The Janova smart paddle comes with a performance measurement in table tennis

The Janova smart paddle comes with a performance measurement in table tennis

How new technology incorporated in sports:

From basketball and tennis to golf and more, we’ve seen all kinds of gadgets to track your performance in different sports. If you participate in these sports, we can find no reason not to embrace them, as they help you track your performance in great detail, making it easier to find both your strengths and areas for improvement. As a result, we are increasingly seeing new devices coming out for new sports on a regular basis, and this time table tennis enthusiasts can get the help they need in the form of the Janova Smart Racket.

Janova Smart Padle Features:

A clever rowing paddle, it is a regular table tennis paddle that is equipped with built-in electronic equipment to monitor every service, stroke and block you perform in the game. No more watching recordings of entire games to find areas to improve – this can give you a good starting point right away by collecting and analyzing your overall game-by-game performance.

Janova Smart Paddle Design:

The Janova Smart Racket is a former standard looking table tennis racket with seven layers of blade and Tibhar rubber, so they should stand on par with traditional paddles. Unless, of course, it incorporates electronics inside the handle, including a Bosch nine-axis sensor that allows it to detect every single movement you make using the paddle, Bluetooth radio and rechargeable 100mAh battery.

Advantages on using Janova Smart Paddle:

During the game, the device can monitor each stroke, distinguish between forward and backward, measure speed and detect the angle of fire. It can also detect if you are serving, running, pushing or blocking, as well as when you are putting a top spin or counter spin on the ball, so it knows almost every move you make out there with your paddle. When paired with the companion app (iOS and Android), all this data is automatically sent to your phone, where you can also check the progress of each game in real time. When there is no active pairing between the app and the paddles, all data is stored instead in the on-board storage where it stays until the next time you pair and synchronize with the app.

Janova smart paddle

Using this data, the Janova Smart Racket can extrapolate all sorts of things, such as the average speed of your backhand, the angle of your passes, and more, making it easier to get a clear, performance-related picture of what area you need to work in. Like other sports tracking software, it provides personalized feedback based on your game-to-game performance, while maintaining a real-time top-of-the-table table, so you can compare your progress with other table tennis players.

Variants of the Janova Smart Paddles:

Three types of paddles are available: novice, advanced and professional. Rookie has a five-sheet sheet with Tibhar Game rubber, Advanced has a seven-sheet sheet with Tibhar Rapid rubber and Pro has a seven-sheet sheet that contains two carbon sheets with Tibhar Aurus rubber. As these are standard rule paddles, in addition to the electronic equipment on board, they should also be eligible as competition paddles, allowing you to record scores not only for your practice matches but also for your tournament matches.

Janova Smart Paddle Price:

Kickstarter campaign is underway for the Janova Smart Racket. You can order a unit for pledges from € 170.

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