Nextbase IQ Dash Cam Uses AI To Predict Events From Cars And Pedestrians

Nextbase IQ Dash Cam Review:

The measuring camera has become a beautiful standard nowadays and goes a long way in saving video data in the event of a traffic accident. They are sophisticated, as well as sophisticated systems that integrate voice commands, radar sensors (to warn you of speed traps), as well as air links, so you can let your cam drive and send you video and parking controls. Nextbase IQ takes an important modern dashboard to the next level by translating it into a smart device that can do a lot.

Nextbase IQ Dash Cam Features:

Launched as the “first smart camera in the camera world”, this device seeks to bring safety and security to the smart home surveillance system to your car to change the driver’s experience. It is to connect artificial intelligence that means the camera does not always record, but to know the events and anticipate the situation to support better drivers.

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Like most modern measuring cameras, Nextbase IQ looks not only at the front but also at the rear, using the same 4K at the front and a 1440p sensor at the rear. It does not stop there, but since it integrates a 1440p camera to record in the room, it allows you to access videos to find out which of your children is leaving food everywhere in the back seat (translation: it could be anything). It works voice-activated, so you can start recording on any camera, except to allow you to get any feature without taking your eyes off the road.

It uses an artificial intelligence system called Spatial Awareness Technology that takes into account everything that happens both inside and outside the car and automatically turns on the recording, even when you are traveling. Even better, it comes with Wi-Fi and 4G, which allows it to send you the right time for what to do when it finds out what could happen. You can also set different types of event triggers, if you want to control the small state of the system that actually sends the signal.

Nextbase IQ features low-resolution video recording, so you can easily capture patents, traffic signs and other information even on dark roads, while the artificial intelligence above can scan nearby vehicles for their speed and route, allowing them to pull you over. When things can turn out to be wrong. It can even do the same for pedestrians, so it may warn you when crossing pedestrians, allowing you to slow down. AI, by the way, ensures that it records important moments both before and after the event, and the ability to open or close the recording window, depending on what you are recording well.

With Inboard GPS, you can easily track your car on your phone the next time you lose your location, as well as the ability to synchronize GPS location with video instantly, so you can get accurate location data on each section. It also shows the emergency response of your location automatically, among other important information following an accident, so you do not have to call yourself if you cannot.

Nextbase IQ starts available in September. No price quoted still now.

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