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Tesla Model S 2021:

Tesla is one of the major electric vehicle manufacture vehicle worldwide. Which was founded on 1st July 2003. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors. Though Tesla is a multinational company, but still it is not fully incorporate in Indian automobile market. I am very sure that gradually it will cover Indian automobile market. As there is a great potential for new car, rather say for electric vehicle, it would be a good opportunity for Tesla.

Tesla car become popular worldwide because of several factors like design, safety and material used, automatic technology etc. Customer demand a valuable product with top most safety. Tesla taking this opportunity to deliver environment friendly car with top most security and advanced technology. So they concentrate to manufacture fully electric vehicle instead of bio fuel car.

When a company launch their product, they evaluate in every prospect need for a vehicle. From design to field test it takes lots of time. After getting satisfactory results from the test, then only the model is approved for sailing in the market. So, it is definitely true that the research behind the Tesla Model S development started many years back. And finally company decide to launch it by 2021. Tesla Model S will launch with two variants.

Why there are two variant? Definitely a simple question will arise in your mind. Yes, there are so many parameters involved. I will explain one by one those questions in this article. At the end it will be clear all details to you about these two car. What changes made Tesla? Why are they decided to launch two variants- Plaid and Plaid plus?

Tesla Model S

What are the attractive designs in Tesla Model S?

Design is the prime factor of any model to be passed by design team and the higher authority of the company. Definitely for the model S designers give their lots of effort to make it attractive to the customers. The updated Model S sedan will have a few modifications to the exterior, as well as a complete redesign of interior. The first modification they had done on the outer casing of this car. The outer casing is now coming with a new front bumper, blacked out door handles, new alloy wheels and with a reversed rare diffuser.

The roof of this car is now made with fully glassy, so you can enjoy the beauty of the sky by sitting inside. This part is goes to outer. Now what’s about the inside? They also modify interior by giving a complete new look. Each part of the interior of this car made with perfect finishing.

One unique feature is available with Tesla cars is that you can customize your car. You can choose your fav color in your car. It can be possible. You can go to official website of Tesla and in order section you will get those details. It is very much helpful for the customers.

Are any key feature introduced in this model?

By introducing new and new features is one of the way to attract customers. A prime customer always searching for the unique features should be available in their dream car. First feature in this car that I can share is the modification of steering wheel. Which is coming with rectangular shape and aircraft style.

Secondly this 2021 model is coming with a 17 inch touch screen and the earlier tablet style touch screen has been withdrawn in this model. This touch screen hardware is enough capable to play latest video games with much higher resolution up-to 2200*1300 pixels.

Tesla Model S

Thirdly, generally the buttons to turn on the indicator or to wipe the glass is available in the digital units. But in Model S these functions are fully transferred to the steering wheels. So you can control those easily.

Fourthly, the Tesla Model S car got a brand new dashboard with a ventilation free HVAC system, as like in Model 3.

Detail about the powertrain in Tesla Model S-

It is now well known that the battery used by Tesla cars are the best and with advanced technology among the competitor in the worldwide. Li-ion battery used in all the variant with much higher capacity. This battery is now able to perform in long driving range and unparalleled performance. The fast charging technology of Tesla model S can be achieved by the thermal architecture of the new module and the package. The charging is been completed with very less time.  This sort time charging will give you more energy and best durability in any kind of situation.

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How much luggage can you store in Tesla Model S? Any idea?

For a long day outing you need to carry so many useable. It may be food, tent, pets or bikes etc. Don’t worry, with a front and rear luggage compartment and flat seats you will get enough space that a whole cycle can fit easily inside it. So, now you can imagine how the company developed the inside of the Tesla Model S for real storage, so that you can utilize maximum spaces that required.

Comfort inside the Tesla Model S-

Let us discuss the how company developed inside of the Tesla Model S to give ultimate comfort for the driver as well passengers. For the rear passengers, the rear seats are upgraded. For entertaining of the rear passengers, a small touch screen also introduced. An attraction looks came from wooden finishing. Lots of woods is used inside the car in several places, which will give the vehicle an ultimate feelings. This newly interior design looks very promising and considering of so many modification done in this Model S variant. You will definitely welcome those features.

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Now coming to the variant what tesla introducing-

As earlier I explained that Tesla will introduce two variants – Plaid and Plaid +. Those two variants will be available in the end of 2021.The performance wise both the variant are same. Only difference in the driving range. Plaid plus has the driving range of 837 km, but for Plaid is 627 km in each single charge. Both the car are capable to accelerate from zero to 100km/ hour in just 2 seconds. This higher accelerating performance make this car world’s fasted electric car. You will feel woo while accelerating this car.

How much you have to pay for Tesla Model S?

Now you are thinking what will be the price. How much you have to pay to get all this unique feature and to full fill your dreams. Plaid plus is costlier than Plaid variant. The Tesla Model S Plaid will costs about $112990 in the US and for Plaid plus variant cost will be $132990. According to the company, delivers are scheduled to begin around February or March by this year.

Here is all about the new variants – Tesla Model S- Plaid and Plaid Plus. Those cars also pass the safety criteria. So, you can definitely go for any variant of the trustable brand Tesla.

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