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Top 10 Android Apps Must Have

Hi guys. Today I will discuss on the top 10 android app for the month of august 2021. A couple of really cool applications for me to share with you guys. Without any further ado let’s get started.

Spike- The first app on the list goes by the name of Spike. The number of times that I have used this application since then proves how truly useful it is. Let’s cut to the chase what does spike do and why should you download it? Well to put it simply. It makes your email experience super, simple and easy. Spike combines the best of messenger and email meaning your long and rather primitive email chains are now basically long form texts making your email experience much better. Other than that spike also intelligently enables something called the priority inbox, which has been absolutely life-saving for me. This mode basically makes you see really important emails first while the other social and promotional notifications and mails are moved to the other section for later use. Spike also eliminates the use of repeating headers, signatures and threads which basically make email harder to read and for the professionals out there, the beauty of spike lies in the fact that people who do not use spike, will still see your email the same way with all the titles and signatures and etc. There’s also a wonderful note section, where you can create, edit and share dynamic notes without ever leaving your inbox in real time and collaborate live with your teammates. There is also a chat bar wherein you can bounce ideas without completely leaving the note. A new update has also added the ability to make voice and video calls completely within spike taking things to an absolutely amazing next level. Honestly spike has been the email replacement application that I needed and I didn’t even know about it and now that I do. I use it on every device that I own. I would highly recommend this application to anybody who uses a lot of mail in their day-to-day life.

Minimalist productivity launcher- The second application on the list goes by the name of minimalist productivity launcher and this as the name suggests is a minimal launcher which puts productivity at first and everything else comes second. You can select from a variety of different color themes, you can also select fonts that I really enjoy. This seems to be the only extreme minimal launcher that lets you choose all of this and of course you have the app drawer on the right side and on the main screen. You have the date as well as the time. I really like the way the application looks and the fact that it’s completely free to download and to try without any ads. I really like it.

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Almighty volume keys- Next up guys on the list we’ve got an application called almighty volume keys which is basically a volume key remapper, meaning you can customize what your volume key actions do when you press them across three different sections. Number one is when your volume keys are idle so when no media is playing, you can select a variety of things that you can do when you press the up volume key, the down volume key or even action such as an up up or a down down key. There is also another section where you can do the same thing when media is playing. It’s really cool and of course last but not the least there’s also a section of sound recording that is what the volume keys do when you’re already recording some audio using the sound recorder app. I think this is really cool never seen something like it before and once again it’s completely free. All it requires is your accessibility setting option. Once you turn that on you’re good to use this application.

IOS widgets- All right guys next up we’ve got another customization application and this goes by the name of IOS widgets. Guys if you shifted from iPhone to android and if you just want IOS widgets once again on your android home screen. Whether it is because it helps you to you know have an easier experience shifting to another OS or you’re a person who just enjoys having IOS widgets on your phone. Hey it’s android. You can do that this application lets you do that pretty flawlessly. You install the application you get a lot of widgets. You get analog digital clocks, a battery widget, a calendar widget, weather photos you name it and the best part is the application also supports both the dark as well as the light versions of these particular widgets. So you can set them on your home screen. All you have to do is click and hold on an empty space then select widgets and go down to IOS widgets. Select the type of theme that you want and hit on add widget and boom. The widget will be added on your home screen. You can resize it very easily from here the process is super seamless and I really enjoy this application.

Shut up- All right guys next up we’ve got an application called shut up and while the app might be a little aggressive from the get go when you hear the name of it. This is basically a really cool app which lets you silence your phone at any time by using either a shortcut of the application or through a quick setting in your status bar. It’s really cool once. You turn the app on, give it the permissions that it needs. You can go down to your shortcuts and you can add the shut up shortcut over here. Clicking on that will immediately silence the device or you can also add a custom tile on your status bar. Once you install the application that option also pops up in your status bar. You can use that to also silence your device and within the application, once you open it up you can also go ahead and select the streams from which you want to silence the audio. So this is anywhere from alarms, music, notifications, you know your phone dials your system sounds etc. It’s really cool does what it says super effectively and I really like it.

Spaghetti wallpapers- All right guys next up. We’ve got a brilliant wallpaper application which goes by the name of spaghetti wallpapers. Now this application has a lot of really cool fluid, you know abstract wallpapers that I’ve really started to enjoy. The app is paid and it’s also a brand new app. The app has a list of a lot of very beautiful fluid wallpapers. As you guys can see this is literally a heaven for anybody who likes to customize their android phone and this is just an application that lets you do that so well. It’s really great. It’s super amazing. Definitely check it out.

Aristobrat- Next up guys, we’ve got a men’s fashion clothing application by the name of aristobrat now. As far as I know this is a company founded in Bangalore. It’s a start up that provides some really good quality shirts and t-shirts for the modern man here in 2021. I really like the application and other than the application I really like the products that they are making especially for the prices. They’re super affordable when they come to high quality shirts. If you like shirts and t-shirts and you know clean minimal stuff to wear. This is the one to get. Coming back to the application itself as you can see the app has a pretty damn good UI. Everything has its own place, everything looks very good, it’s very fluid there’s no clutter and honestly a good brand that makes great clothes along with a pretty damn usable app is something that is very rare to come across these days.

Old roll- Next up guys, we’ve got an application called old roll and if you’re a fan of the film look or if you’re a fan of historically amazing cameras from the 60s, 70s and 80s, this is going to be an application that will really amaze you. Basically this is an app that emulates a realistic analog cameras on your phone with the free version you only get two cameras but I love them nonetheless. you can pay for the pro version to get other cameras but over here you’ve got classic m, the 503 cw, a polaroid filter a disposable toy f camera and basically all of these cameras have certain vintage looks that they apply when you click the photo using this and not only do I really like the UI of the entire aesthetic of the entire app. You know the shutter as well as the camera models that they have made that is also really cool and the effects are actually good effects. They are not you know some something as easy as a retrica or just a filter slapped on top of it. It looks good, it functions well. I feel like you could really create a lot of good pictures with this if you have a good phone camera and a great sense of creating good photos. It’s really nice. I really like it. It’s completely free as I said. You get two cameras but I’ve just used two of them and they’ve seemed completely fine to me.

Black- Next up guys we’ve got a game called black and honestly this is a puzzle game that has a beautiful soundtrack behind it as well as a really nice aesthetic behind it. Now the main point of this application or game rather is to completely turn the screen to black. You’ll have to do different things there are no hints. In case you don’t know how to solve it but I would prefer if you would spend a little more time and see what the game has to offer because I really like it. Each level has its own logic and you know this is just a very cool game to pass time. It is already very famous has more than 42 000 downloads and reviews but once again I found out about it this time and I would love for you guys to try it out too.

Spotify tools- Last but definitely not the least guys we’ve got an application called Spotify tools. For Spotify and as the name suggests this provides additional tools to the Spotify app. So if you use Spotify to listen to your music like I do. This is going to be an application that will take all of those features and add more features taking it to the next level. Now couple of main features over here is that you can search quickly for an artist or song in all of your Spotify’s library and playlist. You can start Spotify playback on new Bluetooth connections. There’s also a section called song monitoring. Which is basically a place where it keeps track of your Spotify listening history for your artists and for your tracks. as you can see if you go to the song monitoring section you’ll be able to see your recent tracks you’ll be able to analyse your listening habits and it’s really cool the amount of detail that this app goes into and how much functionality it improves for you know the Spotify application .you can get lyrics in the songs details .there’s other features like downloading the artist as well as the album art. You can import your listening activity from your Spotify account. You can copy songs from one playlist to the other the apps UI is pretty okayish, I wouldn’t give it 10 out of 10 because I feel like it could have been made a lot cleaner. But the features that it offers really helps any Spotify fanatic out there. So I think you will really enjoy it be sure to check it out.

Well guys. That is pretty much it for today’s article. Hope you guys really enjoyed the applications explained here. If you guys did enjoy it a like would be amazing.

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