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uHoo Air Quality Monitor Review:

Day by day quality of environment air is deteriorating because of civilization, deforestation, industrialization and of so many reasons. Density of foreign particle and concentration of harmful gases also increases in air. So, it is now necessary to intake pure air. Good quality of air will help to retain our health. Because of so many factors, you can’t maintain the quality of air without an air purifier.

Don’t worry, uHoo Bills introduced an advanced air purifier. Purifiers not clean the air but also give several data like carbon dioxide level, nitrogen dioxide level and those data can easily accessible through mobile app. This uHoo Air Quality sensor can suggest, how to improve the environment inside the home, office or anywhere you set up the sensor.

In this article I will explain from the beginning to end use with details of uHoo Air Quality Monitor.

Why Health of inhouse air quality is important?

From the statistical data, it is reveled that 3.8 million people die per year from illness attributable to the inside air pollution caused by the inefficient daily use of solid fuels and kerosene for cooking. You will surprised by knowing that among 3.8 millions deaths worldwide: 27% death from pneumonia,18% due to stroke, 27% due to ischemic heart disease, 20% from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 8% cause of lung cancer.

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Why will you buy uHoo air quality monitor:

  • The world’s most advanced air quality monitor With a fresh air, you can breathe freely. This device provides a complete comprehensive analysis by measuring room temperature, humidity, carbon di oxide, nitrogen di oxide, ozone level, dust particle, air pressure, toxins etc. and so on.
  • Intake fresh air Peoples are suffering from asthma, allergies and bad sleeping quality because of indoor air is not clean. Don’t allow impurities to impact in your health. uHoo always connected through mobile app to give tips to achieve the safest atmosphere in your house.
  • Smart and seamless- Breathe with a clean and pure air is now possible. This device can work with Nest, Amazon, Alexa. You can record all the data as you wish.
  • Continuous connection- Once you plug in this device and connected through Wi-Fi, then you will start receive all the data from 9 precisely calibrated sensors. To get these data, you need only a continuous internet connection and a smart phone or tablet with operating system of iOS or android 4.3 or higher version.
  • Warranty and customer support- uHoo provides a one year warrant of this product and a good customer service is available to assist you.

How to install uHoo Air Quality Monitor:

It is so simple process to install uHoo air quality monitor. First you need to plug in the device. Then install the uHoo app from Google play store. Then create an account and connect with the uHoo Air Quality Monitor.

To download this app from Google play store – Click Here

uHoo air quality monitor can read nine different areas through individual sensors for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Carbon dioxide
  • TVOC
  • PM2.5 (fine particles)
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Ozone

You can get reading anytime you want. An alarm can be set in uHoo air quality monitor, if the limits would go out of spec. In day time, all specs are OK. But at night or if you cook in a closed room, due to increase in CO2 level, this can show in your mobile app. After opening the window, those levels then go down immediately.

How the uHoo Virus Index works:

The uHoo virus uses air quality data to provide you with effective insights and tips to reduce your risk of the virus. It presents easy-to-understand scores from 1 to 10.

1 to 3: That’s means, virus survival is less and the virus spreading in the air is unlikely.

4 to 6: Virus survival is moderate and the virus that spreads to the air is possible, but air quality has almost no direct health risk to people who are not normally susceptible to air pollution. Sensitive people can experience health effects. More attention should be paid to air quality and measures to improve air quality are recommended.

7 to 8: Virus survival is prolonged and the chances to the virus spreading in the air are higher. Air quality poses some health risks. A critical assessment of your air quality is necessary and action to improve air quality is required.

9 to 10: Viral survival is high and the virus that spreads to the air is likely. Air quality would affect most people and measures to improve air quality are necessary.

Key advantages of uHoo air quality monitor you need to know:

You can keep your family safe with the most advanced air quality sensors. Monitoring nine air quality factors that affect health and well-being, with real time insight, virus index and smart home integration.

Simple and easy- Get alerts, tips and insights on how to control your air quality. All the information you can find in a nice interface that everyone in the family can understand.

Designed for any space- Make each room’s celling healthy with style. With its striking design, uHoo blends seamlessly into any space and adds a modern touch wherever it is placed.

See the air you breathe- wondering why you did not sleep well at night? Or why do you always seem to get allergies in laundry? No need to guess when you see exactly what you are breathing with uHoo.

Improve overall health and well-being- By knowing exactly what’s in the air, you can create the perfect environment for a healthier lifestyle.

Stop and smell the roses- With all the information at your fingertips, you can optimize air quality and avoid allergies for more productive and fun time with your family.

Sleep tightly in every night- Stay comfortable under the sheets and let uHoo maximize temperature, humidity and fresh air so you can wake up rested and energized.

No choice aches and pains- Several factors in the air can cause headaches and soreness. By simply observing and optimizing it, you can avoid pain and feel better.

Stay sharp and focused- Keep track of CO2 and keep it at a safe minimum so you can maximize focus and productivity and stay on top every day.

Breathe in and breathe easy- Let us enjoy the place by knowing indoor air quality which is optimized for the health, safety and well-being household items.

Its fully automatic- After connecting with uHoo, work with your other home appliances for a concerted approach to clear, healthier air, without having to think of it.

Technical Specifications of uHoo air quality monitor:

Key Specification-

Security- 128-bit AES end-to-end encryption

Processor- 32-bit ARM based

User interfaces- Native iOS and Android apps

Certification- FCC, CE, PSE, TELEC, NTC, KC, REACH, RoHS

Power Consumption- 900mW (normal operation) and 1.5 W (data transmission).

Body material- ABS thermoplastic polymer

Base material- Silicone rubber with stainless steel insert.

Status indicator- RGB LED.

Operating temperature- -10°C to 50°C

Operating Humidity- 0% to 100% non-condensing.


Dimensions- height 161 mm and diameter 85 mm.

Weight- 270gm

Shipping Size- 25*12.5*8.2 cm

Shipping weight- 0.75 kg


Wi-Fi network- 802.11 b/g/n @2.4 GHz with WPA2-Personal security.

Dedicated 5GHz Wi-Fi network and Enterprise security not supported.

Power supply- 5V/2A USB adapter and cable (provided by uHoo)

Interface- Smartphone or tablet (iOS 11 or android 4.2 and above)

Software- Free uHoo mobile app, free uHoo account.

In the box-

Each box comes nearly packed with the following items-

uHoo unit, Micro USB cable, Country-specific power adapter

Shipment to Australia and New Zealand will receive UK adapters.

Price of uHoo Air Quality Monitor-

Compared to other air monitors, uHoo air quality monitor is slightly costly. You have to pay $329 for this device. The app and monitoring are free. Cost of uHoo is a bit higher than the $89 Awair Glow and the $199 Awair second edition. But with nine details that uHoo promises its reading, that’s more than either offer.

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