Not Cars, Tesla Sees The Potential For Tesla Robots by 2022

Tesla Robot – Tesla sees the potential for robots

Not cars, Tesla robots will be at the peak of popularity this year; one such comment was made by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, a technology company. After his announcement, many people are thinking that the days of falling into the world of fiction by automation are coming to an end. And that will be Tesla’s hand.
There are rumours that the Tesla ‘Model Pie’ mobile phone is coming to the market. Meanwhile, Elon Musk announced that work on a trial version of the Optimus robot had begun this year.

Surely everyone remembers the Tesla scene that danced like a human robot at the AI ​​Day event in August last year? Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, unveiled the idea of ​​Tesla’s bottom line at the event, which was designed to create an independent, advanced driving assistance system and address concerns about its safety. The world will soon see the results of his confidence in inventing self-driving car technology that is safer than men using existing car cameras and computers.

According to the Tesla AI website, the man-made robot Optimus will have two pedals 5 feet and 6 inches high. In addition, the 125 pound robot will have a top speed of 5 miles. In addition to having a screen on his face, his carrying capacity and standing lifts will be 45 and 150 pounds respectively. It can do many complex things to create a car. In particular, it can be used to fasten a car ball with a wrench. In addition, the Tesla bottom will be able to carry the store’s products.

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The Optimus robot will be made with artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence used to build Tesla cars. This will first be used to transport products to Tesla’s own factory. However, Elon Musk told investors this week that the robot would play a key role in reducing staff shortages in the future.

Elon Musk previously tweeted that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) could endanger human civilization. Who will be able to practice against the outside world?
Elon Musk, a professor of robotics at the University of the West of England, believes that AGI can be used to realize the wonders of spaceX, from renewable missiles to unmanned vehicles, to Mars expeditions, to sky-high prices for dogecoin.

Although Elon Musk’s human robot has not been popular before, experts believe the opposite will happen in the future. According to the International Organization of Robotics, there are on average 126 robots in the world’s manufacturing plants, with about 10,000 employees. Its number will increase even further in the future.
But to do that, Mask has to face many challenges. If the Optimus robot is used in a factory, it will be much easier to build a robot on wheels. Which will not cause any problems in maintaining balance. However, it would be inhumane to do so, says Tony Prescott, a professor of intellectual robotics at the University of Sheffield.

According to Prescott, the most complex task will be to maintain eye contact with their hands and keep them updated after the robots are built. Because Tesla cars are also a kind of robot. So the way to create Optimus will be a little easier for Elon Musk. In particular, he said that the decision to use Mask’s AGI system on its own was a timely and effective step.
However, buyers awaiting the introduction of this year’s new model Tesla will be somewhat disappointed. Because Optimus will be the centre of Tesla’s attraction in the New Year. And Elon Musk hopes it could surpass Tesla’s trillion-dollar car deal.

Elon Musk is currently at the top of the list of pioneers in the tech world. He is also widely known as the best billionaire in the world. In addition to SpaceX, OpenAI and Neuralink, business owner Elon Musk owns carmaker Tesla Inc. He is also known for inventing new species. As every time, he is also in the discussion this year.

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