Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars 2021 from the Best Competitor

Cheapest Electric Cars: Day by day electric cars are getting more importance in the automobile market. Due to use of electric energy, which will not impact on the environment, so many country are now interest to boost electric vehicle (EV). With related to electric vehicle, other industries like battery manufacturer, electric goods manufacturer, car engine developer all are getting benefited. The main reason behind the global warming is the fuel based car. Due to the emission of CO2 in a large scale, the environmental temperature increasing rapidly. So, it is now time move to use of electric vehicle.

Already several government has announced on the ban on sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid car manufacturing by 2035. So, you can understand how the government also look in to this mater to implement on 100% electric vehicle production. You don’t wait for 2035. In this article I will tell you top 12 electric vehicle. Among these you can choose your dream one.

The EV manufacturer are continuously working to developed further their product. Day by day they are able to reducing the gap between the challenges to the technology improvement. 1st they are working with battery technology. Compare to earlier now they developed battery in such a good level that now you can get a good driving range with a single charge. Not only that, now the charging time also less compare to how much you are getting benefit. Now putting these two factors, driving range and charging time, now this is a good selection to afford an electric car that will provide all the benefits of EV and time to go enough range to keep your life simple.

Here is list of Top 12 Cheapest Electric cars to buy in 2021


#2 Mini Electric

#3 Seat Mii Electric

#4 Peugeot e-208

#5 Renault Zoe

#6 Vauxhall Corsa-e

#7 Nissan Leaf

#8 Hyundai Ioniq

#9 BMW i3

#10 Kia e-Niros

  1. MG ZS EV- This car is in my top list. MG give the best EV in low price with so many features. This car is so spacious, looks awesome with panoramic sunroof, good pick up and very efficient car with respect to cost per km and driving range to charge. This is fully eco-friendly car. MG ZS EV is powered by 44.5 kWh, 394 V Li-ion battery and with 143 PS, 353 Nm electric motor. It is a family size SUV. The top variant, MG ZS EV Exclusive is coming with some extra safety features. You can definitely go for MG ZS EV.

cheapest electric car

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £28495-£30495

Driving Range of MG ZS EV – 160 miles.

If you are looking for the details about MG ZS EV : Click here

  1. Mini Electric- Mini Car is more familiar name for you. This car is a small size premium car. The iconic and with powerful battery fuses Mini electric go-kart feeling. This car can reach to the speed of 62 mph within just 7.3 seconds. The top speed of this car is 93 mph. This car take 6-7 hours for full charge and with a full charge it can go up-to 140 mile.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £27900-£33900

Driving Range of Mini Electric – 140 miles.

  1. Seat Mii Electric- This is great car if you looking for a reasonable budget with superb comfort and good levels of equipment. Skoda citigo, VW Up and Seat Mii are all the same car. There is some minor difference in interior and exterior design. A 36.8 kWh battery and single motor is used in this car.

Price of Seat Mii Electric is £22800

Driving Range of Seat Mii Electric is 160 miles.

  1. Peugeot e-208- This EV would be the first choice of lot of people and the first car too. This brand already started launch their EV’s in the market. This e-208 will make you comfortable with its compact design, peppy take off from traffic lights and most important that its capacity towards zero emission. The maximum power of this model is 100kW/134hp. This car can accelerate up-to 0-62 mph in just 8.1 seconds.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £28550-£32750

Driving Range of Peugeot e-208 is 210 miles.

  1. Renault Zoe- Earlier it was the cheapest car in UK, but now this model is holding this position. The special introduce in this model is the sharper design and greater efficiency. The capacity of the battery used is 52 kWh which provides you a 200 miles of driving range. The company is providing an 8 years of warranty for the battery from the day of registration.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £29179-£32870

Driving Range of Renault Zoe is 200 miles.

  1. Vauxhall Corsa-e- This is also a popular electric vehicle with a reasonable price. With respect to the best feature, the battery of this car is so efficient that it will be charged up-to 80% within 30 minutes in a public charging station. This car will speed up to 60 mph within 7.6-7.8 seconds. A 45 kWh battery is been used with an efficiency of 164Wh/km. The top speed can achieved 150 km/h.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £30610-£34160

Driving Range of Vauxhall Corsa-e is 200 miles.

  1. Nissan Leaf- This is so amazing car with an instant acceleration, nimble handling and incredible driving range. You will get a warranty of 96 months or 100000 mile on the battery from the day of registration. The battery of this car, fully charged within 4-8 hours in a level 2 charging station. The key features of this car are key less entry, automatic climate control, push-button start and advanced navigation system etc. This is a worth buying EV because of its reliability and affordability.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £31145-£39525

Driving Range of Nissan Leaf is 180 miles.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq– Hyundai Ioniq expected to launch end of this year. The ioniq will rival Tata Safari, Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. The specification, value for money and driving range of this car has been somewhat eclipsed by the newer rivals. The overall design of Hyundai Ioniq is drawn from the Hyundai 45 concept. Hyundai Ioniq gets excellent fuel economy estimates. The replacement cost the battery will goes up-to $222-$238. 38.3 kWh Lithium ion battery used in this car. It will fully charge within 6-7 hours.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £32950-£34950

Driving Range of Hyundai Ioniq is 130 miles.

  1. BMW i3- This car is coming with high-roof hatchback and with an electric powertrain using rear wheel drive via a single speed transmission. 42.2 kWh battery is used in this car which will give you a 180 miles of driving range. This car accelerated to 0-60 mph within 7.2 seconds.

Price range (from base variant to top variant) £35350-£39840

Driving Range of BMW i3 is 180 miles.

  1. Kia e-Niro- This is great family car that happens to be electric. The driving comfort is better than many petrol cars. Li-ion battery is used in this car with 64 kWh powered. With a high driving range, compact cross-over style body and its relatively affordable makes it highly demandable car.

Price of Kia e-Niro is £36495

Driving Range of Kia e-Niro is 250 miles.

Basic comparison between the cheapest electric cars:

Now I will summarised these topic. As I discussed top 10 EV’s with their several information. Now based on the price and driving range Peugeot e-208 will be the best among all.

cheapest electric car

From the graph it is clear that in this price range 2-3 cars are there but while considering driving range, then Peuget e-208 is showing the best. Though Kia e-Niro is best on the basis driving range but it is too costly among the all competitors.

Here is all the details from my side. I have tried to give the information on this topic. I think it will be helpful for you all.

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