CarePlix Vitals App Download for Android iOS : Measure Oxygen Level, Heart & Respiration Rate – 2021

Careplix Vitals App Download Review:

Marinating oxygen level above 95% is necessary for our health. Lower limit up to 90% sometimes acceptable, but below that level consultation with doctor is required. To measure the oxygen level, oximeters are available in market. A good quality of Oximeter will cost above Rs. 2000.

Now technology is so upgraded that you can check oxygen level in your body by using smart phone. Careplix Vitals is very useful app, which can help you to monitor heart rate, oxygen level in blood and respiration rate. This app will be very much helpful for the peoples during this Covid-19 pandemic.

In this article I will share the detail information about careplix vitals app download, working function, features etc.

What is the careplix vitals app?

Flagship AI powered technology of Carplix vitals provide the possibility to monitor in real time, Vitals signals such as heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and respiration rate.

This popular app is the product of Careplix Healthcare (US) and CareNow Healthcare (India). A free version of this app is available. To get all other facilities, you have to take a monthly subscription.

Careplex Vitals app features:

Monitor heart rate: Monitoring heart beat or heart rate is essential during any illness. While the oxygen level in your body goes down, same time, heart will going to stop functioning. So, you need to measure your heart rate at that time. By using this app people can readily monitor their heart beat.

Oxygen saturation level: Alveoli are the small air sacs which is mainly involve to exchange the oxygen. With ageing, its capacity also reduces. But, while Corona virus attack to our lungs, they mainly attack to the alveoli. So at that time alveoli stop functioning and as a result breathing trouble happen. At this critical time oxygen level measurement is mandatory. Oxygen saturation level can also measured by this app. So, now you can understand how useful this app at this time.

Respiration rate tracking: Tracking of respiration rate also very important. What is the state of respiration, easily monitor by this app.

How to download careplix vitals app for android users:

To install this app, first you have to download a apk file, which is available in official website. Follow the bellow mention steps to download and install in your smart phone.

First step- Go to official website of Careplix vitals.

Second step- Find out the android app. Then click on download button and download it.

For Careplix vitals app download from official website – Click here.

How to download careplex for iOS-

To download in iOS, please the steps mentioned below.

First step – Go to apple app store.

Second step- Type and search Careplix Vital App.

Third step- Select the app published by Carenow Healthcare pvt.

Fourth step- Select and install the app.

For Careplix vitals app download in iOS : Click here

How does the Careplex vitals app work?

Working function is very simple. All the results you will get below your finger. First you need to place your finger on the rare camera. Then cover the camera and flashlight completely. Then start scan in the app and wait until the app captured all the data. After completing the process your will get all the detail report on heart rate, oxygen saturation and respiration rate.

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How to use careplix vitals app:

Earlier I have shared how to download this app. Please follow the above mention process.

  • Then install this apk version app.
  • After that sign up with Email id and mobile no and complete the registration process.
  • Open the careplix app and put your finger on the rare camera. Cover the camera and flashlight. Then start scan and wait for complete process.

Then you will get a complete report on heart rate, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate.

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