Ziro Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh | Complete Tour Itinerary 2022

Ziro Music Festival and complete tour guide for Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most unexplored and offbeat states of India. Its natural wonders, scenic beauty, wildlife, and tribal culture are alluring. Adventure enthusiasts, nature admirers, wildlife photographers, and bird watchers can spend a wondrous time in this picturesque region. Popularly known as the Land of the Rising Sun in India, Arunachal Pradesh boasts of pristine beauty and lush greenery. Besides, you must not miss attending the famous Ziro Music Festival in the state. So without further ado, here is a one-stop guide on Arunachal Pradesh, an easy reference for you if you are planning a trip to the state.

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How to reach Arunachal Pradesh:

If you want to fly into Arunachal Pradesh, the nearest airport is at Dibrugarh. If you prefer trains, they are available from Guwahati to Naharlagun.

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh:

Lakes, monasteries, dense forests, and thrilling hiking and trekking trails adorn the state of Arunachal Pradesh; it’s truly a hidden gem in the heart of north-eastern India. Situated at a height of about 13,700 feet, it is one of the best tourist destinations in the state. It is believed that there are about 101 lakes near the pass. The scintillating beauty of the place is a sure treat to travellers. You can opt for trekking along its trails for a tranquil experience along its breath-taking landscape.

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Alternatively, you can drive along its snow-capped pathways and immerse yourself in its enigmatic scenery. Famous for hosting the Ziro Music Festival, the place has gained immense popularity among travellers and music lovers. Its pleasant weather, gorgeous rivulets, sloping pine-hills, and vast stretches of farmlands add to the glory of the place.

The state is the residence of the Apatani tribal group. The unique feature of the tribal women of the group is the tradition of face tattoos; believed to ward off the attention of the men from the rival tribal groups. The capital city and administrative center of the state, Itanagar is a perfect destination for travelers.

The key attraction of the city is the Ita Fort that stands tall and high; acting as the iconic landmark of the place. The fort had been the brainchild of King Ramachandra. Previously it was known by the name of Mayapur way back in the 11th century ruled by the Jiti dynasty. Once in the city, you must visit the Buddhist temple, which has been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Tawang is renowned for hosting some beautiful and artistic monasteries. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations in the state Arunachal Pradesh. Nestled within the mighty Himalayan range, the mystic views of the town are mesmerizing and intriguing. The key attraction of the place is the 400-year old monastery, housing an 18 feet high gilded statue of Lord Buddha. The town Tawang is phenomenal in being the birthplace of the Holy Dalai Lama. It used to be the capital city of the Kingdom of Tibet. The other attractions of the place are its rich hue of natural wonders and wildlife. Adventure lovers can opt for hiking and trekking across the mountain trails.

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Bhalukpong is another enchanting and captivating place in Arunachal Pradesh, embellished by exotic flora and fauna. You can soothe your minds listening to the gushing water flows of the River Kameng and immerse yourself in the breath-taking beauty of the dense forests. The place offers a plethora of opportunities for fishing, hiking, trekking, and river rafting; perfect to entertain your adventurous mindset.

Pakhui game sanctuary is another sightseeing spot where you can watch a good number of bird and animal species. If you are interested in learning about the tribal culture, then you can spend a day mingling with the tribes.

Roing is a picturesque and pristine hamlet, enriched with lakes, rivers, waterfalls, lush greenery, dense forests, snow-capped hills, and gorgeous valleys. If you love to visit during the winters and enjoy the snowfall, then you must not miss visiting the Mayodia Pass.

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Mehao Wildlife sanctuary is another spot for wildlife admirers where you can observe many animal and bird species. The other attractions of Roing are Bhismaknagar Fort, Nijomaghat, and Rukmini Nati.

Local Foods in Arunachal Pradesh:

The staple food items of Arunachal Pradesh are rice, fish, meat, and a number of green vegetables. Apong is the most famous alcoholic beverage in the state. It is a rice beer made of fermented rice. Lettuce cooked with boiling ginger, coriander, chilies, and salt is another preferred dish. The other popular dishes are boiled cakes of rice wrapped in leaves, pika pila, a pickle made by the ApaTani tribe, lukter, dry meat with chili flakes, pehak, a spicy chutney made of fermented soya bean and chura sabji, a gravy made of fermented cheese.

Hotels, homestays and resorts in Arunachal Pradesh:

Do not expect luxurious hotels, homestays, and resorts in Arunachal Pradesh. Being a relatively unexplored destination, the hotels are affordable and mostly budget ones. Some of the mid-budget hotels with modern amenities and starting from INR 3500 per night are Waii International Hotel at Itanagar, Hotel Pybass at Itanagar, and Vamoosetrail at Tawang. The other budget hotels are Hotel Gayki Khang Zhang at Tawang, Hotel Panchieng at Bomdila, Pine Ridge Hotel at Itanagar, and Arunachal Guest House at Ziro.

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Best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh:

You can visit Arunachal Pradesh at any time during the year. But the best months to visit are between October and April. The weather is pleasant and comfortable, you can even enjoy the winters with the snow-capped environment around you. If you want to check out the prominent festivals then here are the major ones – the Ziro Music Festival in September or October, the Siang River Festival in December, the Pangsau Festival in January, and Nyokum Yullo in February.

How many days to plan for Arunachal Pradesh trip?

If you are planning to visit 4 to 5 cities in Arunachal Pradesh, the best is to plan for a total of 10 days of the itinerary. But if you have fewer days for vacation and want to keep it less hectic, then you can also plan for 5 days and cover 2 to 3 cities.

Inner line permit to visit Arunachal Pradesh:

Indian travelers from other parts of the country need to have an inner line permit before they are permitted entry into the state. For this you require any one of your official identity cards such as your PAN card, driving license, voter’s ID card, passport, or Aadhar card. The application form is available online and you need to upload a passport-size photograph. Approximately 4 to 5 hours are needed for approval after the application submission. If you enjoyed this video, please like it, comment on it and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more wanderlust-worthy videos.

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