Scout Mobile Robot | World’s First AI- Powered Autonomous Robot | 2021

Scout Mobile Robot Review:

How the world changes rapidly, we can’t imagine. In today’s world AI technology is already wrapped us. In future from wake up to going to sleep at night, in every step of our life there will be a somewhat contribution of AI technology. How will it happen, if a tiny robot always followed you, monitor you and explore your world like never before. Yes, those days has come. Scout, has launched world’s AI-powered autonomous robot that can really monitor, discover and explore your daily life.

Scout is really entertaining gadget for the robot passions, pet lover and house owners. Most surprisingly the cost of this tiny gadget is within your affordable budget.

The small robot can explore your home by using its own security function, two-way radio and night vision capabilities – creating a great property for a new house alone film.

Morbot’s expertise includes smart house either with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and audio and video intelligence.

Scout Mobile Robot Features:

Compact but Powerful:

The size of this robot is (70mm x 100mm x 110mm – 2.8inches x 4 inches x 4.3 inches) contains highly integrated and feature-rich electronics.

Functioning as an Autonomous Mobile Robot:

This world’s first autonomous mobile robot can connect through mobile by using internet or Wi-Fi. It can live HD video up to 1080P quality with two way audio by using company developed Moorebot Scout App. It allows you to monitor every corner of your house from anywhere in the world. It is assembled with four Meccsnm four wheel drives and motion control sensor to get omni-directional movements.

AI Learning & Manually Control:

Complete house monitoring without blind spot, with AI powered SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), this mobile robot can autonomously patrol and guard your house utilities 24/7 with a status report runs on Linux + ROS. It can perfectly recognize all the objects like human, pets and more with Google’s TensorFlow. With the help of SLAM algorithm it can easily identify its charging point. So, it can recharge itself while required.

Explore Everywhere (Night Vision & Waterproof):

Due to its small size (70mm X 100mm X 110mm – 2.8 inches X 4 inches X 4.3 inches), scouts can be used for independent surveillance of homes, offices or business, reach under furniture and difficult places to go in house. For professionals and companies, Scouts can conduct inspections in areas that are difficult to reach. Equipped with a 1080P FHD camera and night vision, 4X Mecanum wheels, IPX65, you can remotely control the scouts in almost any space in your home, office or building.

Privacy Protection of Scout mobile robot:

Taken care of customer’s privacy is the company’s top most priority every time. Scouting video has end-to-end encryption with peer-to-peer connectivity. Two-step authentication is also supported to increase protection. If the user uses Scout as an IoT device (always connected), you can deactivate the microphone and camera in the application. The camera may have body blindness to cover it.

STEM Programming Education: 

Scout is more than just a fun programmable robot – it’s also very customizable. Company have added amazing features that open up world of possibilities for teachers, students, tech enthusiasts and anyone else who is ready to take it to the next level. Scout supports Scratch Language to program additional functionality and to learn simple programming skills for STEM education. Advanced developers can perform C /C++ applications on Scout. Additional tools can be designed as additional skills for the robot. Lot of things to do in this area.

Smart Home Device:

Scout is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it is a “smart” robot. You can expect to stream Scout’s views to Alexa Show, Spot and Google monitors, send voice commands to control robot movements, and launch smart home appliances like door sensors. Motion detection is available when the Scout is at his charging station. A scout can start recording based on sound analysis. Pairing can be done in Android and iOS applications from Alexa and Google Home.

Powerful Scout App:

One powerful app is available for scouts, in both iOS and Android version. Once connected to Scout, control the robot and watch the video through app. Connecting Scout to the Wi-Fi router at home as an Internet-of-Things (IoT) device is extremely easy and can be accessed from the Internet with a secure Peer-to-Peer connection. Go to the control path setup in the application Guide the scout to follow the path. During this time, a path is shown in the application. Name this route and have the scout independently monitor this route. If hobbies are discovered, such as a human body or a pet, the Scout would warn, record a 13 second video and store the clip.

Pet & Child Companion:

Scouting skills include one-sided SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and sound and visual intelligence that enables the scout to recognize, follow and communicate with individuals and pets. Scout can be used for remote pet viewing and companionship. Are you worried about your pet’s well – being away from home? Scout is there to help monitor it and the two-way audio feature allows you to listen and even talk to your pet.

Scout Mobile Robot Specifications:

  • Wi-Fi® and BlueTooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Full HD 1080p video recording & image capturing camera
  • Two-way audio with build-in microphone and speaker
  • Voice or Event activated autonomous patrol with auto-charging
  • Four-wheel drive with Mecanum wheels
  • Intelligent navigation including obstacle detect, path planning, cliff detect and more Infrared night vision
  • Cloud video clip storage
  • AI based human and pet recognition
  • Sensor rich with 9DoF IMU, ToF, and Light sensor, etc.
  • Playing time is around 2.5 hours, and charging time is around 3 hours

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Comparison of scout mobile robot with other popular mobile robots:

Compare with current market available smart home robot

Product Scout Amazon Ring Drone DJI Robomaster Sphero
Camera 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P
Night vision       scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Two-way audio scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Educational functions Scratch open source scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
4X mecanum wheels scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Alexa, google home supported scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Automatic charging scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
AI powered autonomous patrol scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Voice control scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Manually control scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot
Water proof IPX65 scout mobile robot scout mobile robot scout mobile robot


Scout Mobile Robot Price:

If you want to buy Scout mobile robot, then you have to pay €16,200.00 (including tax).

This is all about Scout Mobile Robot. I think it will be helpful those information to you all before taking a decision to buy this product.

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