Ember Travel Mug 2 – Temperature Control Smart Mug Feature, Specification and Price – $179.95 USD

Ember Travel Mug Review

Are you drinking a cold coffee during travelling? Yeah!! Unable to enjoy this coffee time. In this advanced world no need to worry about this. Ember has now taken a new technology, better to say a smart technology, by which you can drink your coffee at any time with your desired temperature. In this article I will discuss all about Ember Travel Mug2 a true temperature control smart mug.

Starting your morning with a cup of coffee is so amazing. Not only in the morning at your home but also while travelling, it is a so useful kit now a days. It’s a smart mug. Ember Travel Mug².

Ember temperature control smart mug can allow to serve your drink at your preferred temperature and maintain this temperature of your coffee or tea throughout the day. Ember Travel Mug² is very useful and it can easily charge by using a USB cable.

If a Ember temperature control smart mug is with you, then all you have to do is think about how it controls the temperature, battery life, as well as whether you want to go outside with it or not.

Key Features Ember Travel Mug²

Difference between Travel vs. Standard Mug:

There are some basic difference in travel mug and a standard mug. These are like efficiency, which means for a travel mug it is required that the temperature inside the liquid remain same for long time. But for standard cup, these type of features not required, as you can complete a cup of coffee within few minutes. If it’s cool down, there is an option to make it hot again as you are in your home only.

Next the travel mugs are great because of they are well and equipped for travel. In the coming future travel mugs will come with a higher capacity. In case of a standard mug replicates a classic coffee mug that you would be proud to display on your office desk or counter.

Ember Travel Mug 22

Temperature controlling in Ember Travel Mug²:

We love mugs that not only to keep your drink warm throughout the day, but it can also cool your coffee or tea down to a level that’s comfortable to drink right away. Most of the mugs allow you to set your temperature settings, either directly on the mug or with a smart phone app. You can set any specific temperature you required. Ember travel mug2 can function at max temperature at 145°F. The temperature range is 120°F to 145°F (50°C-62.5°C). You can set this desired temperature through the Ember app.

Ember Travel Mug² Battery Life:

As the temperature of the liquid is maintain by electrically heating coil inside it. The heating is done by the battery used. So the efficiency of the battery is essential. Depending on where and how your mug is charged, the battery life will change. Many competitors claim that the battery life up to eight – nine hours, but at the very least, the best smart mugs should at least be able to continually maintain temperature for several hours before needing to be recharged.

Battery backup of ember travel mug is now coming with three hours or all day while placed on charging case. It will keep the temperature the way you like it all day. The battery is made with advanced Li-ion technology.

Smart LED indicator

You need to know when temperature will change. So, for that one LED light is installed on the side of this mug so that you can easily note the temperature. If the temperature will change then the LED light colour also change.

Easy to Use Controls through manually or through mobile app:

Function is not so tough. It is so easy to use. You can change the desired temperature by simply up and down arrows or you can control it by using the mobile app.

Wireless connectivity:

Ember mobile is helpful to control the temperature. This app can easily connect with the ember mug2 via Bluetooth. It can easily connect with your smartphone.

What are items available in the box:

The box includes redesigned charging coaster, Ember Temperature control mug and lid. These three items will be available in the box.

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Ember Travel Mug² Specification

Ember travel mug is totally leak proof. So you can carry it with your other accessories.

Exterior made with a premium soft material. It will be long lasting kit.

Material inside- Interior is come up with stainless steel, which will helpful to maintain the temperature.

Seven precision sensors install to detect temperature and liquid.

Liquid capacity- It can carry liquid maximum up to 355 ml

Colours available- Color – Black, these two colours are available.

Wireless connectivity- Bluetooth Technology to connect the ember mug with your smartphone.

Model No – TM15

Product Dimensions: 7.87*7.87*20.32cm

Product Weight- 1.3 Kilograms

Ember Travel Mug² – How to use

It is so easy to use and connect. You have to follow the mentioned process. First you need to press the button on the battery to turn the ember travel mug on. Then LCD screen lights up. After that connect it through your smart phone by using Ember mobile app. Then you can control the temperature through manually by up and down the arrow or by using mobile app.

Ember Travel Mug² price-

This amazing product is available in official website as well in amazon. If you wish to buy Ember travel mug2, then you have to pay $179.95 USD. In Indian rupee you have to pay Rs 13113/-.

This is all about ember mug2. I think this article will be helpful to you to get all the details about this product. So, before going to any out station, you must carry this smart product. Which be very much helpful for you. This product is easily available in online. You can choose any colour of this product.

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