New Tesla Insane Pi Phone Price $800 Cheaper than iPhone 13

Tesla Insane New Pi Phone Price Review:

This model is rumoured to be the most advanced smartphone to have ever existed in human’s hands. This gorgeous piece is a tesla model pi phone. It is rumoured to launch in 2022. Tesla pi is one of the most recent pep projects of Elon Musk’s tesla and consists of some of the most striking features of the century. The billionaire visionary businessman Elon Musk has already mastered many spheres of inventions ranging from spacecraft to electric cars. His products display the perfect combination of high-end technology and thoughtful sustainability and this latest smartphone is nothing different.

Musk and his team have been working on this mobile for the past few years and brought to us the future we all dreamt of. Tesla has already announced to launch smartphones something entirely new to the company. As always they valued quality and have come up with the perfect pioneer of the tesla smartphone – the model pi. Several information and titbits have been released about this mysterious model we can’t wait to share them with you.

Revolution in Smart Phone World:

This smartphone is all set to revolutionize the electronics industries overriding popular companies like Samsung and apple. Tesla is advancing to become a unified maestro and electronics soon. Tesla’s latest venture will link your handsets and four wheelers with the smoothest interface. The python will apparently work on a unique and advanced microprocessor developed by Musk himself for the most powerful of its time. currently the most advanced android processor is the snapdragon 845. While apple uses its own design processor the a15 bionic. Both of these processes are tortoises when you compare their speed with the one used in the tesla pi.

Next to Neuralink:

While we’re on the topic of processors tesla pi is said to be equipped with an advanced and popular network Neuralink. Neuralink is an impressive brainchild of Musk aimed at helping neurologically challenged people experience technology as everyone else. Neuralink is a fully implanted wireless brain machine interface where the customer can control his device with text or voice controls. In case the individual is paralyzed a Neuralink installed device would be able to work according to their neural activity. This is one of the most revolutionary discoveries by Elon Musk and its addition to Tesla pi will make it the most advanced smartphone to date.


Tesla Insane Pi Phone Price


Tesla pi phone display:


But wait guys there’s so much more in the tesla model pi a stunning 6.9 inch alpha ultra-display with an 8k resolution will definitely make tesla pi a juicy deal. This display size will allow you to visualize in high definition without any buffering. Surprisingly the biggest smartphone is sonny’s Xperia Z ultra and has a beautiful 6.44 inch screen. Moreover the python will have a dynamic Amoled screen with best refresh rate for perfect streaming.

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Tesla pi phone camera:

This 5G device is rumoured to contain a 108 megapixel plus 50 megapixel plus 50 megapixel plus 5 megapixel wide lens back camera and the ability to space zoom at 200 times. Now we should also indulge in the gorgeous 48 megapixel front camera for detailed and crisp pictures and in-class videos. The magnificent cameras of tesla pi will surely put the advanced cameras of Samsung and apple to shame.

Tesla pi phone body material used:

Highly advanced cameras are not the only benefit of owning a tesla pie this beauty is expected to have some of the most surprising features you can think of. One of the most incredible visual surprises of this phone is the special coating on the body. This secret coating allows the phone to change colour creating a magical and almost extra Terries trial look for your device. The released images of the model show a striking similarity to the iPhone 12 but as promised pi will be much superior to its apple competitor.

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Tesla pi phone connectivity:

If you are a sucker for high-speed internet the python has got you covered. The python as known will have built-in Starlink Wi-Fi to support customers. Starlink is also Musk’s own company incorporating ground-level satellites providing fast and seamless connectivity currently. This connectivity is not available even in the costliest phone. With such connectivity customers will get 210 megabytes per second on their smartphones from any corner of the planet.

With this unique addition we can confirm the eevee giant will decorate his first smartphone with all the unique benefits he can. The highly appreciated and anticipated Google styling partnership will also play a major role in providing a fabulous experience to its users.

Communicating with self-driving cars from Tesla:

If you don’t know yet this partnership is incorporating ground level styling satellites and Google data centres to provide extreme connectivity all over the globe without constructing any new towers or causing more radiation damage to animals. With search connectivity you’ll be able to access the cloud instantaneously. In fact this smartphone is rumoured to be more skilled than several humans.

The python can drive cars. The tesla pi will be modulated with the latest technology corresponding with the tesla cars. It means you can drive your car with your phone completely hands-free. Feed the destination into maps and let the GPS on your phone drive you to it. This is the next level of transportation we have all been waiting for. The electronic car just got a partner and free upgrade nobody had even imagined.

Access to Crypto:

However two of the most debated but anticipated features of tesla pi are inbuilt crypto mining resources and the ability to work on mars. We’re not sure if anyone is going to use pi for interplanetary calls but customers will certainly have exclusive access to crypto mining with the tesla model pi. In an older interview Musk himself had said he wishes his first smartphone to be able to mine mars coins and now when tesla pi is finally here.

Everyone is expecting great crypto mining resources installed within the handset. Currently no phone allows such easy access to crypto transactions, if Musk can do so he will be able to create a bigger market for tesla pi than apple and Samsung combined.

Tesla insane pi phone storage:

If you are worried about the storage of the tesla pi we are glad to help. This spectacular device is rumoured to have a flash storage of 2 terabyte and unlimited storage on the cloud. This storage facility is greater than any of the modern smartphones in today’s market. The tesla pi with its incredible capacity is also the first satellite phone available to the public. Although iridium and thoria are there in the market they’re exclusive to multinational companies or billionaires.

Tesla Insane Pi Phone Price

Charging with solar power:

Phew those were some astounding feature for a single smartphone but hold on there’s more the latest model pi from tesla is designed to charge itself from solar power. Making it the first of its kind the phone will contain several miniature solar panels designed to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

This also implies you will not get a charger with your handset, not getting a charger is frustrating if you are an apple customer but for tesla pi. it is absolutely fine if this feature is implemented we will be saving millions of units of electrical energy worldwide and finally staying out in the sun will benefit you electronically. This mode of charging is considered one of the most appreciated features of the tesla pi and we agree.


The tesla pi is also going to be one of the most sustainable phones in history by including easily replaceable parts. This encourages the users to solve minor hardware defects instead of discarding the entire handset or paying frequent visits to technicians. The company provides respectable customer support but now it will provide an elaborate guide and a giant storehouse of parts to the customers. It means you can fix or upgrade your phone from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

Tesla insane pi phone price:

The most anticipated smartphone model is rumoured to be released in 2022 the cost is rumoured to be between 800 and 1200 dollars. This price range is shockingly low for the first satellite phone compatible with the styling network. The affordable cost of the python ensures that most people experience the futuristic model without incurring heavy debts. if you think apple charges the same price $1399 for its latest product, this number seems more absurd when one compares the iPhone 13 pro max’s features with that of the tesla pi.

Tesla Insane Pi Phone Price


In conclusion tesla pie has blown our minds and whenever it is released people will receive it wholeheartedly. Already tesla has created a loyal market for the model pi without releasing any official announcement. This proves the extent of people’s trust in the tech giant Elon Musk and tesla. Elon Musk has proven his innovative ideas and has reached the top in several sectors and this smartphone will be a golden feather in his cap. I have already discussed on this Tesla Insane Pi phone.

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