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Electric vehicles are now getting incorporate more and more in worldwide automobile market. Each car manufacturer are now focusing to produce electric vehicle. Competition of electric car will become so tough. As per the introduction of new rules and regulation by government on using renewable energy, EV getting more priorities. Morris Garages is one of the top car manufacturer established in 1924. Since then company offering to the customer one by one developed model. On producing EV, they also in line with other competitor. One of their electric car is MG ZS EV. In this article I will discuss about this car.

If you are looking for an electric car by this year 2021, then MG ZS EV would the best choice for you. The price of one of the variant of this model “MG ZS EV EXCITE” is 20.99 lakh in Indian market. MG has introduce a well efficient battery in this model that can charged up to 80% in just 50 minutes. It’s unbelievable. Let us discuss other features of this car.

Key points need to know about MG ZS EV:

  • Driving range is one of the prime criteria for the customer. MG modified this car in such a way that it is able to travel 80 km more driving range compare to the earlier model. This model will give you up to 419 km driving range. Which is so long distance for any travel.
  • Next one is ground clearance. The ground clearance of this car is now increased to 177 mm. Which will help you to travel any off the road area.
  • They also increased the diameter of the wheels. The new MG ZS EV model will come with 17 inch wheel with aspect ratio of 215/55 compare to the previous 215/50.
  • With adding so features in this model, price also increased by the manufacturer. The price is hiked by up to 60000, which is slightly costlier than the Hyundai Kona EV.
  • MG offering to the Indian customer with ZS EV including so many improvement like battery, higher ground clearance and also few more updates.

MG ZS EV Price list with respect to the variants:

Now MG offering two models, Excite and Exclusive. The price of these variants are 20.99 lakh and 24.18 lakh respectively. Compare to the earlier model, MG ZS Excite is now Rs 11000 and MG ZS Exclusive is Rs 60000 costlier. The Excite model is Rs 3.19 lakh cheaper than the higher variant, Exclusive.

MG ZS EV Variant 2020 Price 2021 Price (Revised) Difference  in price
MG ZS EV Excite Rs. 20.88 lakh Rs. 20.99 lakh Rs. 11,000
MG ZS EV Exclusive Rs. 23.58 lakh Rs. 24.18 lakh Rs. 60,000


MG ZS EV Battery and charging time:

If the battery is readily drained out or it will take too much to complete charging, then the customers will be in big trouble. Giving importance on such points company also developed their battery technology. The recently used battery in MG ZS EV is updated, which give up to 79 km more driving range will compare to the earlier model. The 44.5 kWh battery can function up to 419 km of driving range. No changes had made on the power figure. They keep as it 143 PS with 353 Nm of peak torque.


They look into the efficiency of the battery. The battery of MG ZS EV is coming with much higher efficiency. It will charged up to 80% in just 50 minutes. To charge the battery a DC fast charger need to be used. With the help of DC charger, it takes very less time. If you are going to charge the battery with a normal AC charger, then it will take minimum 7-9 hours for full charging. So, it is now clear that they are using a more efficient battery.

MG ZS EV ground clearance and Tyres specification:

As I already mentioned about the ground clearance of this car. On continuation of the up gradation the ground clearance of this model is now 177 mm. As we all know that the aspect ratio of the tyre is the ratio between length and diameter. The tyres of the new model also coming with a higher aspect ratio. Now it is 215/55 R 17 and the earlier it was 215/50 R 17.

The key features and safety included in this model:

Introducing new and new features in a car is one of the way to put attraction of the customer. Lots of features also updated in this variant. The current features of MG ZS EV includes dual pane panoramic sunroof, 8 inch touch screen display, rain sensing wipes, three level brake control, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), powdered driver’s seat, electrical parking break, hill starter / descent assist, six air bags, rear camera, voice commands and much more. So now you can imagine how many feature they have introduce to modify this model. Obviously apart from the basic features they included so many advanced features.

Like a game, driver also can get to know their achievements with all the MG ZS EV owners. How is it possible? Company is now introduced “Eco Tree Challenge”, a truly feature. This will help for achievement comparison. Driver will get encouraging and helpful with this features.

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MG ZS EV availability:

This car is already available in 31 cities across India. It is readily available in all metro cities of India. Till now only two electric vehicle is in this spec. The other one is “Hyundai Kona EV”. This is the only competitor of MG EV. The current price range of Hyundai Kona EV from Rs. 23.75 lakh to Rs. 23.95 lakh. However compare to Kona EV, MG ZS EV is somewhat costlier.

Who are the rivals to MG ZS EV in the current market:

Earlier MG EV was more affordable than KONA EV, but it is currently become costlier in the top variant. The “Tata NExon EV” is indirectly competitor which is in segement lower than the MG ZS EV.

This all about the MG ZS EV. From my point of view with all this features and up gradation this is one option to go for EV.

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