Sportsmate 5 Enhanced Robotics Exoskeleton Review Price

Sportsmate 5 Enhanced Robotics Exoskeleton | Wearable Robotic Taking Hiking & Fitness to New Extremes

Sportsmate 5 Review:

Sportsmate 5 is the world’s first and lightest portable robotic skeleton. It’s a rather sophisticated design that makes you more comfortable with controllable resistance and assistance in achieving your fitness goals. From the smooth surface of the road to strength training, the Sportsmate 5 will meet all requirements.

External skeletons of this kind have been around for decades for military, industrial, and rehabilitation departments. This design is bulky, heavy, and expensive and designed for individual use cases. The designers were applying the outer skeleton to daily life, changing the way you interact with the world!

Sportsmate 5 Feature:

Sportsmate 5 really helps in your daily life. There are two powerful controls at your hips on the outer skeleton. This provides assistance when you need to save energy and aims to go physically further, or resistance when your goal is to train muscle. Two modes are designed for quick use. These are outdoor mode (Switch between assistance and resistance) and fitness mode (switch between resistance in forms of extensions and flexion).

sportsmate 5

For outdoor mode assistance from the 2 controllers lifts the legs and pushes them forward to make each step light as air. You will feel much easier as you walk, go up and up. Get rid of hungry air, sweat all over and walk slowly. Exposure resistance increases your stability by holding your body and absorbing the shaking as you go down or down. In a nutshell, the SPORTSMATE 5 outdoor mode helps to reduce stress and increase distance and allows you to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, hiking, backpacking, even mountaineering!

During fitness mode focuses on burning more calories and gaining more muscle in less time than a regular workout. Resistance comes from different types of our outer skeleton: elongation and bending. You are free to choose the resistance that best suits your routine for incredible results, for example, choose an extension resistance while you are semi-jerking to train your gluteal muscles or use the flexural resistance during leg lift training to strengthen the back of your thighs.

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SPORTSMATE 5 customized accessories:

  •  Knee Brace: Custom detachable knee braces for SPORTSMATE 5 to protect your knees during exercise.
  •  Weight Lifting Accessory: Quickly detachable, up to 15 kg lifting aid. It can be quickly assembled on the Sportsmate 5. After that, the device can be mounted as usual and the shoulder strap attached to the lifting device. The device can also help you straighten your back during lifting so that you feel more accessible and reduce the risk of back injuries. As you maintain and carry weight, our device will constantly assist you based on our innovative algorithm for “Holding condition” and “Walking condition”. No weird feelings and you can walk as usual.

In walking mode, the battery provides stable and sufficient performance for different use cases. With our QDD activation, less energy is wasted due to inconsistencies between use and device, so better sustainability is achieved.

Depending on the movements of users, our smart energy system can harvest energy while in use. Going down, training, walking and more can recharge your battery making SPORTSMATE 5 even longer.

Working function of Sportsmate 5:

SPORTSMATE 5 has three subsystems: the control system (central control), the control system and the power system. In outdoor mode, walking behavior will be detected by sensors and processed by our artificial intelligence algorithm. The operator will then send a signal to the drivers so that the motors can provide you with appropriate assistance.

sportsmate 5

In fitness mode, motors can provide different resistance to burn more calories. At the same time, our smart energy system can collect the energy from your movement and charge the battery to last longer.

Company has developed our state-of-the-art traction-based artificial intelligence algorithm to adapt to a complex environment compared to conventional external skeletons, which used medical algorithm trajectory. Smarter and more flexible.

The AI algorithm analyzes data from the engine encoder to analyze the user’s gait and provides accurate traction support with each step. Depending on the gait pattern, SPORTSMATE 5 can analyze the user’s activity (eg walking, jogging) and set the upper level algorithm. The lower level controller then receives a reference and sends the correct signal to the engine drivers.

In terms of assistance, operating system can provide 50% of the torque needed by the hips during the gait process for normal men.

Sportsmate 5 – material used:

SPORTSMATE 5 weighs only 2.5 kg and is a super light robot that can be used by consumers. It is composed of many high-strength composites, including carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics and aerospace alloys.

It is a compact form factor that makes it easy to pack and carry as easy as it is to wear and takes about 1 minute to put on.

Sportsmate 5 Specification:

Waist range: 23-51 inch

Height range: 61-77 inch

Weight: Approx. 2.5 kgs.

Battery capacity: 3000mAh 22.2VDC

Torque output: 18Nm

Maximum power: 125W

Battery life: About 3 hours

Working environment: -20°C to 40°C

Charging voltage: 25.2 VDC, 2.0A

Sportsmate 5 price:

If you wish to buy this product, then you have to pay Rs. 68070/-. The global price of Sportsmate 5 is $899.

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