Tesla Foldable Phone With 3D Camera – Beyond Our Imagination

Tesla Foldable Phone With 3D Camera – Beyond Our Imagination

Picture yourself just 10 years back, self-driving cars, humans settled on another planet, people living with robots, all these phenomena were a part of science fiction. Well now we can proudly say that with the help of a few ambitious entrepreneurs. We’ve managed to turn science fiction into reality.

One name which cannot be disregarded when we speak of technological advancements is tesla and Spacex’s extraordinary Elon Musk. What if we tell you that this time around musk is here to take over the smartphone market with his latest innovations? According to our sources tesla is looking to invest their efforts into making a foldable smartphone that will change the way we use smartphones.

We’re not speaking about the pi phone as another groundbreaking phone technology by tesla is here to take to crown. We will now dive into the features of the tesla foldable phone. But first we need to talk about how we ended up with the emerging craze of foldable phones. Its 2022 foldable phones have only recently started becoming mainstream despite being an inception for years. They were the smartphone company’s answer to accommodate bigger and better screens. Yes they certainly didn’t come to the market without obstacles but finally made it in late 2019.

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Samsung was the first company to lead the wagon with its first gen galaxy fold and was successful in selling an incredible 400 000 units of the phone despite its astronomical price. Other smartphone brands such as Oppo, Motorola, Xiaomi and Huawei were also quick to follow in launching similar or marginally improved foldable smartphones in the consequent years.

Even Microsoft did not miss the opportunity to leverage the trend of the foldable phones as it launched surface duo but it has a flip side all of these smartphones are not as tech forward as you may imagine. Several articles have spoken about the disadvantages that go along with buying these foldable phones to make the situation worse. No company had found any solution to those concerns. Elon musk is here to save the day. You must be wondering what flaws we’re talking about.

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So let’s move on to talk about what exactly we mean by concerns regarding foldable technology. The foldable smartphones were launched with a ton of issues to begin with. The galaxy fold had major durability issues which weren’t resolved on time leading to a delay in its launch. Multiple users complained about it cracking at the fold. Samsung was not careful enough to put up a warning against pressing hard on the screen and they didn’t instruct users to make sure that the screen was vacant when the user would fold the phone. Nonetheless a crack in the phone screen is not something anyone can expect by virtue of just rough use.

A phone has become a mandatory accessory and users expect a middle range smartphone to be durable enough to at least undergo some amount of laxity. Not to mention a device that costs almost two thousand dollars. Imagine you’re in a hurry and you shut your brand new foldable smartphone only to find it broken. What is even more absurd is that other companies who launched their phone subsequently have also not been able to eliminate this issue. Some users of Motorola Razer’s display have been peeling off just a week after its purchase.

One of the users said I’m too scared to even fold up the phone now because the more I close it. The wider the spread gets there’s a long streak across the top of the bubble and at first glance. You might mistake it for a scratch. It’s not a scratch there’s no physical damage on the surface of the lamination it’s literally the pixels splitting from the two layers.

Despite the later Samsung models trying to resolve the durability concern by employing a bendable ultra-thin glass. The durability test conducted by several smartphone reviewers for the other models did not bring forth any exciting results. In fact it brought to light another nuisance of the smartphone. The galaxy z flip wasn’t scratch resistant. In fact a single fingernail was enough to make a dent on the surface. In another bizarre instance a user on twitter shared that his brand new galaxy z-flip smartphone came with a crack down the middle. He suspects that the crack could be due to the cold temperatures raising various concerns about the quality of the existing foldable smartphones.

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Wait but that’s not everything it’s not just the physical damage that has been a major complaint. Foldable smartphones also have more fragile touch screens and the bend on the surface can lead to the touches and taps being unresponsive. Perhaps the most serious hindrance to the experience of using these devices lies in the secret to its foldable technology itself the hinges. it is true that the crease down the middle of the phone can prove to be a barrier to the users not just due to the poor touch response there but also visually the straight crease in the middle is there right on your face as you see it as you touch it.

Will tesla finally resolve these issues? The latest tesla smartphone looks promising due to its features which not only seem unrealistic but would also resolve a lot of problems associated with the existing foldable smartphone technology. To combat the fragility of a foldable display tesla would make it multi-layered made out of flexible but firm scratch resistant glass which cannot be shattered even when the phone drops?

Like all other tesla devices this device would also be friendly for the environment with its solar charging capacity. Tesla would provide a 100% quality assurance for its bendable technology. Presently no other foldable smartphone company is known to provide a complete guarantee of its durability. Even Samsung provides only an 80% guarantee of the same.

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Regardless it’s no surprise as musk has revolutionized the world with his state-of-the-art innovations from driverless electric vehicles futuristic rockets and visionary artificial intelligence technology to satellite-powered internet in inaccessible areas of the world and efforts to set up a multi-planetary civilization. Speaking about futuristic technology rumors suggest that apple is also planning to launch a foldable iPhone with movable flaps in order to prevent creasing. It is speculated that tesla would be using a similar movable technology. So that there’s no scope for the screen to crease or break due to flipping.

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In order to resolve the temperature issue tesla’s foldable phones would most likely use a type of self-heating display that will adjust their temperature according to the temperature of their external environment. Other than the high resolution and a large eight and a half inch display it would also come with a secondary display to be the first foldable phone with the aforementioned feature. Users would be able to convert the back of the phone to a display. Moreover it will permit bending backward. So users can fold the phones in any direction and still be able to use them without the need of opening the phone.

The secondary display will be extremely useful while taking pictures. The users can flip the phone and still make use of the rear camera to take high resolution pictures while the secondary display provides a preview of them. The elegant thin design of the smartphone will make it appear sleek and easy to carry thus foldable phone users will not have to carry heavy and chunky smartphones anymore.

Another new feature which the phone is suggested to have is a 3d camera. Tesla’s foldable phone will be accompanied by an out of the world camera to capture literal out of the world pictures. Well this wasn’t an exaggeration as the tesla foldable phone is rumored to have a camera that can take high resolution pictures in the dead of night.

Similar to the pi phone this phone will make astrophotography convenient with the tap of a finger. It would of course also come with a high-speed processor of at least snapdragon 898 and features to use tesla and Spacex’s products under a single ecosystem.

This wouldn’t have happened a few years back touch screen phones had just started gaining popularity but all you could get were a few basic features. Even the best quality camera a smartphone offered in 2010 was not more than 5 megapixels. The phone display had a low resolution and the phones had just begun supporting 3g.

Well who could have conceived that 10 years down the lane expecting a phone to support 5g was not a big deal? Look at us now with our 108 megapixel camera super amoled display and other high-tech features smartphones have come a long way. Tesla hasn’t provided any official confirmation about the features of the phone. They have neither released any details about its release nor its price that being said if these speculations turn out to be true this phone would be a game changer for smartphone users. Let us know what you think about tesla’s latest foldable phone technology in the comments below.

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