Why NASA wants a plan to build a nuclear reactor on the moon? NASA’s Nuclear Reactor

NASA wants a plan to build a nuclear reactor on the moon – NASA’s Nuclear Reactor

If anyone has a realistic plan to build a nuclear reactor or a nuclear fission plant on the moon, the US government is happy to discuss it. According to the Associated Press, the US space agency NASA and the Idaho National Laboratory, the country’s highest nuclear research institute, issued a statement last Friday requesting a proposal to build an electricity system on the surface of the fissure.

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NASA has partnered with the Idaho National Laboratory under the US Department of Energy to find energy sources that are sustainable and not dependent on solar energy. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide fuel for the lunar mission before the end of this decade. “Creating a reliable and powerful energy source on the moon is the next and most important step in humanity’s spaceflight, and we are within reach,” said Sebastian Corbisierro, head of the Fission Surface Power project.

If people can start living successfully on the moon, the next target will be Mars. According to NASA, the Fission Surface Power project will produce enough sustainable energy, even in the hostile environment of the moon or Mars, enabling people to live comfortably there.
Jim Reuters, Deputy Director of NASA’s Space Technology Project, told the media: “I hope that the fissile surface systems will be very useful in the production of fuel for the moon and Mars and that it can be used for a variety of innovations on Earth. . ”
The report also states that the nuclear reactor will first be built on Earth and then sent to the moon.

In order to present a plan for an electrolytic energy system, basic design of a uranium-nuclear reactor, conversion of nuclear energy into a usable fuel, temperature control to keep the nuclear reactor cool and flow control design to provide a.m. 40 kilowatts of electricity to the moon for 10 years.

Among other conditions, the nuclear reactor must be automatic. In other words, even if there are no people, there must be a system to stop and drive. There also needs to be a control system from a lunar vehicle. At the same time, it should be removed from the lunar spacecraft and attached to a portable device.
In addition, if necessary, it should be transferred to another lunar station and its management measures taken.
The nuclear reactor must be designed to fit within a 12-foot (4 m) radius and 18-foot (8 m) long capsule when it is sent from Earth to the Moon. It must not weigh more than 6,000 kg (12,200 lb).

The proposal will require the first system design and the deadline for submissions is 19 February.
The National Laboratory in Idaho has previously worked with NASA on various projects. NASA has recently built a radiant fuel system for the Perseverance Rover on Mars with the help of this laboratory. This device converts the heat generated by the natural decay of the radioactive isotope plutonium-236 into electricity.
A wanderer who looks like a car landed on Mars in February this year and is still operating there.

The US Department of Energy is working with private companies on a project to build a nuclear power plant. They are inspecting smaller power plants and building “mobile nuclear reactors”. So electricity can be produced quickly by moving from one place to another and when it is not needed it can be turned off.

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