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Cerambot Eazao Review:

Along with extensive research into three dimensional (3D) polymer and metal printing, 3D printing with ceramic is now a days the latest trend to be in the spotlight. The overall ability to produce ceramic components of arbitrarily complex shapes without 3D printing was an extremely challenging task.

From last two years Cerambot was the popular ceramic 3D printer. Now, the company launched a truly next generation ceramic 3D printer, the Cerambot Eazao. This 3D printer is easy to use which produces brilliant ceramics. Only you need to draw a design in your CAD software and then run this 3D image in this printer. Get ready for incredible 3D ceramic printing that transforms your home into a custom ceramic studio.

In this article I will discuss about this 3D printer, Cerambot Eazao.

Cerambot Eazao Specifications:

#1 Cerambot Eazao no need to assemble anything:

Company is taken care on the packaging. Cerambot Eazao is packed in fully assembled condition. So, you don’t have to waste your time in understanding the manual and put all the parts together. Just take it out from the box and let start your experiment.

#2 Ultra-Stable Cartesian Structure:

The Cerambot Eazao has been redesigned by using the Cartesian system, which precisely coordinates the position of the print head using a guide system with stiffer axis than conventional Delta printers. This rigid system means fewer printing errors and a better surface finish than printing with a Delta printer, so your creations will be finer and more textured. Your design will be perfect in real life creation.

#3 A Faster Printing Speed:

Printing speed also important for a 3d printer. In too high printing speed may your creation may not be in good look. So for that an optimum speed is required. Cerambot Eazao can print faster than the previous generation with a maximum speed of 40 mm/sec. With this printer complete a design so fast and move to the next one.

Cerambot Eazao

#4 No Air Compressor Needed:

To generate pressure in the printer an Air compressor is required. But in Eazao, instead of an air compressor, which typically drives the clay in typical ceramic printers, Cerambot Eazao used an electric piston, making printing safe and extremely stable, suitable for many print media and requiring less setup.

#5 Microwave For Glazing In 35 Mins:

It only takes your 35 minutes to complete the job. The home microwave oven acts like a handy oven, allowing you to make professional quality ceramics at home. With Cerambot Eazao, the whole process is simple, fast and affordable.

#6 More Fun Times & Easy To Use:

Cerambot Eazao is a fun craft tool and a great activity for the whole family. You can do this yourself with your children and partners. Arts and crafts will help children improve coordination and fine motor skills, help them express themselves and become more creative, Set aside the TV control and enjoy your family.

#7 Specially Made Colorful Glaze For Microwaves:

Cerambot Eazao has invented a special icing that is ideal for microwave use. After the print has dried, soak it in glazed water and place in the microwave. It’s a very fast process. After 35 min, your dishes will be ready to use.

#8 Introduction of Microwave Kiln:

Traditional ceramic heating is usually done in an electric or gas furnace, but electric furnaces are inefficient, heat up for a long time and energy consumption is enormous. To solve this problem, Eazao has developed a fast and efficient microwave oven that uses a heat-resistant thermal insulation material and silicon carbide, which effectively absorbs microwave radiation and improves the heating of transparent reaction mixtures in the microwave oven. With just one Eazao microwave, you can now easily heat pottery at home.

#9 Eco-friendly Printing Material:

The two material majorly used in Ceramic printer. These are – clay and porcelain. Which is much more ground friendly than traditional FDM plastic printed materials. You can easily get clay from your local store or Amazon for a reasonable price. Ceramics are ideal for everyday use, they are strong, food safe, heat resistant, mechanically stable and durable. You can dissolve the material in water for reuse so that there is no waste and the cost is affordable.

#10 The Way To Make Good Clay:

Successful ceramic printing starts with good clay. Before printing, you need to follow some simple steps. Which is already mentioned in the manual. They have explained step by step of the overall process.

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#11 Smart User Interface:

Cerambot Eazao manufactures handcrafted pottery but is easy to use. The touchscreen interface is intuitive, allowing three axis XYZ control and alignment of the print bed so that novices and professionals can get started as early as possible.

Machine Parts:

Now I will discuss, what are the parts available includes in the machine-

  1. Extruder
  2. X-axis frame
  3. G 1/2 tube quick connect
  4. Needle
  5. Print bed
  6. Z-axis frame
  7. Full color touch screen

Technical Specifications:

These are the following technical specification of Cerambot Eazao-

Print technology: DIW (Direct Ink Writing)

Build Volume: 150mm*150mm*240mm (width*depth*height)

Layer Resolution: 6 inch* 6 inch * 9.5 inch (Width*depth*height)

Layer Resolution: 0.4 – 1 mm

Extrusion Feeding Method: Electric Putter

Nozzle Diameter: 1.6 mm

Print Speed: 10 mm/s – 40 mm/s

Supported Print Materials: Porcelain, Clay etc.

Software detail:

Operating System: Windows, Mac,Linux

Slicer Software: Cura, SLic3r, Simplify3D etc.

Input Formats: STL, .OBJ etc.

Output Format: .GCODE

Connectivity: Full color touch screen, SD card, USB


Input Rating: DC 12V 10A

Physical Dimensions:

Printer Frame Dimensions: 350 mm*300mm*500mm (width*depth*height)

Package Size: 550mm*440mm*320mm (width*depth*height)

Package Weight: 18 kg

What’s are the things available in the box:

Eazao Ceramic Printer: 1 no

Tube: 1 no

Nozzle: 1 no, 1.6mm

Electric Putter: 1 no

USB cable: 1 no

Barrel: 1 no

Power adapter: 1 no


If you want buy Cerambot Eazao you have to pay $499. This is with discounted price. Now you can get up to 38% of retail price.

This is all about the Cerambot Eazao, a new generation 3D printer, which is so much helpful in your daily life creativity.

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