YouTube vs Amazon Mini TV | How to Install and Create Account on Amazon Mini TV? 2021

YouTube vs Amazon Mini TV – Who will sustain up-to the end?

Will we able see the end of YouTube marketing very soon? Will YouTube gone? Who will beat YouTube? So many questions are coming in our mind now. Though it is something different to hear but it may be true in future. Now YouTube is the biggest platform for video streaming. Lots of creators are deeply engaged to create videos on their own topic.

YouTube is very good platform to earn money. A good amount of money can be earned through this popular website. But how long? YouTube is doing a monopoly business in its domain. No successful competitor has come still now. Now in this article I will tell about Amazon’s recent introduction, a new platform – Mini TV. Which is very much similar to YouTube.

Amazon has already announced to launch a platform like YouTube. This is Amazon Mini TV. The journey of this feature has been started from India. This is now a free service. To access Amazon prime facilities, you have to subscribe with a certain package. But this Mini TV is still a free service. You can think that already YouTube is there, so will Amazon Mini TV beat YouTube.

I can say yes. Because, you know Amazon is biggest affiliated marketing company now a day. They know well, how to incorporate in very much competitive market and how to stand them self in the front. So, here also same thing will happen. Initially they give free services and after certain time it also be a paid service.

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One question will arise in your mind that if the videos are readily available in YouTube, then why should someone have to come in Amazon then watch the videos? You can remember how Jio captured maximum telecommunication market. Initially they gave free offer for long time and after that what was the scenario we all aware of that. So to lead any market there is always a market strategy and I am very much sure Amazon is the master on that. As Amazon is now on this field, so I am sure there is good future on Mini TV that we don’t know at this moment.

What are the things may happen?

As per my prediction, one day will come when creators can share their videos at Mini TV only. And for that they will get paid. Like Zee5, Netflix they have their own content. Ads already served In Mini TV and the duration of the ad are more and non-skip able. 2-3numbers of ad are running in every videos. So from that there is no condition for the monetization.

Because from the very first day and in the first video the ads are running. There may be a fixed revenue they earning. There may be some condition that how many videos provide by the creators and based on this they are paid. But, these all are the prediction. No details information still not available.

These all facilities are now open for the popular YouTubers. For the small creators, such information still not came out. For the big YouTuber, Amazon marketing team directly contact them and do their deal. Then they decide how much have to pay per video.

How to install and create account on Amazon Mini TV app?

For this Mini TV, Amazon still doesn’t launch any mobile app. You have to open it through Amazon shopping app. After opening Amazon app, you will the Mini TV logo in the top bar. Then click on it, it can directly able to access Mini TV.  Here you can see the videos of the top creators. You can also learn from here, entertain from here.

As still no app no available in Google play store. But, I am very much sure, in future they will come with a user friendly mobile app. If you are unable to see this feature in your Amazon app, so please update this app and then you will be able to see videos through Mini TV.

This is all about Amazon Mini TV. I think after few days Amazon will disclose about this Mini TV. Thank you.

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