Splay Display Cum Projector Review Specification Price in India 2021

Splay Display cum projector : Large and Portable Display

Splay screen and projector, 2 games to change games, 1 splash. Splay can easily switch between the largest portable screen and the single micro-projector with a very short throw. Produced in patented technology, including the only exhibition material in the world that can be stretched and folded in all directions. Splendor is your flexible companion for busy working days, fun adventure days, etc.

Splay Display Cum Projector Review:

Meet splay the 24-inch full HD portable display that expands in seconds and even transforms into an ultra-short throw portable projector. You want a big bright high resolution screen anywhere or to project an even bigger screen on a wall. With this patented flexible display technology splay is your perfect travel companion in any situation. Thanks to the super compact and lightweight design.

Now you have the freedom to take your expandable screen anywhere you go. Splay sets up in seconds to the world’s largest portable display or ultra-short throw projector, just connect your computer phone or game console through HDMI or a wireless adapter and use it as your main or second screen. Its battery powered durable and even works in bright environments.

The integrated stereo speakers offer great sound performance and you can also use it as a power bank to charge your other portable devices. Display is always there for you use it for your daily work at home or on the go for presentations or just for fun play your favorite games, anywhere watch live events or movies with your friends. Splay adapts to any situation in your modern lifestyle.

Together let’s bring splay to life we’re extremely grateful for the amazing backers from this first generation product. With this patented technology display is brighter higher resolution yet lighter and has a smaller form. It also has a brand new projector mode company developed. Three major innovations the material science for the only high quality fully flexible projection screen.

Splay Display Cum Projector Features:

Splendor can be used as an expandable screen with a stunning 24.5 inch screen size and can be used as a fully portable projector with an extremely short focus range and bright, FHD, 1920 × 1080 quality. You get 2 products to turn a game into 1 portable package!

Uncover the screen and projector in seconds, and you’ll soon have a 24-inch portable screen. This game-changing product is actually a large portable screen and a very short micro-projector-in-one! You can use the projector inside the screen or use it as a way to play movies on a large wall. The sprint weighs only 2.5 pounds, making it easy to carry. It comes with a suitcase, you can store it in a backpack or suitcase. Take it home to a friend to play your mobile game, or take it to a coffee shop to get extra work on a big screen. It provides FHD resolution for bright, clear images suitable for any purpose.

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The splash has a bright full HD mini projector and an extremely short projection distance, which means you can get bigger pictures in less space. In projector mode, the splash has an automatic vertical keystone correction, so the image is corrected automatically if you tilt the projector upwards. Splay is not only a portable projector, it can also double as a fully portable screen that is compatible with your smartphone, laptop or gaming device.

Splay Display Cum Projector

Splay is the largest portable screen on the market, 24.5 inches in size. Battery life up to 4 hours and super bright 800 nits, you can work without stress in any indoor environment and outside in the cooling area.

Which can significantly reduce wrinkles when folded. No other screen can be fully folded and opened in all directions! As well as pulling with an arm, it ensures a flat, durable screen that delivers high-quality images!

Compared to traditional vinyl and plastic softener projectors on the market, the spray screen does not shrink no matter how often it is folded and opened. Material-based screens are heavy, bulky, difficult to install, and the quality of the backlight image is poor (because the holes in the material prevent light from being evenly distributed). All other portable projectors weighing less than 5 pounds require approximately 3 times or more projection distance as a splash.

All other super-short throw projectors weigh about 5 pounds or more and take more volume than the splash. The tension weighs only 2.5 pounds. Finding the perfect location for a traditional theme projector can be painful, you need to make sure it is far away from the wall so the picture is big enough and clear enough, and then make sure it is above everyone’s head, so the picture you have no shadows! The extremely short throw distance of the splash means you can get brighter, bigger and clearer images while the splash is only a few feet from your surface.

It may seem easy to enlarge a flat, full-voltage display quickly and permanently, but it is not (which is why we have granted mechanical patents all over the world)! Traditional projector monitors take a long time to set up (quick installation usually takes about 10 minutes) and are in line with the projector. With a splash, you can do it in seconds. The Splay patented telescope arm is very durable and easy to use!

Splay Display Cum Projector Specification:

Native Resolution FHD 1920*1080
Display mode size 24.5 inch Diagonal (16:9)
Max Brightness Display Mode :800 Nits, Projector mode : 260 Lumens
Throw Ratio 0.39
Audio Built-in Stereo Speakers
Power USB C type
Tripod Mountable Yes
Battery Life 4 hours (min brigthness), 1.5 hours (max brigthness)
Weight 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)


Splay Display Cum Projector Price:

If you wish to buy Splay Display cum projector then you have to pay ₹50476.53 INR Rupees. Global market price of this product is $674 USD.

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