Top 10 Oxygen Concentrator In India – Review, Specification , Price – 2021

Oxygen concentrator Review:

The Oxygen concentrator was first invented in early 1970s by Union Carbide Corporation and Bendix Corporation. Now a day oxygen concentrators are in high demand as India is batting against deadly second wave of Covid-19. It is more useful while a patient need to move to hospital but at that time no ambulance is available with a oxygen supported facility. It does not need a power supply and can be charged like a smartphone.

What is Oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentration or generator is a device that sucks atmospheric air into it and works on electricity to filter oxygen for a person suffering from shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Also note that oxygen levels are not a substitute for an oxygen tank and a doctor should be consulted before using other equipment to administer oxygen. There are different types of oxygen capacitors available in India. Some of them are portable while those that are high-performance are bulky and need to be on site.

How Oxygen concentrator really works?

Oxygen concentrations suck air and separate the oxygen, returning it to the person through the nasal tube. In air Nitrogen is present in higher concentration. The ration of Nitrogen and Oxygen is approximately 3:1. So, a oxygen concentrator that work by plugging in an electricity source deliver air up to 95% oxygen.

Why oxygen concentrators are required?

Generally oxygen saturation level for hemoglobin (SpO2) is at 95-98%. Acceptable lower level is up to 90%. But if oxygen level falls below 90%, then doctor prescribe for oxygen therapy. While less oxygen in body can be life threatening, too much oxygen can also be harmful. Very high level oxygen can suppress the respiratory system. Symptoms of hypoxia include headache, drowsiness and confusion. Maintenance of SpO2 90% or higher is the best outcome for the patient. The majority of oxygen patients need 2 liters per minute (LPM) or less to achieve adequate oxygen saturation. A physician should determine the adequate oxygen therapy for patients. Therefore, a prescription is required for oxygen therapy.

Due to the fact that the Corona virus attacks the respiratory system in the body, many people suffer from COVID-19 with difficulty in breathing at the beginning. Between getting immediate medical attention and getting admitted to the hospital, certain people may have some respite from breathing at home oxygen levels.

Note, however, that oxygen concentrators should only be used under the supervision of a physician and by prescription and are not COVID-19 treatment. There are examples of a person’s oxygen value falling below the normal level and requiring immediate oxygen consumption. At such times and only under the guidance of a physician, the individual may use oxygen levels to improve oxygen levels. Your doctor may also recommend the use of oxygen concentrator while improving your oxygen flow at home.

What is the price for an oxygen concentrator?

The price is varying based on the capacity, production capability, purity and also the brand. Staring range of Oxygen concentrator with 5 Litre capacities is from around Rs. 35000 INR.

What are the best brands available of oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators can help to COVID-19 patients for breathing problems. Oxygen concentrators should only be used under medical advice and with a prescription. Here are the top ten oxygen concentrator you can get in India.

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#1  Manufacturer: Philips

Model: EverFlow Oxygen Concentrator

Weight: 14 kg

Capacity of air flow: up-to 5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 93-96%

Maintenance: Low

Four alarm function: power fault alarm, low oxygen concentration alarm, pressure cycle fault alarm, air compressor fault alarm

Positive intake, air cleaner, molecular sieve life longer more function

Package Dimensions: 44*40*38 cm

Price: Around 50000 in India

#2 Manufacturer: BPL

Model: The BPL Oxy 5 Neo

Weight: 2.68 Kilograms

Capacity of air flow: up-to 5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 93%

Other features: Features built-in nebulizer, Timing turn off function, Displays the operation time on LCD

Product Dimensions: 70*70*45 cm;

Price: Around 50000 in India

#3 Manufacturer: Dedakj

Model: The Dedakj DE-Series

Weight: 6 Kilograms

Capacity of air flow: 6-8 LPM

Purity:  up-to 93%

Product Dimensions: 34*18*31 cm;

Others features: 20M Remote Control, HD LED Display, German Pure Copper Oil-Free Compressor, 1L to 7L Adjustable flow, 93% High Concentration.

Price: Rs. 45000-60000 in India

#4 Manufacturer: Evox

Model: Evox 5S

Weight: 15 kg

Capacity of air flow: 5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 96%

Price: Around Rs. 40000 in India

#5 Manufacturer: Nidek

Model: Nidek Nuvo 10

Weight: 30 kg

Capacity of air flow: up-to 10 LPM

Purity:  up-to 95%

Price: Around Rs. 100000 in India

#6 Manufacturer: Inogen

Model: At home 5

Weight: 8.16 kg

Capacity of air flow: 5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 96%

Product dimension: 13 x 7 x 16.5 inch

Price: 1.9 lakh

#7 Manufacturer: DeVilblis Health Care

Model: DeVilblis 5L

Weight: 16.3 kg

Capacity of air flow: 1-5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 96%

Product dimensions: 62.2 x 34.2 x 30.4 cm

Price:  78200

Alarm: Audible and visual High/low pressure, low flow, low oxygen, power fail, Oxygen Sensing Device

#8 Manufacturer: Caire

Model: NewLife elite

Weight: 24.5 kg

Capacity of air flow: 1-5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 95%

Product dimension: 72.4*40*36.8 cm

Price: 44000

#9 Manufacturer: Caire

Model: Companion 5

Weight: 16.3 kg

Capacity of air flow:  0.5-5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 95%

Product dimension: 54.6*31.8*34.2 cm

Price: 62000-69000

#10 Manufacturer: Invacare

Model: Perfecto 2 V

Weight: 18.14 kg

Capacity of air flow: 0.5-5 LPM

Purity:  up-to 95.6%

Product dimension: 23 x 13 x 12 inch

Price: 1.05 lakh

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