’s aesthetic appeal while maintaining its outstanding performance.
Weight and capacity Campster 2 weight is 3.23 lbs./1.46 kg. High weight capacity is 300 lbs/120 kg. Tested to withstand 660 lbs./300 kg.


Price of Campster 2:

If you wish to buy this amazing comfortable chair, you have to pay only $25.

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