Bello2 Designed to Scan and Reduce Body Fat for Your Healthy Life

Bello2 Designed to Scan and Reduce Body Fat for Your Healthy Life

With respect to the success of Bello1 in 2019, Olive Healthcare is now going to launch Bello2. It can able to scan all 5 points on your body anywhere and anytime. So Bello2 keeps you updated about your health by giving you the information you need in the palm of your hand. When you scan, you immediately get important information about your body, including body fat, gut fat, metabolic rate, and BMI. Bello2 is manufactured by Olive Healthcare in Korea, which prides itself on ensuring product safety and production reliability. Olive Healthcare has obtained technology, patents, and intellectual property rights, related to near-infrared technology and analysis, from the EU and other countries, including the United States and South Korea.

Bello2 Features:

Bello2 offers DEXA-scan-level accuracy and convenient features like easy-to-read application reports. It is also FCC registered and wireless, and does not use invasive NIRS technology. The Bello 2 algorithm can predict if a user has the following symptoms based on NHANES data from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC)

You don’t know that many people are struggling with metabolic and chronic diseases? While prevention is the best option, not everyone got success.

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In addition to that, the Covid-19 has pointed to the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, which increases the mortality rate of the virus. Many of us now have a greater desire to stay healthy and take preventative steps to improve health.

Bello2 comes with a special wellness and body shaping program called 9 Block Therapy. The program analyses your health and body shape based on your body measurements. You can then set your own health goals through the app.

Depending on your goals, the program will find and deliver an optimal diet and exercise plan. You can enjoy the world’s largest weight loss program, FatSecret, for free.


This is a software service that allows users to monitor nutrition, exercise, and weight.

Bello2 is truly a customer-centric, service-oriented health management tool. With the 9 Block Therapy platform, you will categorize your health and body type. And it offers you personalized and optimized advice about your lifestyle.

Although it uses advanced technology, Bello2 keeps it simple. You can easily check and track your measurement results in the Bello app.

Bello will accompany you on your health journey. Easily manage and track your health, diet, and exercise metrics.

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Its automatic BMR calculation syncs with Google Health, Apple Health, and FatSecret to compare calories in versus calories out. With this information, it tells you if you should do more exercise.

Near infrared (NIR) refers to the electromagnetic wavelength corresponding to approximately 780 to 2500 nm. NIR tissue measurements have been used to measure tissue chromosomes to explain human health to date, such as with pulse oxidation meters.


Our real-time tissue measurements are made quantitatively in spectral ranges from approximately 650 to 1100 nm. Our devices use 8-wavelength NIR (light-emitting diodes) LEDs to estimate oxyhemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin, water, and lipids by measuring tissue absorption and distribution during photon transport.

The ultimate goal of our technology is to enable more people to learn about important health indicators and improve their quality of life in a safer and easier way.

In general, to obtain accurate quantitative measurements of body composition, radiation equipment such as computed tomography (CT) or dual-energy X-ray absorption (DEXA) should be used.

However, NIR has longer wavelengths, which means it has weaker energy than visible and ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths. Our devices use very safe technology that doesn’t worry about radiation exposure. As well as being safe, it is easy to use and only takes a few seconds to scan by touching the skin.

The ultimate goal of the technology is to enable more people to learn about important health indicators and improve their quality of life in a safer and easier way.

Bello2 Price:

If you wish to buy this product then you have to pay for Super early bird model is $175.

Dimensions and weight of Bello2:

The basic dimension of Bello2 is 32 inch (W)*1.8 inch (D)* 3.6 inch (L) having total weight of 98 g only. 

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